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Network Addon Mod 31.2 can't drag bridges

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Dear community


If download the Network addon Mod 31.2. I did read the user manueal and search on youtube for the great tutorials,

Like this on:

(At 8 minutes he shows how to drag these puzzles, but if i do the same i wound work)

But I have no clue how to drag bridges. I use the tile RHW-2 of the railway to drag but i wount get the brown color to drag the puzzle.
What am I doing wrong? I searched for hours on the internet but I don't getting very far.
Can anyone please help me with this.


Greetz Ernest

Picture 2





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You're trying to drag things that aren't draggable.  In general, puzzle pieces are ploppable fillers that cannot be dragged (although a few have stubs).  Starter Pieces are what you want to drag networks from.


Note that the puzzle pieces you have in your last picture are not RHW.  Those are one-way-road pieces.


RHW bridges should be dragged with either the RHW tool or the Highway tool.

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