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Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

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8 minutes ago, _Michael said:

@Haljackey I think you should be submitting your idea to your local council! A much better plan! :D 

This means....Haljackey for mayor 2017! :8)

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On 3/25/2017 at 11:32 AM, Haljackey said:

So I have some beef with my city in real life.


They're taking a free-flowing trumpet interchange:



...And turning it into a parclo.


The north-south road is an expressway with interchanges planned to the north. This expansion/extension will add two new traffic lights and actually make some of the existing movements less efficient.



So, In SC4 I decided to attempt to make a junction that keeps the free-flowing connections so the highway remains fully controlled-access for traffic exiting and going north to avoid stoplights and vice-versa.

...And here is the result. Obviously the junction would be much more compact in real life.


Zoom in


And a few other close-ups




I'm sure they were just planning on extending the arterial minor road past the freeway to facilitate current or future development. I think you're right when you said the traffic flow is less efficient, and I think your solution is a lot more efficient too! But I bet the town chose lower efficiency for less utilized space to minimize land acquisition costs. Plus, the traffic on the interchange, even with the expansion, is probably appropriate for the interchange design. And if there's gridlock, I guess you should submit this plan to your township council then lol! 

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So many roads and streets...


I'm pretty sure that this is the weirdest interchange I've ever built. Not so much because of the interchange itself, rather because of the high amount of intersections on this picture (especially with the roundabouts, they serve 6 and 7 routes, respectively). The underpass actually doesn't even work, it's just a fake because there are no FLUPs underneath diagonal RHW-4 (there's a subway tunnel allowing the Sims to get to the other side since there's no other way to get there). Hope you like this "unique" construction.

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