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      We're close! Please help us reach our April & May goals!   04/28/2017

      We're getting close with our April goal - please help us over the final bump! Your donations not only help keep the site up and running, but also allows us to expand some functionality and upgrade other features of the site periodically to stay current! We're looking for some community support to help us get a new Chat system (as you know our old Chat is no longer supported by IP.Board). A new system promises to give us many more options and all for fairly little cost, relatively speaking. Please help us reach our April goal so we can keep bringing you site improvements as well!  Donate and Get a Gift or Donate Any Amount Thanks so much! - Dirktator & The Admins
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    • By Silur
      Simtropolis = where to keep images ? I had a FROG, now PHOTOBUCKET there is a box in Simtroplis. But there is no single Bank. We see that all the work turns to dust. There are normal thoughts?
      I tried to work with OneDrive by Microsoft - but it only gives a link to my jpg. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
    • By TekindusT
      I was just taking a look to the Milestone thread and realized I have no idea what those stars under our usernames and ranks in the forums mean. Sure they have a logic behind but it's a bit difficult to see for me, except that the users with most posts have their first star inside a shield or inside a banner...? But why some users with less posts have 5 stars and others have only 1 but the first one is shielded... ? Are they tied to our post count? You get it. Any Simtropolite ready to shed some light on this matter for me?
    • By Cyclone Boom

      Our friends at GOG.com had a special City-Builder discount sale!  (Closed as of February 13, 2PM GMT) 

      As part of this, Simtropolis has been given a bunch of free keys to selected games to give away!
      Winners announced here!

      If you want one of these games, simply reply to this thread by answering ONE of the questions below:
      What's your favourite city-building game, and why will you always be fond of it? Write a creative and entertaining review (good or bad) of any city-building game. The ways in which custom content has transformed the city-building game you play. Tell us about your most memorable city-building experience, funny, tragic or otherwise.
      There is no minimum or maximum, but aim to write at least 50 words.

      Q: How are prize winners selected?
      A: The Admins will pick their favourite replies below, so don't delay, post away!
      Q: How many times can I reply?
      A: Just one reply per person please.
      Q: Can I add images or video to my post?
      A: Sure! Feel free to be creative to make your post stand out.
      Q: Does it have to be written in a certain style?
      A: No, not at all. Just aim to make it creative and entertaining, whether fact or fiction...
      Q: How long does this run for?
      A: The closing date to enter is Monday 13th February at 23:59 (EST).

      Winners will be able to select ONE of the following City-Building classics, to add to their personal collection:

      SimCity 2000 Special Edition

      Caesar II

      Pharaoh + Cleopatra

      SimCity 3000 Unlimited

      Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom


      Tropico 5

      Lethis - Path of Progress

      Urban Empire

      Whatever your experience with a City-Builder, we'd love to hear it.
    • By Cyclone Boom
      Got some ideas?
      Here's a place where you can recommend any improvements to Simtropolis. 
      It's about time we had one of these. Even though the site continues to develop, we'd love to hear your thoughts on how it can be further refined and made better for everyone. Whether it be a simple layout/design tweak, or a completely brand new feature, post away in this thread!
      While we can't promise everything will be possible or implemented, each idea will be read and considered. I'm sure you'll appreciate there are limitations, both technically and financially.
      To report any issues with an existing site feature, or something not working as intended, please instead use the Bugs Thread.
      For clarity, please keep one idea per post. Double posts are acceptable if you've more than one idea at once.
      Note: To prevent successive replies from auto-merging, you may need to wait 5 minutes.
        Give a subheading, describing briefly what the idea is.
        Explain the idea -- it helps to give as much detail as possible. Pictures or diagrams are acceptable, but not required.
        Why would this be of benefit to the community?
        If you value anyone's idea, please Like it to show your support. This helps to give a rough indication of how well an idea is received.
        If commenting on an idea, please quote/copy the subheading so it's clear what is being discussed.  
      Progress Status
      Once processed, ideas will be tagged with one of the following:
      NOT PLANNED -    The idea is appreciated, but at this stage, is not feasible to implement.
        INTERNAL REVIEW -    We like the idea, and will pursue whether it's currently feasible to implement.
        PLANNED -    We have decided to implement the idea, and are finding the best ways to go about it.
        IMPLEMENTED -    The idea has been added as a new site feature!
      This will change depending on ongoing progress with implementation.
      Thanks all!
      -The Admins
    • By Cyclone Boom
      Index of Display Name Changes 

      Display name changes can sometimes create confusion, especially when the new name is completely unrelated to the old one.
      Since there have been a number of recent changes, I think it might be useful to have a resource where these can be documented.
      For general information about name changes, please see the FAQ in the following post.

      If you're aware of a change that isn't listed, or have recently changed your own, please post below and I'll add you to the table.

      The table below lists the known changes, along with the dates and original names. For those where the date is uncertain, a reasonable estimate has been made (based on their posts referring to the name -- e.g. quotes). For users who've changed their name more than once, the "Other Changes" column provides these details. The links open a document on Google Drive, where this info is presented.
      (89 total listed changes)   Current Name   Original Name     Last Changed Date        Other Changes?      __A   mystic_destiny Feb-27-2014 -   _Jazz   Yoshiisland Apr-18-2013 [1]   _Michael   michae95l Jul-18-2016 -   A Nonny Moose   N_O_Body c. 2007 -   §haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo   Sirron Kcuhc Jun-09-2013 -   Ace❤   10000000000000 Mar-11-2013 -   airman15   usfighter15 May-05-2013 -   Asser   Kaalakiota Apr-06-2014 -   AvidCSMapmaker   freakyshare32 Mar-11-2015 -   C4The_Architect   C4creeper May-01-2015 -   catty-cb   Catty@sc4d Jun-15-2013 -   Ceafus 88   Frex_Ceafus Feb-18-2013 -   Chris M   ЮàgÕÑÅÑÌMĖ Apr-12-2013 [1]   CoastRunner   nickie Jan-04-2013 -   Cockatoo   Cockatoo-210893 c. 2011 -   Craig-Abcvs   abcvs c. 2010 -   Dashafrash.   AndrewMar Jul-14-2014 -   Dirktator   dirk c. 2011 -   djrules5454   djrules5454_simtropolisedition    c. 2010 -   Durfsurn   durfsurn Jun-21-2013 -   Eʟᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ   elemented9 c. 2011 -   Empowered One   afstandopleren Sep-09-2013 -   Follarch   Archean Apr-13-2012 -   Forthwall   Mastof Dec-23-2012 -   FreezyPop   10goliath Sep-11-2013 -   Ganaram Inukshuk   Ganaram DI Jun-24-2012 -   Haljackey   haljackey Apr-28-2012 -   ized   pringlized May-20-2015 -   Jack³   jack3oh3 Jun-11-2013 -   JakeMD   swat-medic Apr-17-2012 -   Jeffmaster223   Animaniacs Nov-12-2013 -   JP Schriefer   Schriefer Oct-25-2014 -   k50   k50dude Jun-21-2012 -   KaZZ   testuser1234 Nov-18-2013 -   Kevin   Cheese89 c. 2010 -   Kifflom112   Zulu2065 Dec-20-2012 -   Kisa Atsuko   976 Mar-09-2014 -   LarksTonguesInAspic   manticorefan May-31-2013 -   Lyhoko Leaci   Leech10 Dec-08-2011 -   MandelSoft   mrtnrln Jun-21-2012 -   Mary Maurine Mayo   Lynks Aug-12-2013 [2]   Meg   SkiGeek c. 2009 -   Monster's Cat   MatthewB13 Oct-09-2014 [1]   Mr Saturn64   crazyllamasim Dec-24-2012 -   Nesral Sredna   Aakl Feb-07-2015 -   Nilo7   DCMetro34 May-13-2014 [1]   OcramsRzr   Ilikeseattle Jan-21-2016 [1]   OreoToast   Quaellen_Wins2 Oct-28-2014 -   Pasta-power   J-man-42 Feb-11-2013 -   reaps   reaper88 Dec-31-2012 -   Reddonquixote   reddonquixote Oct-19-2014 -   redhairtwiggy   BlondeTwiggy Mar-30-2014 -   RepublicMaster   wcraig Dec-24-2012 -   Sabretooth78   sargeantcm Jun-17-2014 -   Samness   samness7 Jul-18-2014 -   SAVAGExPHOENIX   daTSchikinhed Dec-10-2014 -   sc3kufan   Casselsucks Sep-25-2015 [1]   SC4B   sim city 4 builder Feb-11-2015 -   Sexysark:P   sarthakknight Nov-24-2014 -   Shadow Assassin   Shadow_Assassin c. 2011 -   simlink   sim_link Mar-03-2014 -   Skyler_Americano   Johnathan_Tycoon Jun-11-2015 -   Slashback   ImVhOzzi Jul-02-2013 -   SounderBruce   ComputerGuy890100 c. 2011 -   SpookyZalost   Leo_the_robot Apr-09-2013 -   Takingyouthere   take_me_there Jul-29-2016 [1]   Terring   terring Jun-04-2013 -   The Avatar   MamaLuigi945 Sep-06-2014 [1]   The Pennsylvania Turnpike      Mayorjacks Aug-25-2013 -   Thin White Duke   AmericanSwede11 May-23-2016 [2]   Titanicbuff   titanicbuff Jun-05-2013 -   Tonraq   111222333444 Jan-18-2014 -   Toothless Stitch   skyscraper241 Aug-01-2014 [1]   w_swietwoot   wasoethoudt Apr-28-2012 -   Wahrheit   Blue Lightning May-19-2015 -   Yarahi   yarahi Jun-26-2015 -  
      Username = Multiple changes.
      Username = Pre Simtropolis 7.0 change.
       Reminder:   Due to the site upgrade, remember that display names are now the same as usernames! 
      As Dirk explained here, this replaces the previous system, where your registration username was always used to login. If you've changed your display name, you should always login using the current one. This may explain if you're experiencing difficulty logging in.
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