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Aran's Lots - Support Thread

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Moderators: If this is in the wrong forum, please move it. Since I don't generally make my own BATs, it didn't make sense to post it in the BAT thread.

This will be the official support thread for my lots, of which there are currently three. When I uploaded my new set to the STEX, I went looking for my old support thread to add a release memo and realized it'd been seven years since I last contributed. Needless to say, the thread is long gone.

Last night I uploaded this to the STEX:



(In case it's not obvious, I tossed Gascooker's tents - among other things - on a few street tiles.)

It can be found I spent an awful lot of time this year looking for detours around the various street fairs/art fairs/summer festivals/farmer's markets that infested appeared on my commuter route once spring hit. So when I got interested in SC4 again, I decided my Sims should have be as cursed lucky as I am to have them in their cities.

ASF is a modular set that consists of three transit-enabled end pieces, nine 1x1, four 1x2, and two 1x3 pieces as well as a 'pre-built' 1x6 and a Bus Stop piece that has the standard white concrete tile base instead of the streets. There are a total of twenty lots available in the base set. Here's a link to the catalogue image included in the ZIP file here so you can have a better look at the lots than what appears in the set logo above: http://sc4.ejmeyer.n...SFCatalogue.jpg It's not directly posted because it's a large image. For my one or two fans that use dial-up: sorry.

So here you go. I have a few ideas for companion or expansion sets to ASF, and will always entertain more. In regards to my other two offerings, support is limited because I no longer have the original files (or a working copy of BAT4MAX, for that matter). I plan to overhaul both and repost new versions but have no idea when. If anyone has questions or suggestions about my stuff, here's the place to ask.

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    • The Lat Am project: Wall to wall pack
      By Edvarz
      Years ago, the LBT (Latin american BAT Team) made four huge sets of residential and commercial building models, but never released a functional set of lots for them before they stopped making content. Although hese buildings have figured in some City Journals, only players who knew their way around the Lot Editor could make use of them.
      Thus I present to you the first in a series of lot sets that finally turn those models into fully functional, growable lots for your game!
      This is a pack of 14 lots using 16 different LBT buildings. There are low and medium wealth buildings, they all belong to the Houston and Euro tilesets and grow on medium and high density residential zones, the lots have different sizes: 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 2x1 and 2x2. Ingame they will also show the name of the building in Spanish or Portuguese if your SimCity 4 is installed in any of these languages, if it is installed in any other language the names will show in English.
      Be sure to read the included (bilingual!) documentation for more details about the installation, stats, size, and look of the buildings.
      This lotting project was conceived to adress a certain lack of latin american plugins for SC4, but I think this pack of wall to walls will look good on any setting whatsoever, so feel free to grow them in any city as you fancy!
      Dependencies (you knew this was coming):
      You need to install the files marked as essential or else you will only get brown boxes, those are the files that contain the models! The optional dependencies just add a couple of tiny details, they are fairly common and I will be using them in the upcoming sets.
      LBT Residential Model Files 1
      LBT Residential Model Files 2
      BSC Mega Props CP vol. 1 (Requires registration on the SC4 Devotion LEX, it's quick and painless)
      LBT Mega Texture Pack
      Other recommended downloads:
      These sets of lots by Erjolog from LBT will mix well with the buildings of this set
      LBT Erj Pack Residencial
      LBT Erj Pack Miraflorino
      LBT Erj Pack Bajada Balta
      I did not make the models and do not claim any credit for them, all credit goes to the people of LBT. However, I did give the buildings their stats and made lots for them, you can use or edit those lots, or the descriptor files however you want if it is for personal use, but you can't re-distribute them without my permission.
      The modding of this buildings was made using the PIM-X tool, so there shouldn't be any problem with these buildings throwing the game off balance.
      If you encounter any issues, feel free to drop me a PM me here at Simtropolis or leave a post in my lot thread, there you can also see the development of this project and other projects I'm working on.
      Thanks and Enjoy!
      Edvarz 2016
      Spoiler Descripción:
      Unos años atrás, el equipo LBT (Latin American BAT Team en inglés) realizó cuatro sets enormes de edificios residenciales y comerciales, sin embargo nunca publicaron lotes funcionales antes de que dejaran de hacer contenido para SC4. Estos edificios han figurado en varios diarios de alcalde (city journals) pero solo jugadores que supieran usar el Lot Editor tenían acceso a ellos.
      Por ello ¡he aquí el primero de una serie de sets que finalmente convierte esos edificios en lotes funcionales para usar en el juego!
      Este pack contiene 14 lots que usan 16 diferentes modelos de edificios. Hay edificios de riqueza media y baja, todos ellos crecen en los estilos Houston y Europa y en zonas residenciales de densidad media y alta, los lots tienen diferentes tamaños: 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 2x1 and 2x2. En el juego, el nombre de los edificios se mostrará en español o portugués si tu SimCity 4 está instalado en alguno de estos idiomas.
      Para más detalles sobre la instalación, los stats, el tamaño, y la apariencia de los edificios, puedes revisar la documentación (¡bilingüe!) incluida.
      Este proyecto de lots fue concebido con la idea de traer contenido latinoamericano a Sim City 4, pero este set en particular es adecuado para cualquiero otro estilo de ciudad, así que puedes hacer que tus sims los construyan en cualquier ciudad que quieras.
      Dependencias (No te salvas de ellas):
      Los archivos marcados como esenciales son, bueno, esenciales, para que se muestren los edificios en el juego, ¡estos son los archivos que contienen los modelos! Los archivos opcionales solo añaden un par de detalles, pero son muy comunes y los seguiré usando en mis futuros proyectos.
      LBT Residential Model Files 1
      LBT Residential Model Files 2
      BSC Mega Props CP vol. 1 (Requiere registrarse en el LEX de SC4 Devotion , es rápido e indoloro)
      LBT Mega Texture Pack
      Estos sets de edificios por Erjolog del equipo LBT combinan muy bien con este set
      LBT Erj Pack Residencial
      LBT Erj Pack Miraflorino
      LBT Erj Pack Bajada Balta
      Los modelos no son míos y no reclamo ningún crédito por ellos, todo el reconocimiento va al equipo de LBT. Sin embargo, yo di a los edificios sus stats e hice los lots; puedes usar o editar esos lots, o los archivos .desc como quieras si es para uso personal, pero no puedes redistribuirlos sin mi permiso.
      El modding de estos edificios fue hecho usando la herramienta PIM-X, por lo que no debería haber ningún problema con estos edificios desbalanceando el juego.
      Si tienes algún problema, puedes contactarme por mensaje privado aquí en Simtropolis o dejar un post en mi subforo de lots, ahí también puedes ver el desarrollo de este y otros proyectos.
      ¡Gracias y disfruta de este contenido!
      Edvarz 2016
    • Flooring don't appears
      By HLCE
      I did install Simcity 4 and the floor of my buildings is only showing (appears as zoning) as blue, green and yellow, as in zoned, but not anymore gress, garage, etc. :s
      (In fact I see the buildings but not flooring, each lot).
      Somebody can help me please!

      Thank you!
    • How to use the search engine?
      By monkeywater
      I have not been on this site in a while, before I could easily search the STEX.  Now I catch AIDS every time I try to find something on there.
      Is there an effective method of searching it or is the new search engine just really $%&^!ty?
    • Building Architect Tool, 3d Max & 3ds Files
      By daderic888
      I've been trying to import 3ds models of buildings that I wish to make for Simcity 4 Deluxe into the Building Architect Tool. These 3ds files have been successfully converted from dae files.
      I don't know why, but it has failed to import the 3ds files.
      Am I using an old version of Building Architect Tool and/or 3ds Max? If so, is there an updated version that I need to download and install? I suspect that his may be the case as I have seen Youtubes of tutorials.
      I need some very helpful tips and advice as I want to make these buildings and upload them to the STEX and use them in my Simcity 4 Deluxe game.
      Thanks in advance.
    • On STEX Submissions
      By A Nonny Moose
      When you have completed a new plugin for the STEX, rather than uploading it in several separate pieces, it would be better to consolidate the files in a single archive (e.g. *.zip) with a readme explaining the use of the pieces.  This can then be uploaded in one piece.  The compression algorithms will help to provide more savings than you would get on a set of single files.
      This applies to all uploads, including regions as well as regular plugins.  When I upload things, I generally create such a file.  In addition, if I create a building I generally consolidate the various files for the building in a *.dat file for inclusion in my archive.  This way, only a single file need be seen by the end user for the plugin.
      I would do this for my early BATs, but I no longer have the source files.
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