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Ch. I

A glimpse of good things to come.

      For now, a little Teaser.


     I shall try to update this CJ weekly, so stay tuned! 

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Welp, I see an avenue, a plaza, light rail, and a very fancy church! This looks like its going to get good. 9.gif

Very nice small start to a CJ. Have fun!

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Ch. II
A Quick View of the Sights and Sounds; Ærøskøbing the Town.

        So it seems that I got around to updating this CJ, so instead of updating weekly, I will update whenever I can.

As the chapter title says, this is a overview of some of the main landmarks around Ærøskøbing, capital of Småreden.


Here is the old Ærøskøbing Monastery, now a museum of the history of Småreden. The monastery sits atop a cliff next to the CBD of Ærøskøbing and the Harbor.


Seen here is Småreden Parliament House. Here, the government decides on all sorts of things, where to place the next road, deciding on what color the park benches should be, and much more. Across the street is the Rememberance Park, specially made for all residents that have helped Småreden significantly. 


A small 2 minute walk from Parliament will get you to Ærøskøbing College of Sciences and Technologies. Many classes offered range from Biology to Computer Aided Design. Next to the College are two Soccer Pitches, mostly used for Leauge games and College games. 


Here is a boardwalk near a newer neighborhood in Ærøskøbing. Several fishing fanatics come here to catch a big one if they're lucky. The houses on the cliff have a fantastic view of the ocean. 


Several beaches line Ærøskøbing's coast. This one in particular is quite popular among locals for it's calm waves, ideal for swimmers. A small beach hut offers good seafood and jet ski rentals. Several visitors can sunbathe, or sit around a fire pit at night. 


And perhaps one of the most visited landmarks in Ærøskøbing is a Large house just south of Parliament. According to historical records, this house is the only surviving building from the era around the time Småreden was founded, making it the oldest house in the country. A small stone bridge that goes to an isolated island is on the beach near the house.

      And so that concludes today's update. I hope you enjoyed it, and there is plenty more to expect! 


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