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    • How the English language became such a mess
      By mrsmartman · Posted
      One of the amazing features of English is the possibility to create complex sentence structure with multiple clauses, which is often used by students in attempt to impress the markers in general high school writing exam.
    • Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2
      By michae95l · Posted
      I've been working on a new map, taking into account all of the feedback that users gave me on the last one. Once again, please suggest areas of improvement, as well as what is good! This is the Mikenstein Area Rapid Transit map, and covers the 7 metro lines in the city.
    • Okushiri, a Japanese island
      By SUPERMESSI · Posted
      Its very strange, since i use the lattest NAM also. Couldn't you be missing some dependency? I remember that i follow your advice (it was you or Tonraq or Teiko, i don't recall) regarding this SAM, and i've somehow made it work... Now that you talk about it, i realize that maybe, in the streets that were already built and zoned, i still have the same issue. That has to do with something i've downloaded this week, and that somehow made it work. The Catenary mod is what? A mod for Rails? Well i use the elevated rail (normal rail) with a yellow texture that comes with nam, i use the standard hspr, a monorail elevated (not the vanilla one) and a el rail that is different from the standard one (has fences etc.). 
      EDIT for not double posting and then again sorry to derail or spam, if you want i delete:     I've  made this now, it is strange because i have the trees, but not the little flowers, for example. Regarding other things, that small gas  station, in the second block, somehow i am missing some texture, since the ground becomes like that (that blue :S). Do you know what i am missing (you probably use the same building, im not sure if it was dowloaded from simcity korean city or japanese).   Thanks and again sorry.
    • Foxnine's buildings
      By Turjan · Posted
      I have subscribed to at least three of your buildings, but I have not seen or used any of them in my game yet, so I cannot really comment. You seem to have a good hand at making attractive models. The most interesting ones (for me) from those you listed are the Centre Le Corbusier and the Chinese building directly behind it. I have to admit that I did not subscribe to the MASP because I did not like the textures. I was not sure whether those were supposed to be windows or some plating. I think the texture work is the hardest part of making attractive buildings, spoken as someone who has never modeled anything but already tried to make good textures - and failed. In principle, buildings like Foxnine's Coffee (the model is nice) or the Japanese low apartment would be very attractive with some nice textures. Skyscrapers come a dime a dozen on the exchanges (okay, CS isn't quite there yet, but it's a common development in city builders), but finding nice small buildings is hard. So, keep up your good work.
    • Quote of the Day
      By A Nonny Moose · Posted
      Some of us will remember when this was first broadcast:
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