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Aran's Lots - Support Thread

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Moderators: If this is in the wrong forum, please move it. Since I don't generally make my own BATs, it didn't make sense to post it in the BAT thread.

This will be the official support thread for my lots, of which there are currently three. When I uploaded my new set to the STEX, I went looking for my old support thread to add a release memo and realized it'd been seven years since I last contributed. Needless to say, the thread is long gone.

Last night I uploaded this to the STEX:



(In case it's not obvious, I tossed Gascooker's tents - among other things - on a few street tiles.)

It can be found I spent an awful lot of time this year looking for detours around the various street fairs/art fairs/summer festivals/farmer's markets that infested appeared on my commuter route once spring hit. So when I got interested in SC4 again, I decided my Sims should have be as cursed lucky as I am to have them in their cities.

ASF is a modular set that consists of three transit-enabled end pieces, nine 1x1, four 1x2, and two 1x3 pieces as well as a 'pre-built' 1x6 and a Bus Stop piece that has the standard white concrete tile base instead of the streets. There are a total of twenty lots available in the base set. Here's a link to the catalogue image included in the ZIP file here so you can have a better look at the lots than what appears in the set logo above: http://sc4.ejmeyer.n...SFCatalogue.jpg It's not directly posted because it's a large image. For my one or two fans that use dial-up: sorry.

So here you go. I have a few ideas for companion or expansion sets to ASF, and will always entertain more. In regards to my other two offerings, support is limited because I no longer have the original files (or a working copy of BAT4MAX, for that matter). I plan to overhaul both and repost new versions but have no idea when. If anyone has questions or suggestions about my stuff, here's the place to ask.

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