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Selamat Datang di Kota Rinjani / Welcome to Rinjani City


Sekarang, saya akan menampilkan kota terbaru saya yang mendapatkan peringkat sebagai "Kota dengan Tata Kota Terburuk"

Now, I will show you my latest city who get a rating of "The Worst City Manajement Ever"


Pemandangan dari Menara Sentul. Sentul merupakan kawasan perumahan untuk kalangan elit. / View from Sentul Tower. Sentul is a residential area for the elites.


Perumahan Sentul, di sebelah kiri terdapat Universitas Rinjani

Sentul Resident Area, on the left there is the University of Rinjani


Pemandangan di Desa Balaraja. Desa ini terletak di kaki bukit Citara.

View of Balaraja Village. Balaraja village located in the foothills of Citara.


Jalan Tol Senra (Sentul-Citara). Foto ini diambil di Ciparu Interchange.

Sentul-Citara Highway. This screenshot was taken at Ciparu Interchange.


Rajalana Interchange, ini merupakan titik pertemuan 2 jalan tol, yaitu Jalan Tol Senra dan Jalan Tol Wanasaba-Cherbon.

Rajalana Interchange, here is the meeting point of Sentul-Citara Highway and Wanasaba-Cherbon Highway.


Jalan Lembang, salah satu jalan alternatif menuju Kawasan Industri Citara.

Lembang Road, one of alternative road to Citara Industrial Center.


Wanasaba, ini merupakan daerah barat Rinjani. Foto ini diambil ketika Rinjani pertama kali dibangun.

Wanasaba, here is the western area of Rinjani. This screenshot was taken when Rinjani firstly constructed.


Stadion Rinjani Raya

Major Rinjani Stadium


Kawasan Industri Citara, kawasan industri dengan pepohonan di sekelilingnya :)

Citara Industrial Center, industrial area with trees around the area :)


End of Sentul-Citara Highway in Suralaja

Akhir dari Jalan Tol Sentul-Citara di daerah Suralaja


Hotel Sanja, hotel ini terletak di puncak bukit Citara

Sanja Hotel, its located at the top of Citara Hill


Ciparu Interchange

BONUS (Bukan gambar Kota Rinjani/Pic is not from Rinjani)


Akan di-update sebisa saya :bigsmile:

Will be update as soon as possible :bigsmile:

Salam dari Indonesia :)

Greetings from Indonesia ;)

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woah wait what? World Trade Center? Where can I get me some of those? @A@

Also a nice looking town, I really like your roads!

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Kreatif sangat bero!! / Very creative, bro!

jalanannya kece dah / the roads are just wicked!

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How did you build that bridge on spoiler 2?

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