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Show us your city's detail/close-ups

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@Thin White Duke More malaise, righteous! I would love to see the strip mall or big box store that is surely next door to that subdivision...

@DavidDHetzel There's one at top right, too! And it looks like the recently released RDQ Victorians at lower right.

@korver In that last South American scene, the utility poles (electric?) with the building drops look perfect - exactly what I was imagining for a streetside mod. Did you model those, by chance? My thought was to do T21s with prop families where some of the poles have drops, and you can click the street to shuffle the poles to match up to your buildings.

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@CT14 The power poles are actually an MMP that I downloaded here. Unfortunately they didn't come with any power lines, so I drew a black line between each of them in photoshop after the fact.

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2 hours ago, rsc204 said:

Just working on re-uploading my broken PB images, here's one I thought worthy of re-posting:

Mod edit: removed duplicate pic

Nice landscape you got there.

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