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11,873 posts in this topic

Welcome to Schulmania

This thread is a continuation of the original Schulmania thread, found here . Limitations of the previous forum software have made the original thread unwieldy, so I am hoping that the new thread will be more responsive and have fewer page bugs. In addition, due to the thread size and its vulnerability to corruption, an external archive site has been established for Schulmania updates. Updates will be saved in PDF format and posted for review there. Because the forum software is not designed for the type of indexing I have tried to do with Schulmania's updates, the main index will now be hosted on the external archive site. That, coupled with reserving the first 20 posts in this thread, should help organize the thread better than the original version. Please check the links in the posts below to connect to all Schulmania content in both threads as well as the external site.

vol1.jpgSCHULMANIA VOLUME 1 Pages 1-268

This large region will eventually grow into a strong nation. Every story has a starting place. For Schulmania, it is the hilly, wooded island of Schulmanicus. In the region view, no other land can yet be seen – it has not been discovered yet. As the Schulminions venture outward, they will make many exciting discoveries – ones which expand their horizons and ones which will challenge their deepest beliefs and way of life.

vol2.jpg SCHULMANIA VOLUME 2 Pages 269-date
Watch Schulmania double in size and then double again as brave explorers trek overland to the eastern shore and sail west to the mystical land of Tenne. Along the way, a variety of towns are established from one side of the nation to the other. Step by step, Schulmania is approaching its destiny; a destiny to be fulfilled in Volume 3.

This section features all of the newest updates in Schulmania. Come see what's new!

vol4.jpg SCHULMANIA WEBSITE http://www.schulmania.info
This is the definitive source for all things Schulmania. Here you will find a complete archive of all Simtropolis updates as well as exclusive updates and a host of additional features, stories and insights into the land

vol5.jpg SCHULMANIA BLOG    http://schulmania.info/blogengine.net/

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As Schulmania now spans well over 200 pages in two threads and has a slew of updates, newcomers may not be fully aware of the rich heritage of Schulmania. So, here's a brief guide of the essentials for any Schulmania fan. Each era in Schulminion history is give its own annotated narrative. Just click on which volume you wish to see and start there. Each volume provides a quick summary with embedded links to the background of Schulmania. So, whether you started reading on Page 1 or page 121, you will be fully aware of what is gong on, who is who, and why things are the way they are. This is essential for long time readers, as there is a massive story arc which is slowly but surely unfolding.

I hope you find this to be a helpful tool for navigation!

Available Guidebooks




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Trixie Festival    

Schulman Day #1    

Schulman Day #2    

Coronation Day #1    

Coronation Day #2    

Coronation Day #3    

Coronation Day #4    

Coronation Day #5    

Coronation Day #6    


Feline Literacy Project

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Architectural Field Guide 1

Architectural Field Guide 2

Architectural Field Guide 3  


Trading Cards 1    

Trading Cards 2    

Trading Cards 3     

Trading Cards 4   


Busscastle Chocolates

Chicken King  

Golden Chicken  


Coronation Accord



Census Data 1  

Census Data 2

Census Data 3  


Wrath of the Wirdle

Inside Edition 


SchulmAnniversary Bonus 

Schulmania at 5000 

Real Life Crossover 1   

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The Official Exchange of Her Royal Highness the Supreme Wirdle.

Schulmania Secret Subway - Download Link

by Craig-Abcvs.


Schulmania is built on the principles of the "Roadless City" which utilises NAM Ped malls and subways.

This set of eight subways has been authorized by Her Royal Highness the Supreme Wirdle, the ultimate feline ruler,of Schulmania, for general transportation purposes within her realm. It includes the following eight variations:

Plaza with Circular Cobble Design

GrassPlaza with Random Cobbles


White Pavement - matches sidewalk

Red Brick Cobbles

Military - Jumping Jacks

Military - Random Walk



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REGION MAP 011: Political Map 1
Click on the image above to be taken to a full size political map of Schulmania, showing the new internal divisions established by decree of the Supreme Wirdle. Shown are the new Kingdom of Schulmanicus, Regency of Wirdleonia, Principality of Devonshire, Commonwealth of New Atkinos and the unorganized territory in New Atkinos District not part of the Commonwealth.

REGION MAP 012: Political Map 2
Click on the picture above to see a full size political map of Schulmania. This features the same divisions as in Map 011, but also includes capitals and the subdivisions of the Council of Lake George and the Bishopric of Temple Terrace, along with their boundaries.

REGION MAP 013: Schulmania National Map


Click the image above to see the biggest and most complete national map of Schulmania done yet. This features all thirty-three cities and all six districts.

REGION MAP 014: Political Map 3

Click on the image above to be taken to a full size political map of Schulmania, showing the new internal divisions established by decree of the Supreme Wirdle. This update shows the territorial expansion granted to the new Grand Duchy of East Atkinos and the area in which Admiral Hestorb is currently exploring

REGION MAP 015: Nautical Map 1

Click on the image above to be taken to a full size nautical map of western Schulmania. this features all currently known bodies of water and their names. A new feature is the defined western coast.

REGION MAP 016: East Coast
Features the newly explored areas of East Atkinos and the east coast of Schulmania. Shows updates boundaries between regions as well.

REGION MAP 017: Political Map

Click on the image above to be taken to a full size political map of Schulmania, showing the internal divisions established by decree of the Supreme Wirdle. Shown are the new Kingdom of Schulmanicus, Regency of Wirdleonia, Principality of Devonshire, Commonwealth of New Atkinos and the Grand Duchy of East Atkinos.

Region Map 018: Schulmania Atlas

This map shows the locations of all cities in Schulmania. Cities are noted with dots. A coronet shows where regional capitals are and the national capital is shown with a crown. (Wirt is also the capital of Schulmanicus, but it does not get a coronet.)

Region Map 019: Schulmania Nautical Map - Interactive

This is a true color map of Schulmania. It features names for bodies of water in Schulmania as well as notable islands or other marine landforms. The link is to a clickable, zoomable map.



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Welcome back to Schulmania!

This new thread will continue Schulmania right where it left off. Here's the FAQ:

Will Schulmania be restarted or radically change?

Not because of the new thread. The story line will continue as if nothing happened, except that the dating system will be different. The years (posts) in Thread 1 will be the equivalent of BC years. Schulmania will consider the years (posts) in this thread to be AD. If there's yet another thread, it'll be Post AD!

What happens to the old thread?

It will be locked but not disappear once the proper links are made at the end of it. The main reason to lock it is so that the last post has a link to this thread in it to preserve continuity.

Will my post count awards be reset?

No! Posts from both thread will be combined.

Why start a new thread in the first place?

With the page flip bug eating up to 9 posts at the top each new page before regurgitating them and the extremely slow loading of the thread, it seems time to get a fresh start and maybe hold those two foes at bay a while. I can also consolidate index material on page 1, which I have above.

How do I keep up with the New & Improved Schulmania?

Simply subscribe to this topic under "Topic Tools". Once the other thread is locked, you can unsubscribe to that one and use this one instead.

Where's that external archive site you professed to have ready?

It is now available at www.schulmania.info

What will your new extrenal site have that this one won't?

It will have some exclusive features, such as full size multimedia (instead of the youtube size screen) and things too big to  upload to ST. And maybe some unique stuff for fun, too.

Is it true www.schumania.info will feature a Schulmania Blog?

Yes. It is now released. Please check it out and please comment.

Will the new external site replace Schulmania on ST?

No, it is primarily an archive. It provides back up and extra space if needed. 

How will I know when www.schulmania.info has been updated?

Check for announcements in this thread. Or, check the site periodically.

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1 Leech10 529 44.gif



2 Hester 477


3 Jacqulina 390


4 DioAngel 259

5 abcvs 201


6 sc4portugal 181

7 gabry85 174

8 Fledder200 161

9 NMUSpidey 152

10 Zelgadis 152

11 bakercity 148

12 Smarty218 147

13 homeandaway 133

14 John94538 131

15 Explodingsims 130

16 ky72x 124

17 dralin321 120

18 asturianu 115

19 csgcseri 114

20 Joetropian1 106


21 Benedict 95

22 Patriots_1228 91

23 topcliff 88

24 penguin007 87

25 suplado! 87

26 Shingure 84

27 cleaner475 76


28 bbfan02 73

29 Jhrnemo 71

30 football_fever 68

31 KingTitan 68

32 Rahjan 61

33 Giligone 59

34 PhatHead 58

35 bat 53

36 GreekMan 49
37 Fallon144 48
38 Krio 47
39 ilikehotdogsalot 46
40 Shadow_Assassin 45
41 Shanna 45
42 RushHourFreak 44
43 Connor_V 43
44 Narya 38
45 Za 38
46 pipisphere 34
47 CarmineHilton 31
48 dfnva 31

49 El Burro 28
50 Vandy 28
51 callbat 27
52 Voulpiotis 27
53 panthersimcity4 26
54 sEAhAwk fAn121 25
55 Simfan34 25
56 Emelin 24
57 IDS2 24
58 patfirefghtr 24
59 granto93 23
60 infinitum19 23
61 Mike The Mayor 23
62 gop 22
63 Mikeaut1 22
64 nihonkaranws 22

65 anarchy0029 20
66 purpledaddy 20
67 Charles Rodulfo 18
68 Cowcorn 18
69 Dsrwhat316 18
70 Darmok 16
71 Lynx of Nekominkoku 16
72 archesrule29 15
73 Twenty20 15
74 Ultra GIR XL 15
75 blade 2k5 14
76 GMT 14
77 justintime 14
78 Sadar 14
79 Dedgren 13
80 HamsterTK 13
81 SimsRealator 13
82 jjune4991 12
83 Meinhosen 12
84 PhilsCafe 12
85 Tbone 04044 12
86 jj88 11
87 manticorefan 11
88 The Big Z 11

89 AceofSpades 10
90 Archangel9 10
91 Blonde Twiggy 10
92 Mr. Beer 10
93 seemurray2 10
94 Uumke 10
95 Curious George 9
96 Naryanna 9
97 Zipme17 9
98 DarkEldar 8
99 manman99 8
100 Amerikaner 7
101 anik 7
102 Dadyrghluv 7
103 fern244 7
104 Moshi 7
105 sebby07 7
106 Almighty Nienaber 6
107 belfastuniguy 6
108 Crazyyaya 6
109 Evil_Someone 6
110 Jill Jacobs 6
111 joncjon 6
112 lucky7 6
113 Pickled_pig 6
114 Russ93Plyr 6
115 Skram 6
116 Unkle S27 6
117 wir3d 6
118 Chocolatemax285 5
119 Hableurg 5
120 Hanson784 5
121 mencc1701 5
122 MrCinatit 5
123 waway625 5

118 Chocolatemax285 5
119 Hableurg 5
120 Hanson784 5
121 mencc1701 5
122 MrCinatit 5
123 waway625 5
124 Ace_F15 4
125 Amyrai 200 4
126 caspervg 4
127 Ccecill 4
128 City2TheMax 4
129 Daniel01 4
130 Fredval 4
131 Godzillaman 4
132 haljackey 4
133 jayo 4
134 Kippis05 4
135 Markus J 4
136 Nik-Nik 4
137 Patricius Maximus 4
138 rewright 4
139 SCkid 4
140 smirkazor 4
141 tomdapom 4
142 un1 4
143 Waerth 4
144 yarabundi 4
145 2ch.net simplayer 3
146 Afrothunda 3
147 allez l'om 3
148 amdinside 3
149 apete34 3
150 bartonn 3
151 Crazychickensc12 3
152 DaViru$ 3
153 djrules5454_simtropolisedition 3
154 E.J.C. 3
155 Firebird 3
156 gshmails 3
157 His Divine Hand 3
158 jcabassa 3
159 Jersey_17011 3
160 krbe 3
162 Ledge69 3
163 Maranello575 3
164 natuurzoon 3
165 nycsc4 3
166 Raul39 3
167 SaltandVinegar 3
168 SimRabbit 3
169 StLouisDude 3
170 Superchad 3
171 Things Go Better With Milk 3
172 villagemayor 3
173 6underground 2
174 Artur_001 2
175 Bine 2
176 Camedia 2
177 carlbryan 2
178 collgab 2
179 connorc24 2
180 Cowboy[Texas] 2
181 ddmd 2
182 Edipo_Rey 2
183 estepaflip 2
184 exgamer07 2
185 Fischbob 2
186 Flann 2
187 Gridlock 2
188 Hawkeye9 2
189 hunkske 2
190 jesusnavidad 2
191 joeshmoe 2
192 joshiejack 2
193 Kiwi n Grapes 2
194 KRAM 4346 2
195 lmcm1990 2
196 lolebagels 2
197 luker91 2
198 MayorTim 2
199 Monkee_boy 2
200 nanumea 2
201 Nemesis666 2
202 NewEnglandGangsta511 2
203 Owenluby 2
204 Ryalmighty1 2
205 SgtJoeDes 2
207 SimRabbit123 2
208 sims co. 2
209 SimsPlanet2 2
210 Sithlrd98 2
211 Something_started 2
212 Terrymunweihao 2
213 The Mighty Cheese Grater 2
214 Tommy_Vercetti3 2
215 truflip99 2
216 willg 2
217 WillG_75 2
218 Xperian 2

2nerdy4u 1
A199999999 1
aestiva 1
aking88 1
Aleking 1
amylou0357 1
apiz2k 1
Beskhu3epnm 1
Bombastix 1
boon1234 1
bradleybaggins 1
calibanX 1
Cancerspam88 1
Canterbury Kid 1
Cjah 1
cjman 1
clonedclone87 1
copecopecopecope 1
Criquette 1
Cuahtemoc 1
DanTso 1
Deathtoall 1
deion30296 1
DetroitINC 1
Dixie 1
DoctorJ 1
dOwntOwnbUzz 1
Dragonsblade79 1
Eggie 99 1
ElBarto92 1
eroseu 1
Erzei 1
etherian 1
FavreKev 04 1
Flumes 1
Fox 1
Gecko_2006 1
Geronimo 1
GingerBlokey 1
gndrew 1
grinch337 1
Gurrugkud 1
Harve 1
Hopelandic 1
Insane Child of Bodom 1
Interchange 1
Jacob Rock 1
jimbob1000 1
Jinxed. 1
JLT-001 1
JoystickJunkie 1
kelistmac 1
lilred731 1
lindsay-akihita-aomori 1
malevloka 1
marius_nicolescu 1
Marvin 1
MasterPlanMan 1
Mattoman 1
Meastro 444 1
mike_oxlong 1
mkwetters 1
Moganite 1
Mr Ham 1
Namesys 1
Nardo69 1
nedal2001 1
nickjbor 1
Nienaber 1
Norfrit 1
nottheboss 1
nousername 1
ObladiOblada 1
OffTopic 1
packersfan 1
pagenotfound 1
Pavsek 1
pepsi71ocean 1
petertrom 1
Petriknl 1
politicman 1
Raptor5ix 1
Rayden 1
realdimension 1
rjkrox 1
rsugar 1
s_olah 1
Salut 221 1
sanantonio 1
Sc4_cewl 1
scififan68 1
Scotty 222 1
sedimenjerry 1
Shiz 1
Silur 1
Sim_Air 1
Sim_Idiot 1
Simcity Freak 1
simwario 1
Sky Guy 1
slann 1
slowerisfaster 1
sobol 1
thatdamguy 1
TheSixCents 1
thesohappy 1
tobin834 1
ViralEnemy 1
weatherdrew 1
yourmomrulz 1
ZGMF - X88S 1
Zone Seek 1

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Hear ye hear ye....


It is with great pleasure that the Supreme Wirdle, in conjunction and collaboration with the combined expiditionary forces of The Servants of Simtropolis, are pleased to announce the grand re-introduction of Schulmania - Volume 2.

It is now hoped and desired that the former troublesome infestations of the Page Flip Bug plaguing Schulmania Volume One, have now been suitably quarantined within the aforementioned thread.

It is also hoped and desired that the modem crushing load times of the aforementioned, have now been considerably reduced.

So without further ado...  further pomposity, etcetra, etcetra...  blah blah blah... rah rah rah...   we hereby do declare Schulmania Volume Two...


*Trumpet Fanfare*


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Wow the first post. What an honor. Hope to see more of what we had in Volume 1... Pure Greatness!!!

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Whoa dude, I got worried why your orignial CJ was closed wow. That was an awesome adventure with Schulmania. Now I have to edit the recommended sites for Schulmania. I love the preview.

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Wow, that was mighty quick. Kudos for getting Schulmania back up and running in this brand new thread. Finally, the post bug is no more, and now we can all visit in record times. 4.gif Looking forward to the first update here, and keep up the hard, hard work! 9.gif

- Kyle

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An excellent new start! It's always good to have a new thread to start things over. Excellent table of contents, stats, and information! 9.gif

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Haha, forget first post, Schulmania needs 17!

Woot! Thanks for my prize!!

EDIT: Oh boy, it only took 3 seconds to post this time! Hooray new thread!

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YES! Congrats!!!

and honored at my award...the Star presented by the Supreme Wirdle Herself!

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All posters to this thread are to be familar with and become regular users of the following product to inhibit further infestations of the PFB.

Posted on behalf of:
The Servants of Simtropolis

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I shall dab some on behind my ears immeditely sir..wait..that's on the back of my neck..right away. I'm on my way to the store.

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This is 5. Yes, a new thread!! I'll become a contant poster on this thread from now and on.

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*sigh* I'm never going to catch up with Leech or Hester...

Well, now that the page bug is zapped, where am I gonna find time to play Spider Solitaire since I no longer have to wait for Schulmania to load?

EDIT: By the way, look who's coming up on post #1000 (this makes Schulmania count as something like 15% of my posts!)?  Schulmania seems as good a place as any to tease for PM: a celebration is coming!2.gif

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      Hello, I'm having a problem with eternal commuters. I leave them no opportunity to complete the commute but they prefer in the last tile of the city use the invisible connector to get back and don't go to the other city. instead, the go all the way back to complete the circle. what should I do? I already know that is not all the traffic, but it is a significantly part of it (28000 of 52000). How can I avoid it? What is going on?

    • By citybuilder234
      I was building my city of Townsville in SC4. It went good so far, then as I was building my freeway and an avenue in my city, SC4 crashed to desktop. That doesn't make sense. I spent two years organizing my plugins folder and it still crashed as of 20 minutes ago. I hate when when this happens every time I start building my cities in SC4, it frustrates me a lot. I even made a report on the "Crash to Desktop? Look Here First" thread and hasn't been any response in the past few days since I posted. Here is the information:
      I am using a digital copy of SC4 I bought on Steam.
      Operating system: Windows 7 (64 bit)
      RAM: 8GB
      Processor: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor
      Crash Report:
      I don't know why, but I need to know why this keeps happening every time I start building my cities in SC4.
    • By Cyclone Boom
      By now I'm sure many of you are well aware of our newly-founded SimCity 3000 forum and STEX categories.
      For those who haven't been keeping up with progress, there's been some really interesting discussions so far. Exploring areas of the game in more detail, including buildings,  conversions,  map generation,  terrain & water,  hex editing,  custom tree props,  and most recently property modding.
      Thanks everyone for your contributions so far, whether you've made one or multiple posts.

      And as a result, there's been some interesting trends in forum activity:

      Past 30 days
      Past 15 days
      Past 7 days
      (All data current as of 9th June 2017, 18:00 EDT)
      It just shows that with enough surrounding interest, there's still plenty of things to discover in a game released the previous century.
      OK, one year before the millennium, but still...
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