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    • Buildings by Dubai Skyscraper
      By Cool_Z · Posted
      No, even with the shape it has, by overlapping huge stretched cubes.
    • Avatar Caption Game v2.0
      By MushyMushy · Posted
      People tell me my helmet resembles the one Dark Helmet wears in Spaceballs. Why?
    • Need help finding 7.5m MIS Ramp
      By nolocond · Posted
      OMG i just made one. wow that was easy. i feel bad i had to ask now lol. now i just have to remember it. i think its time i make that interchange how i wanted it.
    • Where did go?
      By Hellken · Posted
      Unexpected fatal board error? Was this an XSS attack?   I have DatPacked files of many things from the PLEX including a few exclusive file attachments from the forums. Needless to say, it is far from complete. I have not visited that site in a year. I wrongly assumed that as one of the "Big 3" sites something like this was not likely to occur compared to small individual blogs and websites. Now, I am shocked to hear that only the "Big 2" remain along with smaller and dying international exchanges. This incident should serve as a reminder that any website may die off unexpectedly and without warning. I am sad to hear this. 
    • Need help finding 7.5m MIS Ramp
      By nolocond · Posted
      Hell yes, thanks. im gonna watch it when i get home shortly. i stayed away from the NAM and RHW from its creation until 3 years ago, and i have been playing SC4 since it came out. the modding made the game great which is why i still play it along with so many others. didnt EA change the new sim city somehow because of this?
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