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 Hey, how ya doing guys?

I've decided to make a CJ after looking at a lot of the ones on here. I've played from Sim City 2000 up to Societies. I never actually got into the games as much as i have recently, so i'm kind of newbie. Any advice you guys give will always be benefical and i'll try to make sure you have something to look at each day 4.gif

I don't have any rules to base my city off of. Like i said, i'm a newbie, but i'll give you a Flag and name for kicks and puppies.

Btw, i use little mods and BATs. I have peg trees and NAM, but other than that, there isnt much else. Suggestions on what to get would get greatful!


So there you have it. Theres the flag. Ta-da

lol, anyway, lets move on to what you came to see. Here a picture of the region. You'll watch it unfold before you eyes as long as you view and want more. I'm a people pleaser 9.gif

Region View


Terris City Shot


Hillside Views (West then East side)



And lastly, Tarlesia. The biggest city on the isle


So tell me what you think! Sorry the region view is kind of blurry in the the cities. I don't actually know what that is or why its like that. If anyone has a fix that'd be great! I'll hopefully show off Brooklyn Heights and a bit more detailed view of Tarlesia tomorrow!

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Good start, the blurry graphics is from low graphics settings. If you have a bad graphics card etc, just set it to high when taking pictures and then set it back to low when building and playing.

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So, like i promised, heres some more updates on Experianos. We've gone from 32,000 to 65,000! One day and the addition of one smaller city really helps things grow 4.gif

So, let me give you a quick shot of Brooklyn Heights. Its crammed, and i've got some things i wanna fix so you'll only get a high view of it


Now, heres some more close up shots of Tarlesia. i actually really like this city and feel a little accomplished so far. Theres more sections i want to show off, but that will have to wait till i complete them. The city isnt quite big enough for everything to be made into place.

Education District. Complete with soccer fields and tennis courts for the cities league teams!


Buisness District (This needs to grow, i know. But isnt that the point of a cj? 4.gif )


And finally, the economic diversity the city offers. It's rising wealth leaves some citizens in the dark


Btw, i figured out the problem with the blurry pictures. Its not the graphics card, but the cutting the picture to 800x600

I have a screen of 1440x900 So cutting it smaller makes things a little worse. Sorry, and i'll try to change monitors for you guys!

Updates tomorrow hopefully on Ferris! Heres a teaser:


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I would still recommend looking at your Graphic settings, The default is always set to low for beginners. (I believe?)

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Graphic Settings are all maxed. Trust me, the picture quality and what i see in game are different. I will be upgrading my computer however soon enough, and hopefully in that transition things will be better displayed.

Updates will be up later tonight/2 in the morning

Just surpassed 90,000! 9.gif

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