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The Milestone Thread

2,228 posts in this topic

Just noticed I reached 30 likes on my last CJ entry, something that's only happened 34 times so far for CJ's - you guys are awesome! :thumb:
And that leaderboard feature is really cool isn't it? check it out >>> http://community.simtropolis.com/leaderboard/?in=blog-entry_id&time=oldest
Having said that the record is still very much safe, the only one who might beat Kover is Kover himself *:lol:

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Well, it seems I'm now a Squadron Leader. Ofc, I've heard of squadrons, but I checked with Google for the official definition:

noun: squadron; plural noun: squadrons
  1. an operational unit in an air force consisting of two or more flights of aircraft and the personnel required to fly them.
    • a principal division of an armored or cavalry regiment, consisting of two or more troops.
    • a group of warships detached on a particular duty or under the command of a flag officer.

So, I'll just take the first one cause flying sounds more exciting than the other two options.

Now the question is: Who exactly are the personnel I'm the leader of? *:lol:


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So I've not played SimCity 4 in probably like a month at least. I came back here to see whats going on and see I've passed 300 +.  Been trying to focus on Music and learning to use Ableton Live 9. 

Been playing The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker and the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on my wii u. I really have to say Twilight Princess looks amazing. 

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Exactly 4,000 on the ol rep-o-meter, thanks y'all! 

On 3/5/2017 at 4:02 AM, Edvarz said:

It's 3:00 a.m. at my neck of the woods... neighbors are partying hard (and loud) >:(

Aaaaaand I just had the honour of getting my reputation point número cuatrocientos! (my 400th rep point!) from @rsc204

Make that 500 now :D

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On 4/4/2017 at 6:37 PM, Takingyouthere said:

Make that 500 now :D

Wow thanks! I had no idea I was nearing 500 rep points! :ooh:

That means I got 100 rep points in one month, which is also a milestone (for me at least) :ohyes:

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The green colour of the shrubbery in @MissVanleider's actual avatar matches the green colour of the reputation points absolutely perfect.

Which you can't say about the green colour in @matias93's actual avatar.

But this most probably absolutely unimportant coincidence brought to my attention that the number  2000  looks really good in green. And that's the number of reputation points matias93 has exactly while I'm posting this.

So congratulations!

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1 hour ago, T Wrecks said:

Argh. I first misread that as "thanks for nothing, Fantozzi!!" and thought "My, why such an aggressive mood here?" And I already had some caffeine... :whatevs: In any case, congrats on reaching the 2,000 mark, @matias93! I'm sure there will be plenty more. *:yes:

The correct word is 'noticing', right? As I write in English as if I were using synonyms (and a weird but valid word order) in Spanish, sometimes this happens. I'll double check next time...

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My Historic buildings pack got featured in the STEX! :ohyes:


Does that count as a milestone? I don't recall any of my other uploads being featured, also, how do the STEX features work?

On 24/4/2017 at 8:48 AM, matias93 said:

The correct word is 'noticing', right? As I write in English as if I were using synonyms (and a weird but valid word order) in Spanish, sometimes this happens. I'll double check next time...

I think you said it correctly, since the intention is to thank @Fantozzi for remarking your milestone in the thread, not merely noticing it. But I'm just nitpicking over the vagaries of language... Congratulations!

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I think 'noting' makes sense to this context as well, at least according to Google *:P

Edvarz, I think I saw other uploads from you featured before, maybe you didn't notice it, or you didn't note it, or you didn't realize it, or whatever :rofl:

Edvarz and matias93 like this

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