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The SimTropolis Chat Seminar logs

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SimTropolisChat Seminar (Feb 11, Atlantic Session)


Host: mrtnrln

mrtnrln Helloand welcome to the SimTropolis Chat seminar. I’m Maarten and I’ll be your firsthost today. The first topic of today will be about the Real HighWay Mod andespecially the Cosmetic Pieces. The second topic, new functional PedMalldevelopment, would be covered by Riiga later in this seminar.

mrtnrln Now,before we start I have some instructions. I’ll aid my presentation with slides.Whenever you need to skip to the next slide, I’ll announce that by typing“[sLIDE no.]”. You can click on the “Next” button to go to the next slide.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#1] The first slide can be found here:http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/g­allery.cgi?i=3297340

mrtnrln Andnow we are ready to start this presentation. Let me introduce myself: I’mMaarten and I come from Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Currently I’m studyingCivil Engineering at the TU Delft and I’m a 2nd year student. Since 2009, I’m amember of the NAM Team and I contributed to the Real HighWay Mod since thedevelopment of version 4.0. Since last year, I’m also a member of the BeNeLuxTeam. And with two active regions, I use the RHW a lot I’m pretty experiencedwhen it comes to using this mod.

mrtnrln Asa Road Geek, I’m pretty picky when it comes to road details and finishingtouches. That’s why I released my own sign sets, streetlights and alsocontributed to the Real HighWay Mod, something I’m pretty proud of being part ofit. Some people may also know that I have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), butdespite (or maybe thanks to) that, I’m still pretty successful, with SC4 stuffas well in Real Life. I even think I would never be such a dedicated modder ifI wasn’t autistic.

mrtnrln Andyes, I’m a brony :P But that’s pretty obvious…

bigro: >.>

mrtnrln Butthat's enough about me, on with the main subjects of this presentation

mrtnrln [sLIDE#2] OK, here we have an overview about the subjects we’ll cover.

mrtnrln First,we’ll be talking about the Real HighWay Mod in brief. Some may wonder what’sthe purpose of the RHW. I’ll also give you a bit of a retrospective about theReal HighWay Project and I may enlighten a bit about the future development.

mrtnrln Second,I’ll explain the Cosmetic Pieces in more detail. Why do we have them, how doyou build them and I’ll give you some tips and tricks…

mrtnrln Finally,I’ll do a short conclusion and after that there’s time for questions.

mrtnrln Let’sget started with our first subject!

mrtnrln [sLIDE#3] The Real HighWay Project has one of the longest running developments of allNAMadd-on components. It started out about 5 or 6 years ago as the ANT(Alternative Network). The ANT used a previously unused network called the“dirtroad”. Some trails of that origin still remain to this day, although theyare hidden under the hood.

mrtnrln Thefirst experimentation of the ANT was about making a Maxis HighWay styled network with aseperable median. Quickly, the six-lane Maxis Highway setup made room for afour-lane setup: the Real HighWay Mod was born.

mrtnrln Atfirst, the Real Highway Mod was called the Rural Highway Mod. This had to dothat the project intented at first as a rural alternative for the MaxisHighways; it was never intended to be used in urban environments. This didn’tstop people to be creative with this mod and use it in urban areas anyway.However, it took until version 4.0 to change the name to Real HighWay Mod.

mrtnrln Sinceversion 2.0, we have the MIS (Modular Interchange System). This is a puzzlepiece based system that lets you build ramps, transistions and all other sortof stuff. This is one of the main revolutions in the development of this mod.Each version has more capabilities, more puzzle pieces and more features. Butwe should never forget that this revolution all started with version 2.0 backin 2008.

mrtnrln Fromthe looks of it, the Real HighWay Mod has now become so versatile, that it’smore and more replacing the Maxis Highways; Only a few die-hards are still swearingto use the Maxis Highwayand nothing else until the bitter end. But even that group still shrinks, asthe amount of features of the Real HighWay Mod grow and the user friendlinessincreases. The rest of the community embraces this mod wholeheartedly, ascountless pictures in the “Show Us Your Interchanges”-thread and the numerousappearances in CJs witness to us.

elavery joined the room.

mrtnrln Sonow I'll cover each version in more detail.

mrtnrln http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/g­allery.cgi?i=3297347 [sLIDE #4] Version 1.2, the first public version, of the Rural HighwayMod was released in November 2005. This was later follow by version 1.3 and 1.3in April 2007 and version 1.3b in June 2007.

mrtnrln Thefirst version of the Rural Highway Mod did not have many features. In fact, theonly puzzle pieces that were included were RHW-4 overpasses. No starterswhatsoever; you could only create a RHW-4 by dragging two stretches of RHW-2side by side.

mrtnrln Thefirst RHW version also couldn’t make much intersections: only streetintersections and a few transitions to Maxis networks could be made. That’s it.It had less functionality than the OWR (One-Way Road)

mrtnrln Thedevelompent between version 1.2 and 2.0 may be the slowest: it took two yearsto come to a fully upgraded version.

mrtnrln I’llshow you a few pictures about how the RHW looked like back in the early days.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#5] Here’s a demonstration of the side-by-side dragging method to create aRHW-4. There were experiments to make other side-by-side dragging methods forwider RHW networks, like the RHW-6C, but since the introduction of starterpieces, they never came far.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#6] Compared with what we have today, RHW interchanges looked really poor backin 2007. People were using one-way roads for ramps, as you can see in thispicture. Also, you might notice that the RHW v1.3 had no wealth texturing…

mrtnrln [sLIDE#7] Still, some people managed to create mind-blowing RHWs, like thisMulti-RHW-4 example from Haljackey. Back in those days, it was really tricky tomake one since there were no starters.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#8] The next version drastically changed the course of the RHW. In January2008, version 2.0 was released with a new texture set and most of all: theModular Interchange System (MIS). For the first time, we could build propercustom interchanges.

shinydavidhowell joined the room.

mrtnrln Thefirst version of the RHW including the MIS only contained 11 puzzle pieces: 5ramp interfaces (RHW-2 type E1, RHW-4 type A1, B1, RHW-6S type A2, B1), 2transition pieces (RHW-2-to-RHW-4 and RHW-4-is-RHW-6S) and 4 smooth curves(which oddly enough had mismatching textures). All these pieces were stored underone button, something that changed it version 3.0. It would be impracticaltoday to store everthing under one button.

mrtnrln Otherthan that, the intersection interfacing with the Maxis networks was vastlyimproved. The MIS-ramps, RHW-2 and RHW-4 could interface with all Maxisnetworks (except the RHW-4 can’t cross avenues), but only on a orthogonal xorthogonal intersections Still, it’s a vast improvement compared to version1.3, which could only cross with streets.

mrtnrln However,still a lot what we have today was missing. For instance, there were no RHWoverpasses, so you have to get back to Maxis network overpasses. Another thingthat was missing were RHW bridges and some transitions we use very often today(like the MIS-to-OWR and the MIS-to-RHW-4 transitions).

mrtnrln Andagain we have some screenshots…

mrtnrln http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/g­allery.cgi?i=3297372 [sLIDE #9] This picture demonstrates one of the key features of the RHWv2.0: the MIS. As you can see, the MIS provides single lane ramps to connectthe RHW with other networks by grade-separated intersections.

mrtnrln Thisversion did suffer from quite a few bugs. For instance, as you can see, thereare no wealth textures whatsoever for the MIS. Also there’s no puzzle piecedarkening: all puzzle pieces show up with a lighter texture.

mrtnrln Anotherbug is the not well know but notorious sidewalk bug. If you pay close attentionto the ramp pieces, you see that each puzzle piece has one tile with a sidewalkpoking through and in some cases, a bugged texture. The cause of this bug wasfound later: if you had texture-IID (Instance IDs) ending with 0-4 in the samerange as the IID for a model file of a puzzle piece tile, the texture will showup with a sidewalk when you build something next to a puzzle piece.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#10] I’ve experimented with the RHW v2.0 myself and here are some of the(probably not good looking results.

mrtnrln Asyou can see, I had to use OWR-overpasses and avenue tunnels to complete myRHWxRHW interchange. You’ll also notice the European textures created by Daniel(Shadow Assassin) and some of my own mods (ploppable signs, lights and somesteel barriers). Those mods never mad it to a release, and some eventually didin another form.

mrtnrln Althoughthere was some trouble with building interchanges with the RHW v2.0, people didvastly use the RHW v2.0, but still quite some people (including me) used itside by side with the Maxis Highways, that still ruled the urban landscapesback then. However, the next version would make the RHW really big.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#11] My first contribution to the RHW mod itself was with version 3.0. AlthoughI did not add any content (that would happen when preparing version 4.0), I didtest it a lot though. Version 3.0 was released in January 2009 and this versionadded (again) new textures an a whole lot of new puzzle pieces and networks. Itwas later followed up by version 3.2 in March 2009. There were so many puzzlepieces by this point that we had to split up the TAB-Rings and put eachcategory of puzzle pieces under its own button, which is still the approach wetake today.

mrtnrln Forthe first time, elevated networks were available for the RHW mod, although thiswas limited to the MIS and the RHW-4. At least it was a vast improvement, sincewe could build more proper interchanges now with these elevated networks. Itwere also the first starter piece based elevated networks that were ment tocross other starter based networks. Overpass functionality for these elevatednetworks was implanted, but only for the Maxis networks, MIS, RHW-2 and RHW-4and only orthogonal x orthogonal crossings were allowed.

mrtnrln Notonly were there new elevated networks introduced, there were also three new RHWvariants available: the RHW-6C, RHW-8S and RHW-10S, all with correspondingtransistions and ramps. This would make the RHW even more realistic: it allowspeople to build up to 10-lane super-freeways. The existing networks wereextended with more ramps and more tranisistions, including one of the mostimportant missing links: the MIS-to-OWR/RHW-4 transistion. It was oftenrequested and it proves itself very usefull up until this day…

mrtnrln Andagain I have some screenschots dug up from the archives…

mrtnrln [sLIDE#12] Here you can see the RHW-6C in action, as well as the MIS-to-OWRtransistions. This stretch of RHW hasn’t changed that much since I first buildit in 2009/10. You also might notice the Euro textures. Since version 3.0, I’mcreating the Euro Textures for the Real HighWay Mod. As you can see, the firstversion didn’t look that very well, but over the years I’ve improved my skillsand the current livery looks better than ever.

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mrtnrln [sLIDE#13] This picture is back from 2007, known as the “Blows Your Socks OffInterchange”. It’s an very early prototype of the elevated RHW networks. Heck,this was even from before the release of the RHW v2.0! You can see that thev1.3 textures were still in use here. However, it took until 2009 to includethe elevated networks in the RHW Mod with proper modelling (the first alphaversion I tested didn’t even have supports for the slopes, diagonals and thecurves!).

mrtnrln [sLIDE#14] With proper modelling, the elevated networks were starting to look waybetter. We still use these models today and we base new elevated RHW-networkson these ones. But modelling is a really time-consuming job, especially True3Dtransit modelling. There are very specific requirements when it comes tomodelling transit items and that’s why there’s not much development onmodel-based networks lately.

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mrtnrln http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/g­allery.cgi?i=3297387 [sLIDE #15] As functionality grows, complexity grows too. This is one ofmy examples of my interchange construction at its weirdest…

mrtnrln [sLIDE#16] And here’s one from Haljackey, and this picture was included in the ReadMeof the RHW v3.0.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#17] In [c=white]May [/c] 2010, the next version of the RHW mod was released.It was the first version that beared the name Real HighWay Mod. This versionincluded again new textures and even more puzzle pieces. Version 4.0 introducedFLEXfly, the Diverging Diamond Intechange piece (DDI), Single Point UrbanInterchanges (SPUI), Fractional Angeled RHW puzzle pieces (FARHW), DraggableRamp Interfaces (DRIs), Neighbour Connector pieces (NCs), Cosmetic Pieces (CPs)and version 4.1 added curved MIS ground-to-elevated transistions. Version 4.1,released in August 2010 also added curved ground-to-elevated MIS transistionsand better FLEXfly compatibility.

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mrtnrln Otherfeatures were extended: there were more Ramp interfaces and transistionsavailable, and there was one new RHW network: RHW-8C. Another improvement isthat there more diagonal crossing possibilities available in this version. I’veworked on some of these improvements: for instance, I introduced the B2 and E2styled ramps to the RHW-6S and 8S and I’m responsible for almost all cosmeticpieces.

mrtnrln TheDraggable Ramp interfaces make it easier for beginners to lay down ramps;instead of bugging around with puzzle pieces, they could simply drag out a rampfrom the RHW, if they followed the instructions from the Readme correctly. Forintermediate users, they could use these DRIs when the starter pieces of thepuzzle pieces would get in the way otherwise. Still the DRI doesn’t cover allramps. In fact, it can only make A1 and B1 style ramps…

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mrtnrln Again,we’ll take a look at some archived pictures.

mrtnrln http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/g­allery.cgi?i=3297858 [sLIDE #18] Here are some of the new features from the RHW, such as theDRIs, the FLEXfly and the curves MIS transistions in action. You also see thelook of the new textures.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#19] Here we have some of the CPs in action, which I’ll cover later in thispresentation. You also notice that the Euro textures from this version werebased upon the v3.0 textures, although it’s changed a little here and there...

mrtnrln [sLIDE#20] And finally we arrive to the current version of the RHW mod: version 5.0,released in [c=white]September 2011[/c]. It was one of the longest anticipatedreleases of the Real HighWaymod, with a 14-month release cycle. This version had new textures again, butwith a slight twist: the lanes were dimensioned 0.5m narrower. This means thatold texture mods wouldn’t fit to the new RHW mod, since they wereover-dimensioned. This is why I had to start from scratch with my new Euro RHWmod and that took three and a half months of hard work to complete with over3800 textures converted.

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mrtnrln Besidethat fact, the new RHW didn’t have much revolutionary changes, but still itextended and enhanced current features. For instance, avenues now can have MISramp interfaces, the RHW-2, 6S and 6C have their elevated variants, there’s aRHW-3 and DDRHW-4 (double deck) available now, there are way more FARHW piecesavailable now, more CPs, and off course, FlexSPUI. And that’s by far not allthat’s added in the current edition.

mrtnrln TheRHW-3 is something I personally revived. It was there hidden in the files as anassymetrial network with overhang on one side, but I re-aligned the network soit would fit in one tile, like the ARD-3 from the first version NWM that wasreleased together with v4.0 of the RHW mod. All basic ramp setups, cosmeticpieces and a large part of the transistions are also my creation. The draggableitems are created by Alex (Tarkus) and one of the transistions is created byJdenm8.

mrtnrln Thereare still some unifinished "features" hidden away in some NAM files,locked until they are properly worked out...

mrtnrln Wehave again pictures from this version, although these are pretty recent.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#21] As you can see, there were not only new textures introduced, but also newCPs.

cacks went away.

mrtnrln Thearrow textures are now completely seperate from the base textures, making itpossible to choose your own arrow setup. The TuLEPs recieved the sametreatment.

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mrtnrln [sLIDE#22] Here we see the ERHW-6S in action in a quite tightly build cloverleafinterchange

mrtnrln [sLIDE#23] I simply LOVE this pic. It’s in one word perfect and it has a really nicescenery. It shows what the current RHW can do. Oh, and by the way, those arethe Euro Textures that took me a few months to complete. Pretty neat looking,aren’t they?

mrtnrln [sLIDE#24] So, what will the future bring? Well, pretty much more of the same atleast. I think it would be the first time that we do not change the texturesets with this new version.

mrtnrln Althoughyou might not see much development at the moment, under the hood we do somevast cleaning and organising work with Project 57 (previously known as Project0E). Especially Alex (Tarkus) is working on this project to re-organise the IIDstructure of the whole RHW. A small amount of people know what a mess the RHWreally is when you look into the DAT-files. Some parts are prettywell-organised (like the FARHW), while other parts have no logic identifyingscheme whatsoever (mainly the parts from the “older” RHW versions).

mrtnrln Quitea lot of mistakes were made during the development of the earlier versions ofthe RHW mod and most of the early developer couldn’t even imagine the currentfunctionality of the RHW mod. But due to miscommunication and the lack of ageneral identifying scheme, errors and inconsistencies started to stack up ontop of each other until we decided to clean this mess up once and for all.Therefore, we move the whole RHW mod to a new IID range, namely to the0x57###### range (the 0x0E###### range turned out to cause some conflict withMaxis content). This conversion is getting along quite well and it might getfinished soon.

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mrtnrln Partof Project 57 is the re-writing of the RUL2 code, which involves dragableoverrides and intersection handling. The new code is from what I’ve seenincredibly stable; you can make multiple intersections right next to each otherwithout any de-conversion of the RHW to RHW-2. This re-writing is also almostdone. To give you an image about how much code is involved: the RUL2 currentlyhas way over 200,000 lines of code. If you would print them all, you’d come toa staggering amount of 9100 pages of code! That’s about as much as writing 3.5pages every day since SC4 came out!

mrtnrln Anothernew feature is the inclusion of the long-awaited Multi-Height-System (MHS). TheMHS offers 5 height level from L0 to L4, in steps of 7.5m. And not only the RHWwill get this treatment. The NWM and Maxis networks will also receive L1 and L2overpasses (most L2 stuff is already available). The multi-height system maymake one of the pipe dreams of the RHW mod possible: stack interchanges.

mrtnrln Ofcourse, we’ll be extending the current features too, like even more diagonalfunctionality, more elevated networks, more ramp setups, more transitions, moreCPs, et cetera…

mrtnrln Toconclude, one major event in the future is that version 5.0 would probably bethe last separate released version of the Real HighWay Mod. The NAM31 willactually a pack containing all NAMprojects and add-ons. Instead of downloading multiple mods for the NAM (RHW, NWM, SAM, HSR), you download theso-called “monolithic” NAM.All projects are simply packaged into one, but you can still chose whichcomponents you want to install.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#25] So now we come to the 1 million simeleon question: why do we have CosmeticPieces? Well, let me demonstrate with this stretch of RHW-2. It does lookpretty finished, doesn’t it? Well, technically it is finished, but you can addmore detail to it, as I’ll demonstrate in the next slide.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#26] There! I added broken median lines to the RHW-2 stretch towards the curve.It does look better, doesn’t it? And the best part is that all of this isoptional, so you can use it whenever you want to!

mrtnrln [sLIDE#27] This next example show how I often see people building their RHW ramps. Itlooks simple, but a bit too simple; cars are just lead directly on the RHW andthey have almost no chance to merge with the traffic on the main freeway. Infact, the only RL examples I’ve seen of these kind of setups were in Denmark, andeven there, there was more room to merge (since they have long taper-like mergelanes). When it’s a busy freeway, this can lead to serious risks. What has tobe done here is at least adding acceleration lanes, and preferably alsodeceleration lanes.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#28] Here we’ve added stretches of RHW-6S to the ramps to provide accelerationlanes and deceleration lanes. Although this looks better, it still doesn’t havethe correct markings. That’s where the Cosmetic Pieces come kicking in!

mrtnrln [sLIDE#29] Now we have placed the CPs and you see it’s now properly marked. Now wehave proper looking acceleration and deceleration lanes. By the way, did youknow that in the Netherlandsthese block markings allows you to pass traffic on the right? Normally you’reonly allowed to pass traffic on the left, except when passing at roundabouts,traffic james or when getting in lane before an intersections. But once passedthere’s no going back (to prevent asocial traffic behaviour).

mrtnrln [sLIDE#30] Unlike most NAMcomponents, on which the main rule applies “functionality first, care about theaesthetics afterwards”, the CPs are purely cosmetic only. They serve no furtherpurpose than to make the RHW look more realistic. The CPs also add more varietyto the looks of the RHW, with more marking setups and alternative transistions.You can in fact give your RHW something of your own “style”.. And I say itagain: everything is optional. There’s no obligation of using it.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#31] Here are some examples of the variation you can get when using CPs. Forinstance, when narrowing down a stretch of RHW, you can end the left (inner)lane instead of the right (outer) lane, something I’ve seen quite often aroundhere.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#32] Her we have some examples of arrow marking setups. You can make anycombination you want. I currently use the left and middle setup quite often.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#33] Now we come to the more practical question: how does one actually buildCPs? Actually, it’s not that hard to build CPs. First, you lay down a stretchof RHW, just as you usually do. Then, select the “Cosmetic Pieces” button underthe highway menu and use the TAB-key to select the right piece. After that,plop the piece OVER the existing puzzle piece or draggable stretch and you’redone! It’s that simple.

mrtnrln However,there’s one exception to this method: the Ramp OverPlop Pieces. I get a lot ofquestions about them, what’s the use of these pieces and how to use them. I’llcover that in the next slides.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#34] The procedure is almost the same as with the normal CPs, but with a fewtwists. First, they can only be applied on DRAGGABLE RHW-4 type A1 and B1 ramps(for some reason, the Type A1-Wide Ramp OverPlop doesn’t work properly). First,you build the ramps and then you plop the pieces on top the ramps.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#35] Here you can see the final result. Now, when you deal with the PLOPPABLEramps, these pieces might not rotate in the right direction. The CheckType andConsLayout lines in the RUL0 code have to be changed for that, and that’s notsomething that can easily be updated. Probably this will have to wait until thenext NAMrelease.

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mrtnrln [sLIDE#36] Finally I have some tips and tricks for you to make the CPs look evenbetter. My first tip would be that you should make long enough accelerationlanes, preferably about 10 tiles long. In RL, most acceleration lanes are about200-300m long, which would translate in 15 to 20 in-game tiles. Longacceleration lanes would allow cars to properly gain speed and a safe mergewith the main lanes, increasing traffic safety.

mrtnrln Mynext tip would be to also build deceleration lanes for cars to slow down safelybefore sharp curves. But deceleration can also provide another purpose: buffercapacity during congestion. By keeping the congestion on the deceleration lane,you prevent the effect of “spillback”, which means that congestion occurs on aroad that doesn’t have any relation with the source of the congestion in thefirst place.

mrtnrln Anothertip of my would maybe vary to the location were you are from and what’s thenorm there. Here, when you narrow down a freeway when there’s not anacceleration lane involved, we prefer to end the (fast) left lane instead ofthe slow (right) lane, since it seems to be safer to let fast traffic mergewith slow traffic then the other way around.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#37] Also, I have a final tip about the arrow setups. I keep a rule to keepthem four tiles apart from each other preferably, and two tiles is the minimum.Putting arrows on every single tile just looks bad and unrealistic.

mrtnrln [sLIDE#38] So we now come to the conclusion of this presentation. To summarize: theReal HighWay Mod is a replacement for the original in-game freeways, and it hasa long running history and we’ll probably hear quite some more about this modin the future. One of its component, the Cosmetic Pieces, tries to add morevariety and even more realism to the mod, making the RHW look better in yourcities.

dannibee came back.

mrtnrln Thiswas my presentation. Thank you for joining and listening to my story. Feel freeto ask your questions now if you have some.

skylerracer23: haveyou consiered megerging hsr,el-rail, or the standard rail networks with eitherthe maxis highway or the RHW that way we can have a slightly realistic transitsystem?

riiga: Thankyou Maarten!

thundertimmy claps

meister1235: Byeall

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mrtnrln DANG!My keyboard doesn’t work in the chat for some reason :@

dannibee: Ismore diagonal functionality planned, perhaps some FARHW ramps too? Thanks forthe presentation too Maarten!

riiga: mrtnrln::O

bigro: sweetpresentation, and one question. This consolidated NAM...heug file much?

thundertimmy: Supposeit would be easier

mrtnrln Ah,it works now again

bigro: sowhat I'm really asking is, will I be in for a long download

riiga: bigro:You probably will, but we may split it into several parts.

mrtnrln skylerracer23:Well, with the new monolithic NAM,the crosslinking between these mods will be vastly improved

thundertimmy: maybesplit it into RAR's...

bigro: riiga:yeah :\ ah well, worth it

mrtnrln dannibee:Yes, more diagonal functionality is planned

dannibee: Good:D

skylerracer23: kthanks

simcityfuturist: mrtnrln:when approximately would the monolithic NAM would be realeased just to getan idea

bigro: thundertimmy:go further than that...rar it, tar.gz it...then rar it again, then zip it, thentar it

mrtnrln Infact, I'm planning to make cosmetic smooth curves and diagonal RHW-2 CPs

bigro: ifit's worth compressing, it's worth overcompressing

thundertimmy: Wow,this presentation made me realise im still running RHW 4.0 XD

dannibee: thundertimmy::|

dannibee: D:


bigro: thundertimmy:get with the times XD

mrtnrln simcityfuturist:We honestly have no real idea, but it would be at least a few months...

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dannibee: rugeley123::|

thundertimmy: Ijust started looking for ERHW-6C XD

riiga: rugeley123:You are not the host. Do not give orders.

mrtnrln Imean, Project 57 took quite some time to convert everything

rugeley123: thankyou

rugeley123: :D

mrtnrln Anymore questions?

skylerracer23: noim good

rugeley123: justrecording aeverything - i couldn't keep up - sorry about that though :D

bigro: mrtnrln:hmm...any plans for dirt highways? (we have them here...)

riiga: rugeley123:Uhm, there is a button to save the log.

mrtnrln bigro:Nope

bigro: :C

mrtnrln Andprobably there never will be any

simcityfuturist: mrtnrln:thanks also in the future would RHW would have automatic transitions that whendrag a highway through an avenue transitions and ramps would appear?

bigro: onecan only hope

mrtnrln simcityfuturist:What do you mean exactly?

skylerracer23: bigro:that possibly whould be a texture overlay

mrtnrln Likepre-fab interchanges?

riiga: Quickinfo: The second part of this seminar will start at 16:00 GMT+1, that is, in 9minutes.

bigro: skylerracer23:not exactly, because there would be some altered function :\

dannibee: riiga:The pedmall bit?

mrtnrln Yup

riiga: Yes.

bigro: butthat's my ramblings

mrtnrln Thepedmall bit

dannibee: I'llbrb

riiga: I'llbe back in 5 min.

dannibee left the room. (Going to Social Lobby)

riiga went away.

simcity4ie left the room. (Going to Social Lobby)

bigro: ugh

mrtnrln I'llalso a short break to drink

simcityfuturist: mrtnrln:like the original highway when you drag the highway through the avenue there isa pop up window that asks you if you want a transition.

bigro: whymust this be at 1am XD

bigro: Iso tired

mrtnrln simcityfuturist:That wouldn't happen...

bigro: anywho,I'll just read the logs for the next one

bigro: havefun folks :)

mrtnrln bigro:There's also one at 9:30 AM at your time zone

mithokey joined the room.

mithokey: bigro:O

bigro: mrtnrln:I work then :\

bigro: mithokey::O

mithokey: alleuropeans are in here :O

bigro left the room. (Logged out)

mrtnrln Anyway,time for a drink...

skylerracer23: mithokey:im american

mithokey: skylerracer23:besides you of course :)

rugeley123 wehave 11 pages

simcityfuturist: :Dcya guys and thank you for answering my questions and nice presentations too!

simcityfuturist left the room. (Logged out)

---BREAK ----


Host: riiga

riiga: So,let's get going.


riiga: Hieveryone and welcome to the second part of the Transit Seminar!

riiga: I'mriiga, NAMteam member and part of the SC4 community since 2006. I reside in Linköping, Swedenand have done so since I was born in 1992. I became a NAM associate in August 2010, and a few weeks latermade my first puzzle piece, and by doing so, I was promoted to full NAM team memberstatus.

riiga: TodayI will be presenting a project of mine which will be integrated into the futuremonolithic NAM,starting with version 31.

riiga: Thisproject is closely tied to the current pieces and features of PedMalls, puzzlepieces on which only pedestrian traffic is allowed.

riiga: Foryears now, we've had some basic functionality such as walkable plazas and some,in my humble opinion, quite ugly pedestrian overpasses.

riiga: Now,things are about to change!

riiga: Bymy guess, if you live in Europe, you might bemore interesed in this feature, than say for example Americans. Butnevertheless it is something that will truly revolutionize transit in SC4.

riiga: Introducing...*drumroll*

riiga: ...thefully functional pedestrian path puzzle pieces!http://i705.photobucket.com/albu­ms/ww55/anonymson/path1.jpg

riiga: Thisimage shows some of the paths in-game. As you can see, they even have wealthtextures, so that you both can have rural and urban paths.

reaper88: nice:)

riiga: Thanks!To show that they actually work, here is another picture with the ShowPathscheat activated.

riiga: http://i705.photobucket.com/albu­ms/ww55/anonymson/path2.jpg

riiga: Asyou can see, they allow for at-grade pedestrian crossing of other networks(crosswalks), previously only possible at intersections or with TE lots thathad custom pathing.

riiga: Itseems like the presentation part of this seminar will be quite short, but let'shave a look at some more pics. :P

riiga: http://i705.photobucket.com/albu­ms/ww55/anonymson/detfunkar.jpg­

riiga: Thispicture shows the paths in action. Since the fastest and shortest route to workis via the pedestrian paths, sims will use them and leave the car at home! :)

riiga: Hereis an additional picture, showing another sim commuter:

riiga: http://i705.photobucket.com/albu­ms/ww55/anonymson/path4.jpg

riiga: Theloop you can see there was an error caused by myself, not having added properpaths on the + intersection. It has been fixed now ;)

riiga: Toconclude, here is an overview of all the current pieces I have implemented:

riiga: http://i705.photobucket.com/albu­ms/ww55/anonymson/iid-karta.png­

riiga: Morewill come in the future, and I have plans for reworking/extending thepedestrian overpasses as well.

riiga: Addingprops to the puzzle pieces is possible by creating T21s, and I'm sure some goodT21 mods will show up for these paths. I have plans on making signs for thecrossings, at least.

riiga: Andthat marks the end of my presentation. Please feel free to post any questionsnow that we enter this Q&A question.

reaper88: agreat addition to the game! :D

riiga: :D

mrtnrln Thankyou for your presentation, Felix!

rugeley123: Q)Will Sim Cyclists be able to use these paths?

greckman: Thoseare very nice. I have a question.

dannibee: Ilike the look of them

rugeley123: verywell presented :D

rugeley123: ;gives felix and maarten some cake

greckman: Willthe schoolkids be using those paths too to get to the schools?

riiga: rugeley123:A) There are no sim cyclists, but there is certainly an aspect of bikeeye-candy to them.

thundertimmy: I'venever used them, but i've never really built a city they suited

riiga: greckman:Maybe :P

rugeley123 gives felix and maarten some cake

mrtnrln Yummy!Cake!

riiga om nom noms

dannibee: Willthere be a way for players to choose the wealth textures. I hate the standardrich Maxis grass

riiga: dannibee:So do I, so I will most certainly include variations.

reaper88: riiga:will it be part of the NAMor a seperate download?

greckman: SC4has a nice animation of the schoolkids going to school and I always thoughtit'd be nice if they could use the riigapaths to get there

dannibee: riiga:Awesome

riiga: Iwas thinking the grass texture that is on SFBT parks.

dannibee: riiga:My thought too

riiga: reaper88:Yes, part of the NAM.

riiga: Nowthat the NAMis becoming monolithic.

rugeley123: riiga:is there any demo's at the moment for us

rugeley123: :D

rugeley123: ?

mrtnrln Nope

riiga: greckman:You could make a T21 mod that add them ;P

reaper88 left the room. (Logged out)

riiga: rugeley123:Sorry, the testing is private.

riiga: I'myet to upload it onto the DevEx.

dannibee: Inthat case

mrtnrln There'sno demo. This would involve RUL0 code changes, which is not that easy toimplent

rugeley123: riiga::|

rugeley123: mrtnrln:oh - ok :D

mrtnrln Youhave to change the NAM Controller for that...

dannibee: Whydon't FAR peices have wealth textures yet?

mrtnrln ...and that may cause some trouble

mrtnrln dannibee:Good question.

riiga: dannibee:They do, if you get some Japanese mode.

dannibee: Ah.

riiga: mod*

dannibee: Iwould use them more if that was the case :P

phunka: thanku for the seminar, very interesting. Have a nice day, bye

mrtnrln ButI think it has to do with how the IDs for these puzzle pieces are set up

riiga: phunka:Thanks!

mrtnrln Thankyou!

rugeley123: riiga: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-im­ages/577/busstop4.png/ - what you think - this is something for a Transit idea of my own

riiga: andyou're welcome! :P

phunka left the room. (Logged out)

reaper88 joined the room.

reaper88: ugh

dannibee left the room. (Going to Social Lobby)

riiga: rugeley123:I've never seen a bus stop like that, and I think you should use gMax instead.

rugeley123: Iknow it is basic at the moment - but we all have to start somewhere

mrtnrln rugeley123:There are better bus stations available at the STEX currently

rugeley123: riiga:me + gmax = :@

mrtnrln Thenpractice... A LOT!

riiga: rugeley123:practice, practice...

rugeley123: mrtnrln:well - these are idea for Gmax

thundertimmy: GMAXis hard, but practice helps a lo

riiga: Endof official log.

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@Fatschmo: There are a bunch of tutorials out there, perhaps this one at SC4D [link], run by the renowed Haljackey is the most popular one.

@mrtnrln: Found the first part of the seminary very interesting (although I didn't followed it life), the RHW has a quite unknown history by most of non-NAM Team members and the way the mod has unraveled is very curious. Since qurlix and the other guys began messing with the hidden Maxis rural roads until today, 7 years have gone and a lot of stuff has happened in this time. A nice insight of the past and the future of the RHW.

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wow i thought yall were gonaa tell us how to build rhw interchanges and stuff

I never mentioned that I was covering that. I was especially covering the Cosmetic Pieces. A seminar about building RHW interchanges would probably take too long (the part I told took exactly 45 minutes to complete), since there's too much to cover. Or you should limit to certain setups only. Maybe another time...

By the way, the whole part of the seminar I did was set up on my laptop here, where I don't have access to SC4; All pictures are from archives at SC4D and ST. So I had limited means to complete this seminar.

The Pacific session will take place at 22:30 GMT.



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A log of the Seminar: The Futur Of The RHW can be found here.

Best regards meister

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Looks like it was a very good seminar, very informative.

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The log of today's Seminar about running SimCity 4 on Linux, Mac and other Operation Systems can be found here

Best regards

meister :)

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This thread is very useful for people like me, who cant make the Seminars, I applaud you guys on your excellent seminars, keep it up!

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the Log of todays seminar can be found here.

Best regards meister :)

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