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Franklin Notch

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It has been a while since I have done a new journal so here is Franklin Notch, one of a number I have worked on the last year, which I hope you will enjoy. We join the area several years after the Interstate highways have been built and there effects are beginning to take shape.It is located somewhere in a western US state. Its location is an agricultural area though much of the state is somewhat arid as you go further south.












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Welcome back my friend! Missed you, glad to see an experienced rural builder "from the good ol' time" isn't MIA anymore.

And you didn't forget a thing, love that setup! 16.gif Onl yin the "industrial area" named picture some traffic lights at some intersections are, well, how to describe it, don't seem to fit in there IMHO.

Take care my friend!

Bernhard 44.gif 

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Wow, I love this... very realistic for a medium sized American city. I love how you've got all the commercial areas and stores/shopping centers along the main roads leading out of the city and surround everything with the industrial and residential areas.


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Originally posted by: dfnva

I like how everything is nicely and realistically nestled in between the interstate highway and the main road going through Guilford. 


It just so happened that area had most of the available land because of all the farming. As more farms fold due to the inheritance taxes the village will spread out some.

Originally posted by: 1.21_Jiggawatts

Stop taking pictures of some city by your house and putting them up on here! It's really not coolquote>


Originally posted by: Old Nick

What mods do you have for your avenues? Those aren't so harsh! I got to say, your style is absolutely astounding.quote>

Well I use a mod that changes the textures of all the various roads, streets, avenues and highways to a grayish color that matches what most real life roads look like after they have been driven on for a while. The avenues you see in the last post are actually one-way roads to represent less urban dual lane roads.




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