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    • My own Simcity game framework,written in C# & XNA
      By cnlazylu · Posted
      dear everyone! i'm back! after a 3 years silence, i picked this game up again....sorry for the dead link, some new screenshots are here and a new demo video is here   your attention and suggestions would be appreciated!  
    • SPAMMAr - SPAM Municipal Airport
      By airman15 · Posted
      Uh oh, looks like i've got a radar lock on me! I wrote that other post sort of as a joke. It wasn't meant to be malicious just it in the sense that vanilla automata stands out against the very well done environment you built. The Maxis jets like the 767 have pentagonal inlets that are hollow on the inside and the nose of the 707 comes to almost a straight point. In close-up shots these are noticeable. I know they are completely interchangeable as well, after all that is the type of mod that takes up half of my file collection.  It's just that for promotional purposes, showcasing additional files that compliment the surrounding theme adds a little more -oomph- to it as well as a better touch of realism but that's just my opinion. You could take it or leave it, sorry to have poked a hornet's nest.   Unfortunately, this is as good as automata can get. Automata is considered an animation in the game but complicated models will do one of two things- slow down your system if you have multiple files that are complex (or with HD textures) or crash the game. But it is possible to have static props while still having aircraft taking off and landing. There are separate props that dictate the behavior of the aircraft the the game. You have one that controls the takeoff/landing segments as well as showing the aircraft in-flight with the contrails and another that shows the aircraft parked every so often. This seems to be a standard in a lot of the airports that show up in the forums and on Google Images.
    • Official modeling contest by Paradox Interactive
      By AJ3D · Posted
      Any word on who won? I did notice that a few of the more subscribed ones didn't really fit the theme of the contest. One was just a regular skyscraper, and another seemed to change what it was the worlds largest of midway through the contest. It didn't appear to be the worlds largest in any of those two categories though.
    • New To SC4 Modding
      By heartless · Posted
      Hey, I personally recommend BATS by folks like Cerulean, Cobb, Paeng, Mattb325, Pegasus, Tag one, Bixel, HKBT, NYBT, NDEX, NOB, Fanta, Debusseyman, Vandergoold, LBT, TSC Team, BSC, Simgoober, Madhatter, Cockatoo, Dusktrooper, Heblem, Xannepan, Simcoug, working man productions,  Roe99, etc, ( I know im forgetting a bunch). Check out all the different sites BAT/Mod exchanges around the net, SC4 Devotion, SimKurier, Sim Polska, SimCity Force, SimCity China,SC4 Labs, Capital SimCity, and many, many more. (this will takes lots and lots of time).  There some many greatly talented builders and mod/BAT authors out there, most of whom are really, really helpful. I can really relate to how overwhelming it is, having just gotten back to SC4 6 mos. ago, and I gotta say finding neat custom content is half the fun. Like the others have said, take it slow. Watch haljackey's building a city from scratch series on youtube. Best, H.
    • Mushy's BATs
      By MushyMushy · Posted
      So I've exported about 2/3s of the trucks so far - only have the 53ft combos left, which there are a lot of (like a hundred due to angles). Shouldn't be too much longer. It's worth noting that due to the relatively high number of props in this set and the fact that they are exported in HD, it'll probably be about a 12-15 MB download (similar in size to neko's prop packs, which are also in HD). I suppose that's fine since my goal with my BATing is generally to cater towards realism and variety, not necessarily small files. --- I've worked a little bit on the warehouse. I've done some preliminary texture work to the front area. Due to the relatively small footprint of the building itself (fits in a 1x4 space if I'm not mistaken), I'm probably going model a decent interior... at least around the windows so the night scene is at least slightly interesting. Keep in mind that I m not very far at all with this building and that everything shown is quite subject to change. The renders show a bush in the bed out front which I was not happy with at all. It has already been split up into several smaller bushes with a better texture and better noise effects. I'm just lazy and didn't feel like exporting it again. These test exports are in HD. How do you guys feel about this building being HD? In theory I could always make a SD and HD version and put both up for separate download if that's better. I just liked the idea since it would make for some nice closeups. Remember that the bush looks different now. I know it's ugly in this picture - I FIXED IT I PROMISE. I played around with some nightlighting for the front windows to see how it would look in HD. I'm probably going to hold off on doing more with the night stuff until I'm done with the model... I just wanted to play with it. Currently the only interior stuff is a dirty floormat, a table, and those cheap vertical commercial/industrial office shades. Roof junk will be added at the end as well. Also, a question for those who actually know stuff about BATing (read: I have no idea what I'm doing the whole time I'm modeling ), does gmax support underground stuff? I know 3DS does, and I know I need to switch to that soon, but is it possible to do that in gmax? While this is by no means a replica, I kind of liked how the back of the building had a slightly sunken loading bay door, but I wasn't sure if that was supported. If it is I could always go back and change the back panel of the building. I guess if it's possible, a short explanation or a link as to how to do it would be great. The buildings will get more interesting than this one, I promise. I just need some simple, ugly, boxy building to sort of train myself in the way of making BAT buildings. --- Since I'll usually be tackling requests in order, the first one I'll do is one from Belfastsocrates: a Mercedes Vito and Sprinter van. Which variation of them is TBD, but I'll likely make a small set out of them with maybe 5 or 6 liveries for each. After that I'll probably look into the EU trucks. That set will probably be a hair smaller than the set I'm working on now to save my sanity, but it will still have some decent variety in trailers/trucks. I'll probably look into double trailers for both the US and EU sets later on as a sort of addon. /end wall of text
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