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    • Show Us Your Small Towns
      By takemethere · Posted
      Damn... that's just beautiful.
      I have a hard time reconciling that this was something that was made in SC4. It looks more like the terrain map of a RPG game.
    • Show Us Your... seaport!
      By takemethere · Posted
      Took me a while to find it because the image for the mod on the simpolska is not showing anymore but I believe this is it; http://www.simcitypolska.pl/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=390

      "Plopowany węgiel" is the name of the folder where I save that file of that mod in so I'm 99% sure that's it.
    • Offensive advertising
      By MintberryCrunch · Posted
      Obviously this is getting off topic, but just thought I'd chime in. Keep in mind I'm a teenager, so take what I say with a grain of salt.  First of all, I've never heard of young kids playing "porn stars", but maybe we don't do that here in L.A. (Should also note that if something's not done in L.A., then it's not done anywhere--"anything goes" here).  Yes, I do think that there's too much sexualization in the media and that especially girls are pressured to be "sexy" and obsessed with appearances too early and that kind of thing doesn't help at all. But the problem of teen pregnancy and all that is a complicated issue and can't just be blamed on television and the media. Furthermore, what parent allows their young kid watch HBO late at night? Parents have to step in too. They can't just let their kids do whatever they want and then blame the media for how they turn out. The kids I know who have the most problems almost always have had bad relationships with their parents: divorce, absent parents, alcoholic parents, etc. (Economic factors play a role as well).  My parents are involved, but not overbearing. I know it's not impossible to be that way--I experience it. They're not perfect, but they've done a great job. 
    • Show Us Your Small Towns
      By raynev1 · Posted
      @vortext That image looks fantastic , though I think it would fit in the "Show us your farm land" thread as well .  And it really does look great . No grid to be found there . Awesome .
    • The 10,000 Post thread V3
      By Muck308 · Posted
      5349 You can always rent a car when you arrive. Driving on the other side of the road is... interesting. Whereabouts are you headed, Larks?