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Change Park Base Texutres

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Is there an easy way to change the base textures of the Masix parks to the one of the 1x1 Maxis free green area so they fit together?

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Yes, this is a standard Maxis base texture which can be added using the Lot Editor, available here.
Once you've installed it, then do the following:


Stage A: replace textures


1.  Open the park lot you wish to edit.

2.  Go to the the "Base Texture" tab and delete the existing textures on the lot (click > delete).

3.  Then click "Add Item" to open the list of textures.

4.  Search for the texture ID named 0x25273000 and select it. This is the same one used on the open grass area.

5.  Add it to the lot.


Stage B: change building (after testing, I've found this is necessary)


6.  Still in the Lot Editor, go to the "Building" tab.

7.  Select the grey square on the lot (representing the invisible building).

8.  Click "Replace Item" and replace it with the grass area's building on the lot. Please see this screenshot.

     Somehow if this isn't done, the texture won't appear identical to the 1x1 open grass area.

9.  Finally click "Save As" once done and give it a name.



The new lot will then be visible in your plugins folder, and ploppable in the game's "Park" menu. It does not replace the original lot, which is still available.


Hope this is clear to follow. Please ask if unsure with anything. :)

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Thanks for your detailed answer, Cyclone Boom!


I've tried it with the "ParkGreens2"-Lot, and it worked. The maintenance costs normally are 15§, but now it costs 5§/month, which are the costs of the 1x1 grass area. Are there other stats like park effect changed too?


EDIT: I've now checked the Building of the empty grass tile in SC4Tool and some of the parameters aren't even shown. So the new lot doesn't have the same effect of the original, but only the ones of the empty grass tile. Is there a possibility to make a new lot with the correct texture, but identical "building"-stats?

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Ah yes, because the building was changed, unfortunately the new lot now has the properties of the original 1x1 grass area. So the park effect stats will also be reduced.
Stage C:
To change this, the new lot can be edited with the which is fairly easy to use.
You can use this table to add the correct properties.

An example for the Medium Park Green, using the table:
Then click the "Park" icon (on the right) to open the following window, where the park effects can be edited:
From the table:
Res desirability = Park Effect
Com desirability = Landmark Effect
Click OK once the correct numbers are entered. Then back in the main window, click "Apply" then finally "Save DAT".

An alternative way is to just use the Reader tool to do all the editing (see Stage D below):
Stage D:
There's one more thing than needs to be edited - the residential demand. This is very important as it controls how parks benefit your city's houses.
As far as I know, this can only be changed using the which is a much more advanced tool. Once installed, open the new lot and click "Fill the list".
Then follow this screenshot (click to enlarge):
One final save and it's done.
You'll notice the values appear to be in a code. They're actually hexdecimal numbers, and can be converted from this page, or an advanced calculator. But in the Reader, you can just enter the number and it'll convert it for you.
Sorry if this seems the long way of doing it! There might be an easier method. :P
Like I said, I did try without changing the building, but the textures didn't match. But at least the essential properties will now match the original lot.


You can repeat this for other parks if you like, again referring to that table of properties.

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Well, heck I need this too.  I tried making some park lots and or altering the textures of some park lots a while back and fell flat on my face.  I am favoriting this to my SimCity 4 tips and tricks folder.

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Thanks again Cyclone Boom for your help! I've tried it, and it finally worked.


But one last question. How can i find out the stats for pollution and the effect radius, or is there a guideline to set this parameters properly?

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Glad it worked for you! :)
A good way to view the additional properties is using the database included in the SC4Tool. When you start it, just click the second option.
Each Maxis park can be viewed from here, along with the other civic buildings.
The only thing it doesn't show is the Park Effect radius. However, this information can be viewed from this list (go down to Recreational).
C Range = Commercial (landmark) effect radius
R Range = Residential (park) effect radius
Also, to prevent confusion with the names in the Lot Editor:
ParkGreens1 = Small Park Green
ParkGreens2 = Medium Park Green
ParkGreens3 = Large Park Green

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