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Problem Downloading Buildings

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Welcome to Simtropolis' conversation.

The files you downloaded are archives and need to be unpacked.  Check the file extension.  If it is .exe double click it and follow the instructions.  If it is a .zip file, see the next paragraph.

Windows should be able to expand these files.  You should put the archives in a separate folder on your desktop called Downloads, and work from there.  They are in .zip format.

To unpack them, right click on the file and you should get a choice of unpack the file to here or something similar.

The files contained in an ST .zip archive can be several different types depending on what you downloaded.  The following file types are the only ones that should be copied into your Plugin folder: .dll, .dat, .sc4lot, .sc4desc, .sc4model.  All others are documentation, and should at least be looked at.  They have no place in the Plugins folder, but if you put them there they will be ignored by the game.

Now, about plugins.

Plugins should be organized so that they can be individually removed if they are bad.  Yes, some plugins are bad.

Set your plugins folder up with a set of subfolders, one for each author or type of plugin.  The NAM installer will automatically set itself up this way, and you should follow suit.

Each plugin should be tested individually.  Create a new region called Sandbox, and test there, rather than in one of your cities which could be destroyed by a bad plugin.  The Sandbox can always be deleted and made again.

Add your new stuff one at a time to the plugins folder and test in the Sandbox.  Sandbox is a great place to learn about some of the bigger items like the NAM, without messing up an existing city.  The learning curve for some of the things you can get here can be extensive.  You should be sure you can use it right before you try adding the features to a live city.

Good luck.

Oh, and spend some time with the Omnibus.  The link is in the page header, and there is a tonne of good information in there for you.

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Do you have the SC4Update4BAT patch installed? This updates the game version to 1.1.640 and is needed for nightlights to appear on custom content. You'll also need the EP1 update first. The guide that was linked to previously has links to get the patches (Link).

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