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Alternate site for SC4 Terraformer and/or Mapper?

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Is there really no other way to get SC4 Terraformer or Mapper while sc4d is down? aside from terra's source that you can download from sf, that is. (man, if I only knew how to compile that I'd be set!) Just seeking confirmation about this, wasn't sure where to look to see if this was asked before.

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I happen to be wondering the same thing.  sc4devotion ran out of bandwidth for the month and I can't find terraformer elsewhere.  I have also been looking around for other tools that may have been created since sc4 terraformer, but it seems to still be the only option.  I know there is plenty of premade regions to download but I was hoping to try and make my own. 


If anyone has advice on terraforming an entire region, please share!



AHA, I didn't look hard enough.  I just found it on sourceforge, http://sourceforge.net/projects/sc4terraformer/.  I still would like the information on sc4devotion to be available because its not that self explainatory.

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