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SimCity (2013)


  1. SimCity (2013) General Discussion

    General discussion for the new SimCity game.

  2. SimCity (2013) Modding - Open Discussion

    Open discussion, speculation, research & development on modding SimCity.

  3. SimCity (2013) Concepts & Experiments

    The concepts of building and managing your city including game experiments

  4. SimCity (2013) Region Games

    Organize your Region Games here: start, advertise, recruit, or offer to join.

  5. SimCity (2013) City Journals

    Share the story of the rise (and fall?) of your city and its region.

  6. SimCity (2013) Technical Help Q&A

    Ask your questions here and get answers for bugs, hardware, performance, installation or other technical issues.

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    • Looks like the Crown has been passed....
      By idcaf · Posted
      since my comment seems to have provoked this NAM discussion I feel the need to elaborate myself a bit better. First of all, I respect and congratulate all the achievements that NAM team has done for a relatively modder-unfriendly game, the simcity 4. All respect to the creators, for hacking the game in a way that it seems to allow almost unbelievable amount of capabilities for improvement. When i said that  700 million road pieces (figuratively) are needed to build a semi-decent road network, I somewhat wanted to diss myself actually. It really takes me more time than i'd ever be willing to admit to make just a simple RHW T-intersection or a road overpass for a diagonal road, etc... I easily get lost in the sea of pieces and variations, so making a semi-decent intersection is in my case very tedious and frustrating, because i make mistakes a lot and want to do it quick (which i can't), because i'm building a city, not playing an intersection-building game, requiring a lot of patience, that i quite frankly don't have to make something that even remotely looks presentable. This is why I like cities skylines. It doesn't consume that much time for me, to create a costum irregular intersection. I either get the pre-made ones on workshop, or I make one myself in 50-100% less time than it would took me in SC4 for example with NAM.
    • Looks like the Crown has been passed....
      By fantozzi · Posted
      it's fun to play a game. It's more fun to play different games. For me – the consumer – variety is much more important. than leadership. Leadership is important for the companies and dealers. Why should I choose between two games if I can buy both of them? Why should I play this OR that, if I can play this AND that. My harddrive is big enough. It's just that I'm short of money. So give the crown to whom ever you like. For me - give me diversity, competition, the posibility to choose different things.
    • Show us your Creeks, Rivers, and Streams!
      By 11241036 · Posted
      Diagonal railway viaduct over diagonal stream. Believe me, for years I haven't thought that it would be possible to create a setting like this. Other than resorting to McDuell's technique of modifying the terrain with the SC4Terraformer after building the viaduct, it required turning the RFR Plopwater and Pegasus' Terrain Kit MMP's into props, switching from RKT1 to RKT4, offsetting the props, and creating lots with overhanging RFR Plopwater and Pegasus Pebble props (as described in a tutorial by FrankU found on sc4devotion). An honest tribute to all the SC4 community members that have spent much time to get around SC4 limitations. Hope you like it.
    • City Population Limits
      By Dreadnought · Posted
      I can't even find the "Can't Find It" thread ! It's buried somewhere, but I've lost it.  Where did they hide the bloody thing?
    • My SC4 CJ Scrapbook | Update 97: Northeast Annuq
      By dabadon5 · Posted
      Wow, just freaking beautiful !