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Hole Digger/Raiser Lots - Creating/Customizing

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Hello everyone.


I decided I wanted to customize some of the hole digger/raiser lots I have (I have NHP digger/raisers) so that they raise/lower to different heights than the originals. The problem? I can't figure out which property handles the raising/lowering of the lot.


If anyone could give me some insight into how hole digging/raiser lots work and which exemplar properties handle this (so I can mod them) I'd greatly appreciate it.



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It's been a while since last time I fiddled with this, so I could be wrong... Anyways, open the lot with reader and click on the exemplar that has a bunch of lotconfig properties.




Click on the highlighted Lotconfig property and select edit property. There you  have some hex values, the 5th value should be the height,. Depending if you use a recent version of reader, you'll have the added feature to convert from decimal to hexadecimal and vice versa, otherwise use an online converter. Hope this helps!

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