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How to edit automata?

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Hello all,


     I'm certain that automata can be edited, as many people have talked about it, but i'm not sure how to do so. When i open the .dat in reader it doesn't read how it should. I would like to make freight train length longer. So if anyone can help me on editing to automata to do that, or sending me a link to a tutorial, that would be great. Thank you.





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- timmie

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If you have the NAM, you need to edit whatever Automata controller you have installed (for instance NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Radical_Automata24.dat). There's a single exemplar in there that has properties such as "Freight Train Length". The values for it are hexadecimal numbers, but if you enter a normal decimal number and hit "apply", reader will automatically convert it to hexadecimal (e.g. 16 will become 0x10). This particular property will need two values: minimum and maximum length.





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