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    • In my opinion, our dependence on fossil organics, livestock, and non-eco-friendly chemicals determines a path of exponential entropy in the chemical balance of the living planet.    All current systems of human technology, resource use, and material culture are accelerating toward a non-viable condition for sustaining any organic structure on this planet above a few base nucleotides.   So from my point-of-view you seem to be thinking in the right direction.   
    • @calpolyfan I agree with most of your points. As a child, I always loved the old SimCity games. The games were challenging and realistic, and I always felt like a real mayor. C:SL is a casual game. The simulation is a joke, the graphics are awful. There are many design failures, like the zoning system, the growable/wealth simulation, the oversimplified network system, the broken economy. There is no way to fix these fundamental problems in this version of the game. DLCs can not fix it. That's why this game became a city painter, and that really makes me sad. It could have been more. The game is still the best 3D city building game. Now we got two ways to proceed: 1. Fix the game with mods. This might take a few years, but it is possible. I thibk we can fix at least 80% of the issues, especially simulation-related ones. 2. Create a new (open source) game that targets a mature audience. I think a group of mod developers and asset creators could pull this off. It would also take a few years.