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What's with all those taxis/cabs jamming my city?

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Hi there,


My current city is getting jammed by thousands of yellow taxis/cabs every other morning. It is so bad that the city remains jammed for the entire day.

They seem to pop out of commercial buildings (maybe hotels) or the airport. I am not sure where they are heading or why there are so many.

By my airport there are so many that maybe 95% of all cars are taxis.


The pity is that there is no actual dashboard/leaderboard to monitor how many taxis are generated in your city within a day. Surely it surpasses all other forms of transportation.


The funny thing is that I don't seem to get this drama every day, some days trafic is just fine / fluid.


Any ideas?





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Actually, I think you'll find that there is a hotel somewhere spewing them out infinitely.


There does seem to be a small bug where a hotel (as in a C building that is a hotel, not a ploppable) will generate waaaay more cabs than it has guests. Demolish that hotel and you should return to a sensible number...

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I guess this is those ugly hotels that look like medieval castles... I often have a dozen in my city... really repetitive.

It's also those buildings (that ugly looking type) that always go bankrupt, almost one every other month.

I keep bulldozing them, by they sprout back, as if they never learned that they went bankrupt two weeks earlier...

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