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Simtropolis Home Page "Features" - What's it good for?

11 posts in this topic

Thank you for the clarification. I think we have a lot of good content out there. Now that people know how to feature it, maybe we can see a but more of it.

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This really helps. I always had just a few questions that were answered here. Thanks! ^_^

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Why can't I see the features tab on the homepage? Am I missing something here?

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Click the 'pin' icon to the right of "browse new content'. Brings up a menu - click on new feature. Now, there will be an 'add new feature button' below the featured content window.

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Yes, thanks for pointing that out, Benedict. It is under the "Omnibus" tab in the Pin icon if you were looking.

Also, it will soon appear as a drop-down menu when you hover over the "Simtropolis.com" home tab.

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Thanks for the help. I have submitted a new feature for your approval Dirk.

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or just go here

I hope we get many suggestions. I think this feature is under utilized because people don't understand it. Hopefully, this thread clears things up.

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What's considered a "Feature"?

Anything that has to do with Simtropolis or SimCity.

Including stuff on the STEX.


It has to have a great image, to be considered worthy by the Dirktator!

If you are submitting someone else's stuff be sure to fill in the original author in the attribution field.

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What's considered a "Feature"?

Anything that has to do with Simtropolis or SimCity.

What if some members have content or cities from Cities XL they would like to feature, this is also allowed correct?

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I am sure CXL is included.

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       2nd Place   180 Rep
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       3rd Place   120 Rep
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      (Snapshot preview shown, as this entry is a mosaic image).

      Sports Complexes   (Weekly Challenge #19)
       1st Place   140 Rep
      Closing Ceremony - Tonraq

      (Snapshot preview shown, as this entry is a mosaic image).
       2nd Place   84 Rep
      Witanceaster Simlympic Park - Joe 90

       3rd Place   56 Rep
      Another Saturday morning - rivit

      Street View   (C:S Weekly Challenge #01)
       1st Place   130 Rep
      Aufgsburg City Hall - Joshman24

       Tied 2nd Place   65 Rep
      Mountain Dead-end - Extrenix

       Tied 2nd Place   65 Rep
      City Oasis - Mr_Maison

      Interchanges   (C:S Weekly Challenge #02)
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      Farming Scenes   (Weekly Challenge #21)
       1st Place   165 Rep
      Campagne di Macondo - gigius76

       2nd Place   99 Rep
      Bumgardner's orchard - SimCoug

       3rd Place   66 Rep
      Demeter System - Huston

      High-rise Lifestyle   (Weekly Challenge #22)
       1st Place   235 Rep
      Roarin' 20s - SimCoug

       2nd Place   141 Rep
      Avenue Louise - feyss

       3rd Place   94 Rep
      Winchester Rising - kingofsimcity

      Night Life   (Extended Weekly Challenge #23)
       1st Place   195 Rep
      A Calm Night - Joshman24

       2nd Place   117 Rep
      Nor Erebuni, Midnight - Masissar

       3rd Place   78 Rep
      San Diego at night - APSMS


      The voting data for all challenges can be found at the following link:
      ST Challenges - Results Data   (Excel spreadsheet shared on OneDrive)

      All reputation prizes have now been awarded, and the images above will be entered into the Hall of Fame.
      Just to clarify, they're calculated based on the:
      Challenge type (Weekly, Extended, Monthly) Number of entries per challenge. The average rating of all entries combined, to make up the "Bonus" total.
      All prizes were allocated on a 50%, 30%, 20% split to the top 3 placed entries.
      A big congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all participants! 
      More challenges to follow soon...
    • By Cyclone Boom
      Got some ideas?
      Here's a place where you can recommend any improvements to Simtropolis. 
      It's about time we had one of these. Even though the site continues to develop, we'd love to hear your thoughts on how it can be further refined and made better for everyone. Whether it be a simple layout/design tweak, or a completely brand new feature, post away in this thread!
      While we can't promise everything will be possible or implemented, each idea will be read and considered. I'm sure you'll appreciate there are limitations, both technically and financially.
      To report any issues with an existing site feature, or something not working as intended, please instead use the Bugs Thread.
      For clarity, please keep one idea per post. Double posts are acceptable if you've more than one idea at once.
      Note: To prevent successive replies from auto-merging, you may need to wait 5 minutes.
        Give a subheading, describing briefly what the idea is.
        Explain the idea -- it helps to give as much detail as possible. Pictures or diagrams are acceptable, but not required.
        Why would this be of benefit to the community?
        If you value anyone's idea, please Like it to show your support. This helps to give a rough indication of how well an idea is received.
        If commenting on an idea, please quote/copy the subheading so it's clear what is being discussed.  
      Progress Status
      Once processed, ideas will be tagged with one of the following:
      NOT PLANNED -    The idea is appreciated, but at this stage, is not feasible to implement.
        INTERNAL REVIEW -    We like the idea, and will pursue whether it's currently feasible to implement.
        PLANNED -    We have decided to implement the idea, and are finding the best ways to go about it.
        IMPLEMENTED -    The idea has been added as a new site feature!
      This will change depending on ongoing progress with implementation.
      Thanks all!
      -The Admins
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