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FAQs and Download Links for NAM, RHW, and NWM

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Last Updated 3/15/2014--Under Construction

The NAM requires SimCity 4 Deluxe/Rush Hour Version 1.1.638 or later. It will not run on Original SimCity 4 (any Version 1.0.x of SC4) and attempting to run it on Original SimCity 4 will cause the game to crash. Because of the massive changes to how transit networks are handled in SimCity 4 Deluxe/Rush Hour, it is not possible to make a version of the NAM that is compatible with Original SimCity 4 (ditto with 99.999% of all custom content out there, which requires Rush Hour/Deluxe).

Note: This list is continually undergoing additions and construction.
Here, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the NAM, including common technical support issues. It also covers optional NAM Components, like the RHW, SAM, etc. If your question is not answered here, the quickest way to get a response is generally by posting in the http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1444.0'>NAM Issues Thread at SC4 Devotion, or the http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/topic/36076-nam-general-discussion-and-support-thread-2nd-edition/'>NAM General Discussion Thread - 2nd Edition at Simtropolis. Please note that this particular thread is not intended for asking new questions or commenting. Any irrelevant posts will either be moved or deleted by the site staff.


STEX = Simtropolis Exchange (http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/category/1-simcity-4/'>http://www.simtropol...ry/1-simcity-4/ )
LEX = SimCity 4 Devotion Lot EXchange (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/Default.htm'>http://sc4devotion.c...lex/Default.htm)
You must be logged in at either of these exchanges in order for the download links to work properly.

Network Addon Mod Version 35

http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=851'>SC4D LEX
ModDB Page

Please Note: Due to Apple's removal of Rosetta, we are no longer offering a separate NAM for Mac package, and will not provide technical support to Mac users.  We recommend that Mac users run the Windows version, using either a dual-boot system (e.g. Bootcamp) or a kernel layer like WineSkin.

NAM Common Technical Support Issues

1. Why am I getting a red arrow, preventing me from placing certain puzzle pieces, like Avenue Roundabouts or RHW pieces?


The only thing which can cause the red arrow bug is the presence of obsolete and outdated "high-level" (RUL-based) transit mods in your Plugins folder, which are conflicting with the current NAM.

What can cause Red Arrow Issues:



  • Past versions of the NAM (this conflict will be contained in any file called "NetworkAddonMod.dat" without a number, or any file called "NetworkAddonMod_Controller.dat", "NetworkAddonMod_Controller_RIGHT_HAND_VERSION.dat" or "NetworkAddonMod_Controller_LEFT_HAND_VERSION.dat" dated before August 15, 2010.)
  • "DatPacked" NAM files--likely under the name "Network Addon Mod.dat" (with the spaces)
  • Versions of the RHW released prior to June 1, 2007 (v1.3a and earlier)
  • NAM_Override_FencedGLR.dat (once included with cogeo's Fenced GLR Puzzle Pieces)
  • Old GLR Neighbor Connection fixes (Z_Connector.dat and Z_Connector_Jan 07.dat)
  • Transit SuperMod by DarkMatter (pre-NAM)
  • Transit BugFix by the7trumpets (pre-NAM)
  • Transit BugFix Supplement by redlotus (pre-NAM)




To solve this issue, remove these files from your Plugins. You can use the BSC Cleanitol program, with the included NAM Cleanitol List (included with the NAM Download), which will remove all these outdated files automatically. Please also note that the list above is potentially incomplete.

What cannot cause Red Arrow Issues


  • Stations
  • Texture Mods (i.e. SFBT Euro Road textures mod, Shadow Assassin's RHW textures, etc.)
  • Transit Switch/Underpass Lots (i.e. blahdy's Big Dig, buddybud's Underpasses, Marrast's MTEL, etc.)


Technical Info: why this problem occurs
RUL files are SC4 files which control the placement of transit networks in-game, including both draggabble networks and puzzle pieces. Some bridges are also RUL-controlled. Each one has a specific function, and the game can only read one copy of each of these RUL files. When you are getting the red arrow bug, it means that the game is loading a RUL file which does not reference the puzzle piece you are trying to place in game.


2. What is the correct order for installing the NAM and its Plugins?


The recommended installation order is as follows:

  • 1. Network Addon Mod Version 29
  • 2. Any optional NAM Components (RHW, SAM, HSR, Bridges, etc.)


NAM Essentials is, despite the name, not "essential" at this time. For more information on what Essentials does, see #10.
(Note that the answer to this question can change over time as new NAM, NAM Essentials, and NAM Component Plugins are released.)


3. After installing the latest NAM, why do my Railroads, Light Rail and Monorail no longer work?


This issue occurs if you have an Left-Hand Drive (LHD) version of the game (i.e. the UK and Japanese versions), and have installed the NAM without installing the NAM Left Hand Drive Plugin. To fix this problem, simply uninstall the NAM, and re-install it, making sure that you select the Left Hand Drive plugin from the options in the Installer. (Mac Users, simply copy the Z_Left Hand Plugin into your NAM folder.)

Alternatively, you can switch your game's driving side over to RHD--see http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=3961.0'>RippleJet's tutorialhttp://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=3961.0'> for instructions.

Technical info: why this problem occurs
The way Maxis programmed the driving-side localization for SC4, they included functionality to auto-reverse Road-based paths, but they did not apply this to non-Road-based networks, like Railroads. Instead, extra "reversed" path files are needed, referenced through the Network INI file (included in the NAM Bridge Controller). The NAM Left-Hand Drive Plugin contains reversed paths for these items, in addition to other fixes to make the NAM look and function properly in LHD mode.


4. Why is my game crashing to desktop after placing puzzle pieces?


This issue occurs only when a Puzzle Piece of a certain network is hovered over a TE Lot that is transit enabled with the same network. For example, Elevated Heavy Rail Viaducts over a Transit-Enabled Rail Station.

The issue is the result of hardcoded material in the main .exe file, so there is no way to fix it. When you select a puzzle piece, be careful that the cursor is not located over a TE-Lot. Otherwise, the game will crash immediately without you even noticing that you hovered a puzzle piece over a TE-Lot.

It is, however, possible to avoid it, with a few simple tips:

  • Be careful when placing Puzzle Pieces and TE Lots like Stations, Transit Switches, Bus Blockers, etc.
  • Avoid using unnecessary Puzzle Pieces. For instance, use Draggable GLR instead of GLR Puzzle Pieces--GLR Stations are TE Lots
  • Avoid using unnecessary TE Lots, especially those merely intended for cosmetic purposes--they can also cause issues with the Traffic Simulator

For more info on TE Lots, see http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2763.0'>mott's discussion on the topichttp://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2763.0'>.

Technical info: why this problem occurs
The SimCity 4.exe file, for some reason or another, tends to get stuck in an "infinite loop" when puzzle pieces are hovered over TE Lots. The infinite loop causes an exception and the game closes itself automatically due to this.

Thanks to Chrisim for providing some additional information on this issue!


5. What is going on with the traffic simulator options?


The traffic simulator options have been simplified beginning with the Version 28 (May 2010) release, with the introduction of the NAM Unified Simulator, based on the previous Simulator Z. It comes in five capacity-level flavors: Classic, Low, Medium, High and Ultra. Customized versions of the new NAM Simulator can be made using the new Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT).

The old options are still available as a separate Previous NAM Simulators package, available on the STEX and LEX. Note however, that they are not supported, and they do not provide proper support for the RealHighway (RHW) or Network Widening Mod (NWM).

6. After installing the latest NAM, why are there missing textures at my Road intersections?


This error occurs if you do not install the NAM Road Turning Lane or Road Roundabout Plugins in your most recent NAM installation, but have built these items in your cities with your previous NAM installation. Simply re-install the most recent NAM with these options selected, and your Roads will re-appear and function properly again.

Technical info: why this problem occurs
The textures/paths for these items are stored in their respective Plugins. When these items are not installed, the game cannot reference them, resulting in blank tiles.

7. What is BSC Cleanitol?


BSC Cleanitol TM is a program developed by wouanagaine, which is used to automatically check for outdated files (and remove them, if found), based on information it is given in .txt files. It is also capable of assisting in searches for missing dependency files. The NAM includes a .txt file for using with Cleanitol, which will remove all outdated transit mods that conflict with the NAM. (See FAQ #1)

http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=97'>Cleanitol is available at SC4D on the LEXhttp://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=97'>.

8. Should I DatPack the NAM?


Generally speaking, no. It can cause issues when installing future updates to the NAM, and thus, is not recommended.

9. When is the next NAM coming out? Or the next RHW, etc.?


NAM Version 31 will be released on March 1, 2013.

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RealHighway Mod (RHW) FAQ

(formerly Rural Highway Mod)

1. Why doesn't the RHW show up on the Region Transport Map View in-game?  Can this issue be fixed?

2.  I can't place the RHW puzzle pieces, and I'm getting a gray mouse cursor or red arrow, or am unable to use the RHW Bridges.  What's wrong?

3.  Why am I getting RHW Version 3.0 textures showing up?

4.  When is the next version coming out?

5.  Why the name change from "Rural Highway" to "RealHighway"?

6.  Is the RHW Left-Hand Drive (LHD) compatible?

7.  What is the MIS?

8.  Can the RHW make bridges and tunnels?

9.  Why are only freight trucks able to use my RHW-4 or RHW-6 neighbor connection?

10.  What's new in RHW Version 4.0?

11.  What will the next version include?

12.  What's the difference between the "S" and "C" versions of the RHW-6?

13.  What are all the networks currently included and in the works for this project?

14. What's going on with the Euro texture end of things?

15.  With multiple texture sets possibly being completed in the near future, what is the possibility of creating a SAM-type setup for the RHW?

16.  Why are the interchanges larger than Maxis?

17. Will "Maxis-styled" plop interchanges ever be produced for the RHW?

18.  What about traffic signals for the RHW?

19. How do I make Neighbor Connections with the Wider RHWs?

20. How do I make a 90-degree curve with the RHW-6S and RHW-8?  Is it possible?

21. Is it possible to build Elevated Overpasses with the Wider RHWs beyond the RHW-4?

1. Why doesn't the RHW show up on the Region Transport Map View in-game?  Can this issue be fixed?

Yes.  While long thought impossible and completely locked in the executable, jondor successfully devised a method for displaying the RHW on the Region Transport Map View.  He released a mod enabling this functionality, which can be found here.  Please read the documentation enclosed with the mod for more information on how to use it.

2.  I can't place the RHW puzzle pieces, and I'm getting a gray mouse cursor or red arrow, or am unable to use the RHW Bridges.  What's wrong?

The only thing which causes this issue is outdated transit mods in your Plugins folder (old versions of the NAM, RHW, or other high-level transit mods with altered RUL files).  It is suggested that you delete your NAM folder from your Plugins, then run the BSC Cleanitol definition included in the NAM July 2009 Download, then reinstall the NAM Components in the following order:

1. NAM May 2010

2. RealHighway Mod Version 4.0

(If you are running the SAM, HSR, or any other current NAM components, they may be installed any time after installing the NAM.  The NAM Essentials July 2009 package update is not required, and contains files you already have if you have the July 2009 NAM Core.

If you have a DatPacked NetworkAddonMod.dat file, it's possible it is outdated and thus, may be the root of your problem.  Simply delete the DatPacked file, and it should solve the issue. 

For more information on this issue, please see the NAM FAQ Item #1.

3.  Why am I getting RHW Version 3.0 textures showing up?

You still have Version 3.0 (or Version 3.2) files sitting in your Plugins folder, which are overriding your Version 4.0 installation.  The file structure has changed in Version 4.0, so installing it will not automatically overwrite your previous installation.  As such, you must remove/delete any previous RHW files before installing Version 4.0.

4.  When is the next version coming out?

Version 4.0 was just released on May 9, 2010.  As far as Version 4.1 and beyond, we have no idea.  Enjoy 4.0 in the meantime!

5.  Why the name change from "Rural Highway" to "RealHighway"?

The project was originally named the "Rural Highway Project" back in 2005, when it started, before many of the later innovations in the current mod had even been conceived.  Yes, it can still be used in rural areas, and we are planning to extend the more "rural" features of the mod even further as development continues, but really, it's also become a multi-purpose network that is designed for building realistically-scaled highways and interchanges in urban and suburban settings as well.  In addition, there's been proposals throughout the past 4 years to change the name from "Rural Highway" to something else at various points.  RealHighway was chosen as it: a) has historical precedence, having been suggested by project founder qurlix back in 2006, b) it retains the acronym "RHW", c) removes the "rural-only" stigma.

6.  Is the RHW Left-Hand Drive (LHD) compatible?

Yes, it most definitely is.  Make sure you have installed the proper LHD compatibility files in the installer, however, and that you've installed the NAM's LHD Plugin as well.

7.  What is the MIS?

MIS stands for Modular Interchange System.  It is a feature that was introduced as part of Version 2.0.  The MIS is a new network tool for creating interchanges with the RHW.  It involves a series of draggable and small ploppable ramp segments, allowing for thousands of new interchange possibilities.  It will be further expanded in future updates to the RHW mod.

8.  Can the RHW make bridges and tunnels?

The RHW, with the release of Version 4.0, has bridge functionality.  The first set of Plain RHW bridges, developed by smoncrie for Version 3.0, is included in the mod.  choco and Blue Lightning have a number of bridges under development, including some for the Wider RHW networks.

Tunnels are, however, hardcoded, so it does not appear that a standard RHW tunnel will be possible at this time.  Some RHW Flexible Underpass (FLUPs) pieces by Chrisim and toja, including an RHW-2 portal, have been added in Version 4.0 and can be found under the Road/RHW Interface Puzzle Pieces button.  For traditional tunnel functionality, you'll also need to use another network as a workaround, or use one of blahdy's Boston Big Dig (BBD) lots or buddybud's underpass lots, which utilize the Subway network. 

9.  Why are only freight trucks able to use my RHW-4 or RHW-6 neighbor connection?

In order to create a neighbor connection with the RHW-4 or wider or the MIS, you will need to use the new Neighbor Connector Pieces, new to Version 4.0.

10.  What's new in RHW Version 4.0?

RHW Version 4.0 includes numerous new features:


  • New FLEXFly (FLEXible FLYover) system by Blue Lightning added, allowing for elevated flyover ramps.
  • New Draggable Ramp Interfaces (DRIs), allowing for easier construction of interchanges.
  • Greatly improved Neighbor Connection functionality, with the addition of new Neighbor Connector Puzzle Pieces.
  • RHW-8C (compact) network added, occupying 3 tiles with a slight overhang on either side.
  • RHW-6S converted from a 4-tile network to a 2-tile network with overhanging models.
  • Fractional Angle RHW (FARHW) pieces added, allowing for fractional angle RHW-2, RHW-4, RHW-6S and MIS Ramps.
  • Wide-Radius Curves added for RHW-2 and MIS networks.
  • Improvements to RHW-6S, 6C and RHW-8 diagonal functionality.
  • New puzzle pieces added to allow for construction of Single-Point Urban Interchanges (SPUIs) and the Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDIs).
  • Diagonal Y-Splitters added to the MIS Ramps.
  • Improved diagonal functionality for RHW-4, ERHW-4 and EMIS, including new intersections.
  • New default North American texture set, blending the traditional "RHW look" with the scaling improvements introduced in version 3.0.
  • Numerous new ramp interface and transition pieces.
  • New diagonal overpass puzzle pieces for the ERHW-4 and EMIS.
  • FLUPs underpass system compatibility.
  • New cosmetic pieces, allowing finer control of the look and feel of your RHW networks.
  • New filler pieces for all networks, allowing more flexibility in tight spaces.
  • New bridges, including bridges for wider RHWs, by choco (downloaded separately).

11.  What will the next version include?

You'll just have to wait and see.  We like to surprise people. Wink  You'll probably be able to get a general drift from the development pics shown here, though.

12.  What's the difference between the "S" and "C" versions of the RHW-6?

The "S" version is the "separable" version--it acts similarly to the RHW-4 in that the two halves of the highway do not have to be adjacent, allowing for variable width medians.  It does, however, take up more room (4 tiles of right-of-way).  The "C" version is the "compact" version, which were made to address the space concerns, and it only take up 3 tiles, but cannot be separated.   The RHW-6C, provided one has NAM Simulator A installed, will also have increased capacity over the RHW-4, but less than the RHW-8.

The "S" version will be changed to a 2-tile setup with a slight overhang in the next RHW release, which will make the network more flexible.  The capacity will remain the same.

13.  What are all the networks currently included and in the works for this project?

Here are the basic ones, which will give you an idea of their size:

Wider RHW Types and Space Consumption
RHW Type Tile Width
RHW-2 1 Tile
RHW-4 2 Tiles
RHW-6C 3 Tiles
RHW-6S 2 Tiles1
RHW-8S 4 Tiles
RHW-8C 3 Tiles1
RHW-10 4 Tiles
MIS-1 Ramp 1 Tile
The RHW-4 and MIS Ramps also come in an Elevated Form at 15m, which line up with the NAM Elevated Road/OWR/Avenue puzzle pieces.

1--These networks have slight overhang onto adjacent tiles.

Here is a listing of their capacities.  The values are based off the different flavors of Simulator A and Z, the only two Simulators fully compatible with RHW Version 3.0.  Different simulators will have different values set.  Note that the game handles capacity on a per-tile basis, not a per-lane or per-path basis, so some additional width on the wider networks may just be "functional eyecandy" (automata can and will use the extra width not accounted for in the capacity).

In addition, as per a discovery made by myself and jplumbley in September 2008, network tiles with paths in 3 or more directions are technically considered "Intersections" by the game, and thus, the Intersection and Turn Capacity Effect modifies the capacity of those tiles.  The TLA networks have a series of "crossover" paths, which result in paths exiting from 3 or more directions, so they qualify.  The crossover paths on the RHW-6C, RHW-8 and RHW-10 thereby render those networks to essentially be intersections.  In order for the networks to function at a proper capacity, the first number of the Intersection and Turn Capacity Effect in the Simulator must be greater than or equal to 100%.  With Simulator A, it is set to 150%, and with Simulator B and Simulator Z, it is set to 100%.  Thus, Simulator A, B or Z will be required for proper functionality with RHW Version 3.0 and the Wider RHW networks.

Do NOT use the "Standard", "Better Pathfinding" or "Perfect Pathfinding" options (Simulators C, D and E) with RHW Version 3.0.  They are not compatible and will result in improper Wider RHW functionality.

For more information on this phenomenon, please read jplumbley's post here

Below are the capacities for each RHW network, based on the different "flavors" of the two compatible simulators, A and Z.

(Note: This table is under construction to reflect latest NAM developments on traffic simulators.)

Capacity for RHW Networks on Per-Tile Basis
RHW Type A Hard A Medium A Easy B Hard B Medium B Easy Z Low Z Medium Z High Z Ultra
RHW-2 4200 6250 9400 4800 7200 10800 6000 10000 15000 30000
MIS Ramp 4200 6250 9400 4800 7200 10800 6000 10000 15000 30000
RHW-4 8400 12500 18800 9600 14400 21600 12000 20000 30000 60000
RHW-6S 8400 12500 18800 9600 14400 21600 12000 20000 30000 60000
RHW-6C 18900 28125 42300 14400 21600 32400 18000 30000 45000 90000
RHW-8 25200 37500 56400 19200 28800 43200 24000 40000 60000 120000
RHW-10 25200 37500 56400 19200 28800 43200 24000 40000 60000 120000
14. What's going on with the Euro texture end of things?

mrtnrln released a Euro RHW set for Version 4.0 based on the default Version 3.0 set, which is available on the STEX at Simtropolis.

Shadow Assassin is working on an update of his popular international texture set for Version 4.0 as well.  The existing SA RHW Euro Set is not fully compatible with the new RHW Version 3.0 release, due not only to the substantial number of new features added since the set was created, but also due to Instance ID changes designed to mitigate the "texture artifacting" bug that afflicted RHW Version 2.0.

Much like the actual RHW mod, there is no set release date for any aftermarket texture sets.

15.  With multiple texture sets possibly being completed in the near future, what is the possibility of creating a SAM-type setup for the RHW?

There will not be a SAM-type setup for the RHW.  While it is a nice idea, it's simply not feasible, as it would require producing likely 3-4 times the number of puzzle pieces.  Considering that once the system is built out to its full extent, there will be literally hundreds of puzzle pieces included with the RHW, it would be far too much work. Not to mention it could possibly overload the IntersectionOrdering RUL (RUL 0x10000000) for a merely cosmetic modification. 

16.  Why are the interchanges larger than Maxis?

The RHW and its interchange system is designed primarily for the construction of at least somewhat realistically-scaled interchanges, hence the name RealHighway (consider that Maxis' intended scale is 1 SC4 Tile = 16 meters = 50 feet).  Obviously this is a game and is only made to approximate a facet of the real world, but even still, the game's default highway system and its interchanges are quite drastically underscale when compared to the game's designers' intended dimensions and to the other transit networks in-game (as much as 50% in many situations).  This also poses difficulty for any sort of interface between RHWs and Maxis Highways.

That being said, there are some setups, particularly with interchanges between two RHWs, that, right now, may seem to especially place a strain on space.  It is our intent to slowly fill this area in with creative new pieces which allow for more compact and complex interchanges while retaining some semblance of realistic scale.

In addition, if one is creative enough, it is possible to still make relatively compact but somewhat realistically scaled interchanges with the existing pieces.  Check out the Tutorials and Guides section for more information.

17.  Will "Maxis-styled" prefab/plop interchanges ever be produced for the RHW?

No.  The massive amount of time required in making one, along with the rigid inflexibility of such setups and the massive number that would have to be made in order to account for all the networks included in the RHW renders the notion of plop interchanges impractical and unworkable. 

18.  What about traffic signals for the RHW?

The idea has been discussed, but due to the fact that many users have significantly different views on what the RHW is and should be, any addition of traffic signals and traffic control devices will be through Optional Plugins and not included in the actual RHW mod.  Furthermore, because the RHW does not fully support Stop Points in its paths, any traffic signal applied to the RHW will be "eyecandy only" and cannot synchronize with the Automata/in-game traffic.

19. How do I make Neighbor Connections with the Wider RHWs?

Place the appropriate Neighbor Connector network piece over top of your RHW where the neighbor connector arrows appear at the edge of your city tile, and then connect all RHW carriageways with the "Underground Loop" pieces (the little blue arrows with the "N" in the middle).

20 How do I make a 90-degree curve with the RHW-6S and RHW-8?  Is it possible?

With Version 4.0, it is now possible.  New fillers have been added and the existing pieces have been adjusted to be easier to use.

21. Is it possible to build Elevated Overpasses with the Wider RHWs beyond the RHW-4?

At this time, no.  That functionality will be added in a future release, after Version 4.0.

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Network Widening Mod (NWM) FAQ

1. I can't place the NWM puzzle pieces, and I'm getting a gray mouse cursor or red arrow. What's wrong?

The only thing which causes this issue is outdated transit mods in your Plugins folder (old versions of the NAM, RHW, or other high-level transit mods with altered RUL files). It is suggested that you delete your NAM folder from your Plugins, then run the BSC Cleanitol definition included in the NAM Version 29 Download, then reinstall the NAM Components in the following order:

1. NAM Version 29

2. Network Widening Mod Version 1.1

(If you are running the SAM, HSR, or any other current NAM components, they may be installed any time after installing the NAM. The NAM Essentials Version r85 package from August 16, 2010 is not required, and contains files you already have if you have the NAM Version 29 Core Files from August 16.)

If you have a DatPacked Network Addon Mod.dat file, it's possible it is outdated and thus, may be the root of your problem. Simply delete the DatPacked file, and it should solve the issue.

For more information on this issue, please see the NAM FAQ.

2. I'm getting an "##Intersection Placement String Missing##" message when trying to plop NWM pieces. What's wrong?

In the case of the NWM, the "##Intersection Placement String Missing##"" issue is, with respect to the NWM, similar to the more familiar "Red Arrow Bug". See Item #1 above.

3. When is the next release coming?

We have no idea. This stuff takes time, and besides, don't you enjoy surprises?

4. What networks are included?

There are 10 networks included in the current version of the NWM, including 5 single-tile networks and 5 dual-tile networks. The elusive triple-tile networks are not yet ready to make an appearance, but they are still planned for a future NWM release and are in active development.

The 10 "charter" networks are as follows:

[code] NETWORK NETWORK FULL NAME TILE WIDTH BASE NETWORK TLA-3 Turning Lane Avenue, 3 lanes Single-Tile Road AVE-2 Avenue, 2 lanes Single-Tile Road ARD-3 Asymmetrical Road, 3 lanes Single-Tile Road OWR-1 One-Way Road, 1 lane Single-Tile One-Way Road OWR-3 One-Way Road, 3 lanes Single-Tile One-Way Road OWR-4 One-Way Road, 4 lanes Dual-Tile One-Way Road OWR-5 One-Way Road, 5 lanes Dual-Tile One-Way Road TLA-5 Turning Lane Avenue, 5 lanes Dual-Tile Road MAVE-4 Medianless Avenue, 4 lanes Dual-Tile Road MAVE-6 Medianless Avenue, 6 lanes Dual-Tile Road [/code]
Here are their capacities after the improvements made in Version 1.1 with the five capacity levels of the NAM Unified Traffic Simulator:
[code] Network Type Network Width (in tiles) Classic Low Medium High Ultra TLA-3 1 1500 3000 5000 7500 15,000 AVE-2 1 1200 2400 4000 6000 12,000 ARD-3 1 1500 3000 5000 7500 15,000 OWR-1 1 1800 3600 6000 9000 18,000 OWR-3 1 2250 4500 7500 11,250 22,500 TLA-5 2 3000 6000 10,000 15,000 30,000 MAVE-4 2 2400 4800 8000 12,000 24,000 MAVE-6 2 3000 6000 10,000 15,000 30,000 OWR-4 2 4500 9000 15,000 22,500 45,000 OWR-5 2 4500 9000 15,000 22,500 45,000 [/code]

If you have modified your simulator using the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT), multiply the appropriate "base" values by the Network Capacity Multiplier.

5. Why are you using Roads instead of Avenues for the multi-tile two-way networks?

Dual-tile networks like the Avenue network are not particularly conducive to the puzzle-drag override technology that this project requires. The Road and One-Way Road networks, being single-tile networks, are more modular and flexible in making overrides. In addition, the Avenue diagonals are rather narrow and cause "shared tile" congestion issues, which would not be desirable in the diagonal implementation of some of the wider multi-tile networks.

6. Do these networks allow for full RCI zone access?

Yes, as they are built on base networks that allow full RCI zone access. The Turning Lane Avenue-type networks will even allow for zone access across multiple tiles, much as real center left-turn lanes do in real life.

7. Will these networks show up on the Region Transport View?

Yes, as they are built on base networks that show up on the Region Transport View.

8. What about neighbor connections?

The single-tile Road-based networks will allow for neighbor connectivity just as the base Road network does. The dual-tile Road-based networks act in much the same way as the RHW-4 in the RealHighway mod and full function can be obtained through special "neighbor connector" puzzle pieces.

One-Way Road-based networks, in much the same way as their base network, cannot naturally make neighbor connections.

9. What is planned for Euro textures?

mrtnrln and riiga released their Euro TRM (Texture Replacement Mod) for the NWM and TuLEPs on August 15, 2010. You can pick it up on the STEX at Simtropolis.

10. Are these networks be able to interface with the RealHighway mod in the first release?

Yes. All NWM networks are able to intersect MIS Ramps and RHW-2s, and be able to go underneath Elevated RHWs. Transitions between NWM and RHW networks are not possible at this time, however, and are planned for future updates.

11. Is this mod compatible with the existing Road Turning Lane (RTL) Plugin?

Yes. While we long thought it would not be possible to make the NWM play nice with the RTL, and many previous attempts failed, developments occurring before the initial release in May 2010 changed that.

12. How are turn lanes implemented?

With the TuLEP system that was released as part of the May 2010 NAM. This new system will allow for more flexible turn lane setups that can be more readily controlled by the end user, and avoid any "RUL code bloat" that might destabilize the rather sensitive NWM networks' RUL overrides.

13. What are you planning to do with streetlights, traffic signals, and rail crossing gates?

NWM Version 1.0 includes streetlights, signals and rail crossing gates on all 10 included networks as applicable. The One-Way Road-based networks (OWR-1, OWR-3, OWR-4 and OWR-5) do not include signals on their approaches to intersections due to game limitations. However, TuLEP intersection puzzle pieces are planned that will allow for proper signal functionality.

14. What Traffic Simulator Plugin options are required for the NWM?

The NWM will work out of the box with the new "NAM Unified Traffic Simulator", as well as any simulator produced through the new Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT). It also works to an extent with Simulators A and B in the Previous NAM Traffic Simulators package, though these simulators are not quite fully optimized for the NWM. It will not work properly with any other simulator plugin, including the old "Standard/Better Pathfinding/Perfect Pathfinding" simulators, or hailman's Variable Route Buses plugin, which is effectively a slightly modified version of the game's default traffic simulator.

15. What are you doing regarding T-RAM integration?

There are no plans at this point, though it's being looked at for the future.

16. I am having difficulty using U-Drive-It (UDI) on the TLA networks. What should I do?

UDI difficulties are a side-effect of the crossover paths on the TLA networks, which pops up from time-to-time. They have largely been mitigated with the release of NWM Version 1.1.1, however.

17. Will these networks actually improve capacity or are they just eyecandy?

Beginning with Version 1.1, the TLA-3, ARD-3, OWR-3, OWR-4/5 and MAVE-6 have all had their capacities increased, as a result of a pathing trick coupled with a slight modification to the NAM Unified Traffic Simulator. This increases the catalog capacity of each of these networks by 25% over their respective base networks. This value was chosen so as to minimize overinflation of capacity on networks with crossover paths, particularly the 3 and 4-tile RHW networks (RHW-6C, RHW-8S, etc.)

18. I've heard rumors of the OWR-1 being switched over to a Street-based OWS-1--what is the current plan on this? Are you getting rid of the OWR-1?

The OWS-1 network is indeed planned for a future NWM release. It is being designed for two main reasons: 1) there have been somewhat regular requests for distinct One-Way Streets over the years, and 2) to differentiate the single-lane one-way network from a functional standpoint from the game's default OWR-2 and the NWM's OWR-3, all of which had the same capacity in the initial NWM release. It will have diagonal functionality through overrides of the NAM's Diagonal Streets Plugin, including the zigzag/stairstep draggable method and the helper puzzle pieces.

The future of the OneWayRoad-based OWR-1 is uncertain. It will remain in the NWM, but there is a good possibility that it will be left "as-is", with no new features being added to it in future NWM releases.

19. How come cars on TLA-3/5 networks are making left turns and disappearing and cars on OWR-4/5 are going in circles in the middle of the road?

In the case of the TLA networks, that's how the paths are designed. For two-tile OWR networks, there are crossover paths, similar to those on RHW networks, which may result in cars doing donuts in the middle of two tile OWR networks. Due to some oddities with the default OWR network's "tidal flow system" (the system allowing simple drag conversions to flip the direction of an OWR), the crossover paths end up being bidirectional, and there appears to be no viable way to fix this at this time.

20. I am getting grass textures colliding into my NWM transitions, creating a weird transition. What is going on here? Have you guys found a fix for this?

It is the result of the z-fighting settings with your graphics card, and it tends to occur more often with nVidia cards than ATI. The grass wealth textures under these transitions are colliding with the transition itself as a result. Unfortunately, the only reliable fix we've found is to remove the wealthification textures altogether.

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