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    • Well, putting Mike Pence (who openly fights LGBT rights) and a bunch of Wall Street sharks when he sides with the common man doesn't exactly send a good vibe. Of course the media puts its spin on it, as it's always done, but what are people supposed to think? Also, opposing science? What for? I want to give Trump a big chance, I may well agree with him on a few key policies, and I tentatively believe he may well be better than Clinton, but I can think for myself, beyond party lines (I refuse to identify as either liberal or conservative, and takes sides just because it's the party I root for) and even dismissing media bias, right now it looks rather messy - his uncensored press conference was an absolute mess, no offence, and he's spending more time at his golf resort than draining the swamp. Perhaps Congress passes some useful legislation, and even if you disagree with the GOP, it helps that all branches of government go one way - but I'm sorry, Trump simply doesn't look very presidential in and of himself, and I fear we may well be bracing for serious disappointment. Maybe it's just a messy spell from a party that was not predicted to win - I really hope it is.

      Though, to his credit, the media doesn't exactly give him much of a chance either. It really doesn't help that Trump voters constantly get called idiots, etc. by holier-than-thou liberals, I mean I'm sure some of his voters are, but you can say the same of Clinton and pretty much every other candidate. Honestly, right now the saddest thing is that there's further polarization going on on both sides, when really the right should realise Trump isn't perfect and the left should stop giving into hysteria. 

      Also, off topic, perhaps, but yeah climatology itself tends to be a scientific topic, and yep, I'm sure there are industries and lobbies with agendas that hope to profit on climate change, but the same can be said of the oil industry, or coal mines, and the like. My stance is that instead of denying the obvious and hind behind shady conspiracies that probably aren't even a thing, people should probably work together to find solutions and compromises. I think that's what we're missing here - liberals, conservatives, both in Congress and grassroot activists need to stop the hysteria, and compromise. It's chaotic right now, and people will have to forgive that neither Trump nor the American institutions really inspire a lot of confidence right now - and to me further polarization only seems to make matters far worse.

      What really saddens me now is how a once united nation is once again split apart at the middle, and focusing on the divisions rather than those values that you'd hope America and the Western world as a whole shares. But I'm not only blaming Trump, far from it, and I refuse to give into brainless Trump bashing - that's too easy and goes nowhere. The media, liberals did play a big part, and so did the congressmen that lurk in the swamp. Just my two pence anyway (so witty)
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