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      Hi Community We're here again to ask you for your support to help us keep the site and the STEX up and running. Simtropolis runs solely on the support of members like you through donations to help us offset the operational costs of running the site. As you know, we've always relied on community donations to help keep the website running. And while all our admins and moderators volunteer their time to managing the site and community, we do have modest expenses that we need to cover each month which includes our server hosting fees, software and support licenses, etc. So lately, we've experienced a slump with donations and we're beginning to feel the pinch! We would really appreciate your support by way of a donation of any amount in order to keep the site up and running. Of course, as always, we'll send you a gift with a minimum donation as a Thank You. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me!  Sincerely; Dirktator & The Admins PS. Thank you to those who have stepped up and donated -- we really appreciate it!

SimCity (2013)


  1. SimCity (2013) General Discussion

    General discussion for SimCity (2013).

  2. SimCity (2013) Modding - Open Discussion

    Open discussion, speculation, research & development on modding SimCity.

  3. SimCity (2013) Region Games

    Organize your Region Games here: start, advertise, recruit, or offer to join.

  4. SimCity (2013) Concepts & Experiments

    The concepts of planning, building and managing your SimCity (2013) cities, including game experiments.

  5. SimCity (2013) Technical Help Q&A

    Ask your questions here and get answers for bugs, hardware, performance, installation or other technical issues.

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