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Post your picture here II

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Ah! I haven't been here in a few days. Thanks so much for the compliments!

My hair was a big change. It used to be shoulder length, but I decided it didn't fit my personality so I chopped it all off. I love it now. 9.gif

The green is actually the wall color of my room! Fun, right? I edited the picture so the edges would be blurred.

abcvs: One of my favorite paintings actually 3.gif But, I never intended for my picture to turn out like that, lol.

Originally posted by: Boggy1 July 08.



It's as if my entire facial structure has changed. Plus, my hair is definitely MILES better now. Right?quote>

This picture is BEYOND adorable. I love love love it. haha!

Your face has changed. Along with Clint, like you said. You just look older that's all. And your hair has changed, but for the best.

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I've been busy, but at least I have some pics 4.gif

Here's my friend Karen and I with my ex-bf Jake


This is from a mini-party the other night


Enjoying a sandwich at said party


Getting spilled on 15.gif


Trying on glasses at a Halloween store


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Aw, cute pictures everyone 4.gif

Jill, your hair is so adorable.

I know I posted a senior picture on a previous page, but I ended up picking a different one...my family convinced me 3.gif


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jill jacobs: nice!

What Tav on the Ave is that cause if you say St. Paul.... I'm going to be mad that you didn't knock on my door down the street!!! If its in Mankato or some other location than fine, I'll let you off the hook this time. I presume its not the one near me cause that'd be quite the drive for you but I only know of Mankato being another one and that seems far too.


Aww, nice pic. Wish mine turned out that well, lol.

My turn!





Yea.... party....

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Well, here's part 2 of my picture collection! Unfortunately, most of the photos I took are solo pics of me, with only few with friends, but it doesn't matter -- those are my pics anyway!

Taken while inside my friend's car

Taken while inside my friend's car, sightseeing around the East Bay

Messy hair? Yeah...

Taken inside a bus going to the East Bay, with my messy hair right after my haircut!

Picture of my girlfriend and her family

A picture of my (ex-) girlfriend's family... from left to right: me, my gf Stephanie, Stephanie's sister Nicole, and Stephanie's aunt and uncle.

Taken inside Alcatraz

I took this picture inside "The Rock" (known as Alcatraz)

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Addie, thanks a lot ^_^

I...I don't think I like this picture at all. X_x hair has been cut, and is all..not fluffy. Looks silly. Was totally caught off guard too. They got my "blank" default expression.


So to counter-balance that horrific picture, here is a photo of my friend Xana, messing around with my camera. She thought that she had deleted all the photos. But I recovered this. 11.gif


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Great pics everybody. I finally got a few recent ones although I had to use my sister's camera..my brother took mine and still hasn't given it back to me.


The flash here got messed up so it's half lit and half dark..I guess lol. In the bottom left-hand corner you'll see my dog Harlee looking out the window 3.gif.


And here..totally fake smile I was pulling off. But yea...and again you can see my dog in the corner 3.gif.

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Been a long, long time since I posted here...


From a trip to the zoo this summer


With a couple of buddies in Boston (I'm on the right)


Forcing my dog to swim 3.gif

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Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share a picture of my daughter that I think is so pretty! It was taken by her Grandma over the summer. They went flower picking and I just love this shot she got of her 16.gif


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This is a cute picture of your daughter, pcgirl. I'm sure she'll be happy to have such a nice picture from her childhood. I think I don't have any nice pictures of myself from when I was little...

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aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! CUUUUTE!!! What a beautiful little girl, Chrissy. I love the crown of dandelions...and lilocs are one of my favorite flowers. SO CUTE!

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Shot of my friends and I at a Daniel Tosh (comedian) show. From the Left: Me, Matt Fulchiron (comedian), Hugo (my roomate), Diane (his girlfriend), Daniel Tosh, Telmo (friend), Michelle (my girlfriend), Chris (friend)

Highly recommended show!

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