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Rufus Honker IV

Bulldozing gripes.

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Does anyone else have trouble with the bulldoze UI?  You have to wait for the little house and bulldozer icon to pop up next to the adviser (I don't see why there is lag for that, the icons are over the houses on the map, the computer shouldn't have to check online or anything) so you can zip to the abandoned building/rubble quickly to doze it.  Then there's lag for those icons by the adviser to disappear (huh?) and sometimes in clicking it you inadvertently bulldoze the building which was behind the UI due to lag.


And I don't understand why we don't have a "bulldoze all" button.  Maybe we could use it once per game day.  It's just silly after a monster attack to have to roam across the map deleting things.  And parks (tree lines, at least) are "destroyed" but don't have a "rubble" model to notify you.  And when you do want to bulldoze a destroyed park/power plant/etc, you still get the "are you sure?  Yes/No" option.  ("No, I'm leaving the power plant's rubble as a monument to the disaster!")

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I hear you but I think the "are you sure?" notice is more for when you are deleting roads to make sure you get rid of what you want. It would be nice to have the option to turn this off somewhere but hey...

The lag you mention is a royal pain with bulldozing, it really slows down the process. I find it helps to wait for the little pop up box to find the reason it went abandoned. At least you won't get the wrong one!

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