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Good morning, I just finally got rush hour for the mac and I'm having trouble getting some of the mods to work.  Specifically the simoleon mod by raphaelninja.  I also tried to get a ploppable building mod and I put the files in the plug-ins folder in the document section and yet I have no money and the building is wrapped in a box!  Any help is appreciated to someone new to Rush Hour but not to Sim City 4 thanks!

Sorry I initially posted this 4 times, my internet is really bad.  I deleted the repeats.

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Well just a note, plugin files ending in ".ddl" won't work on Macs as they're written specifically for the Windows OS. Also, all plugins must be put in the directory /Users/*Your Name Here*/Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins. It is recommended that you place each plugin downloaded into it's own folder for organization. Colored labels are also helpful. If you need any more information, like a tutorial for installing CC onto your Mac correctly, just ask! ;) I'll be willing to help.

*Note: Make sure that you download ALL of the dependencies fora plugin, otherwise, you may get things like brown boxes or missing textures.

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