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Flame Simulator Exemplar Definition Q?

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I can't quite seem to put my finger on how the "extinguish rate vs. protection" factors work.


Are the first set of numbers in %s and the second set based on the lvl of protection the building is receiving from the fire station/fighters (when they are on location fighting a fire).


In my process of creating a Fire Realism Mod (FRM), there is one situation that's happening that just doesn't sit right with me. But for the life of me, I've been unable to figure out how to combat the issue.


What's happening is: It seems as though, the fire fighters are putting out the industrial fires faster/easier than the residential fires. For some reason, I feel that it would be the factors in question that would allow me to balance the effects better than they are now. 


Now what's really stumping me about this issue is, I've reduced the strength of the fire stations coverage to only 1 (center/exterior), which allows the fires to spring up anywhere. Then reduced the strength of the fire fighters coverage to 2 (center/exterior) so they didn't have such an overwhelming ability to douse the fire in an instant, which increased the percentage of the building collapsing. So in theory, any building shouldn't have more than a handful amount of coverage at anyone time. So why would the industrial building douse quicker... hmmmmm


Not to mention I also shortened the times between fire stages, which in turn now makes the factors of your building collapsing based on how long it takes your fire fighters to reach the fire, which also means having to place fire stations in a more strategical manner.

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