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Aran's Lots - Support Thread

1 post in this topic

Moderators: If this is in the wrong forum, please move it. Since I don't generally make my own BATs, it didn't make sense to post it in the BAT thread.

This will be the official support thread for my lots, of which there are currently three. When I uploaded my new set to the STEX, I went looking for my old support thread to add a release memo and realized it'd been seven years since I last contributed. Needless to say, the thread is long gone.

Last night I uploaded this to the STEX:



(In case it's not obvious, I tossed Gascooker's tents - among other things - on a few street tiles.)

It can be found I spent an awful lot of time this year looking for detours around the various street fairs/art fairs/summer festivals/farmer's markets that infested appeared on my commuter route once spring hit. So when I got interested in SC4 again, I decided my Sims should have be as cursed lucky as I am to have them in their cities.

ASF is a modular set that consists of three transit-enabled end pieces, nine 1x1, four 1x2, and two 1x3 pieces as well as a 'pre-built' 1x6 and a Bus Stop piece that has the standard white concrete tile base instead of the streets. There are a total of twenty lots available in the base set. Here's a link to the catalogue image included in the ZIP file here so you can have a better look at the lots than what appears in the set logo above: http://sc4.ejmeyer.n...SFCatalogue.jpg It's not directly posted because it's a large image. For my one or two fans that use dial-up: sorry.

So here you go. I have a few ideas for companion or expansion sets to ASF, and will always entertain more. In regards to my other two offerings, support is limited because I no longer have the original files (or a working copy of BAT4MAX, for that matter). I plan to overhaul both and repost new versions but have no idea when. If anyone has questions or suggestions about my stuff, here's the place to ask.

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      In total, you will find...
      In order to avoid brown boxes, you need these original buildings. You can even keep the original lots that came with them, but that's optional. What you really need is the .sc4model file that's included in each download.
      Please pay attention with 6459978's Stephen Drive: There are two building models included, and you will need both.

      Besides, you will need the garage block by garyreggae that I used on most of the lots.
      EDIT July 19, 2013:
      OK, everybody - various Simtropolis upgrades have cut off the description, and some of the dependencies are no longer on the STEX - for example, garyreggae's garage block and 6459978's New College Apartments. Please use this link to download a package that contains both the building and the garage block. Sorry about the inconvenience.
      EDIT May 2, 2016:
      Updated dependency list - you will need all the .sc4model files from the following uploads to avoid brown boxes:
      Newbury Apartments BSC Stephen Drive New College Apartments including garyreggae's garage block Crumby Arms reloaded The lots should really be OK technically; if you have trouble growing some of them, maybe try reducing the number of 'competing' lots.
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      Rapides Parish Courthouse by Sgt Pepper
      This is my very 1st upload at all and the first one in a series of Rewards based on BAT models made by other artists.

      This upload, a recreation of the Rapides Parish Courthouse made by Sgt Pepper, is a modern, medium sized Courthouse, that was made to be a commercial building by its creator.

      When I saw this building the very first time it looked like a Courthouse in the County I live in and I had the inspiration to bring it back to its original idea being a Courthouse and also a real Reward for the game.
      This BAT comes on a new lot and features a custom icon and custom query window. I used seasonal trees here, so it takes a while, before they appear on the lot. It is also transit enabled on the back of the lot. The nightlight is like the orignal BAT. You will find this lot in the Rewards menu right next to the Ingame Courthouse.

      Why is it a Reward and only available onces?
      This Reward is made for players, who want to work and reach a goal in this game and finally get a WHAT? A REWARD of course…
      And ask yourself this: How many Courthouses and City Halls exist in your city? Courthouses maybe more then one, but do they look all the same?!
      You don’t like it? Well, than this download in NOT for you!

      This BAT is for you, if you like good looking and detailed buildings in your city. There are so many awesome creations like textures and other props made by the community out there, and I think, we should use them.
      You don’t like dependencies? Well, again, then unfortunately this download is NOT for you!

      It should work with the original Maxis Nite and the Dark Nite Mods (see the pictures in this download).
      Stats (REWARD):
      Lot size:                                 7x6 Plop cost:                               §41,000 Bulldoze cost:                        §4,100 Monthly cost:                         §410 (Government buildings department) Pollution:                                7 (Air)/ 6 (Water)/ 8 (Garbage )/ 0 (Radiation) Pollution radii:                       7/6/0/0 Power consumed:                   32 MWh Water consumed:                   128 cu m/Month
        In order to get this Reward, the following requirements need to be met (hard difficulties):
      City population:                     50,000 Regional population:              100,000 Mayor rating:                          55 Mayor’s house:                      1 Courthouse:                           1 Parks in the city:                    100  2 - USE
      You need to extract this archive to your root plugins folder, it should then create a folder MSRB\REWARDS\[NAME OF BAT], where [NAME OF BAT] represents the name of this download item. Within that folder, you will find all the game-relevant files and a sub-folder containing the HTML readme and some screenshot(s). I strongly suggest that you keep your plugins organized, this original download in a safe place and remove all pics and this description from your plugins. These are not needed for this BAT to work.
      If you no longer wish to use this download, proceed as follows:
      Bulldoze all lots pertaining to this download Save all the cities and exit the game when you're done bulldozing Remove the associated files from your plugins folder Hint: Just to be sure, I recommend moving the undesired files somewhere else and doing some checks before you delete them permanently. This way, if it turns out you forgot to bulldoze something, you can add it back in temporarily until you're done. 
      There are a few dependecies for this Reward here and you'll need the original upload of the BAT to see the building:
      Sgt Pepper’s Rapides Parish Courthouse (only the .sc4model Rapides Parish Court House-0x5ad0e817_0x576cb33a_0x410000 file is required): http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27751-rapides-parish-courthouse/

      Since I’ve re-created the whole lot, the following dependencies are also required:

      Seraf’s City Hall Park Fountain (only the .sc4model NYBT_CityHallParkFountainBySeraf-0x5ad0e817_0x5fd58e2d_0x30000 file is required): http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29887-city-hall-park-fountain/

      Paeng‘s Textures Pack Vol. 1.04: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/22823-paeng-textures-vol104/

      shokthrpy’s SHK Parking Pack 1.2: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27563-shk-parking-pack/

      Simfanatik’s Additional Police Bike (Hardware version): http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/25788-additional-police-bike/

      Simfanatik’s 2012 Ford E-250 Vans (Hardware version): http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27636-2012-ford-e-250-vans/

      VIP Girafe’s Chestnuts and Lindens: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2869 and http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3049

      Optional and recommended (but not required):
      Mandelsoft’s Light Replacement Mod – USA Set v5.1: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28063-light-replacement-mod-usa-set/
      (this MOD overilluminates the lights on the lot, other Light Replacement Mods might not do this, so this is only an issue if you use this MOD)

      If you want to see the modern police cars I use, you might want to take a look here:

      airman15’s Police Car/Van Conversion Mod: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30528-police-carvan-conversion-mod/

      If you want to see the national flag on this lot, you’re also required to download and have this in your plugins folder:

      Pegasus‘ One Flag Many Nations Mod: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27711-peg-one-flag-many-nations-mod/
      NOTE: If any of the above dependencies require additional dependencies, you’ll need to download and put them in your plugins folder as well.

      You must be registered and logged into the STEX and the BSC File Exchange over at SC4Devotion in order to see the download button. Please bear in mind that there are separate logins for the forums and for the file exchange at SC4Devotion.
      4 - FINAL WORDS
      This lot was tested intensively without any problems, but if you have issues/problems with it, please feel free to pm me here! Please read this Readme carefully and make sure you have all dependencies installed properly.
      I am not responsible for any problems with your game using this BAT. Use at your own risk!
      5 - CREDITS
      Once again: Credits for the original BAT go to Sgt Pepper, credits for all the other dependencies go to Seraf, Paeng, shokthrpy, Simfanatik, Girafe, Pegasus and Mattb325! Thanks to T Wrecks for the inspiration how to create a good Readme-file! Without their creations and comments at first hand I wouldn’t be able to create this Reward. Thanks a lot, guys!
      markussaage, December 02, 2016
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