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      This month we're hoping for a little bit of a boost this month or next, in addition to covering the regular bills, we could benefit from some hardware upgrades. STEX Collector's Set gifts can now be sent to you via digital download as well as regular mail if you wish! Every donation dollar goes toward keeping Simtropolis online and humming along. Your contribution counts! Hardware Upgrades As our website community software improves with more and more features, and as we bolt on additional features such as chat, the increased load to handle all these new toys is taking the server a bit to task. You may have noticed that we'd been forced to temporarily disable the chat as we worked out allocating resources for more optimal performance. Following this, we've applied a number of 'soft' changes such as caching options and experimented with server configurations (nginx as proxy, for example), so the hardware aspect is also an area we'd like to focus on. The last time we upgraded hardware was back in 2012, prior to the release of SC13. Your contribution means a lot! Your donation will go toward helping us to 1.) migrate to a newer server or 2.) at least get some ram/cpu/storage updates and any other infrastructure hardware or services. Donate and Get a Gift or Donate Any Amount Thanks so much! - Dirktator & The Admins

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    • UPDATE : The Sodade is now ingame ... just finishing the lod and the it goes to the workshop
    • Well, while it's still feasible to imagine an scenario in which Rajoy wouldn't involve himself on the party finances, to me it sounds clearly false: even if dedicated to a completely different matter, a high party official would always know the basics of the party financing, and would have cause to suspect if the campaigns counted with more funds than the ones possibly coming from legal sources. In any case, to make a difference, the accusing side now will need to demonstrate that Rajoy lied on this audience, and he was vague enough to make that very difficult. * * * I haven't been keeping this thread as intended, but some interesting things have happened on the region lately: Lula gets jailed, corruption accusations extend in Brazil Former Brazilian president Lula was formalised on corruption charges and sentenced to a 3 year jail term, rendering impossible his candidacy to a re-election. His adherents are trying to reverse the judicial result, as virtually their only chance to get back to the presidency is with Lula on the ballot. Meanwhile, high officials from the provisional government, including the current president Michel Temer, are also being investigated for charges of corruption, depleting the opportunities of traditional politicians and parties. Jair Bolsonaro, a far right deputy and former paratrooper, is rocketing on the polls, as his relative political isolation has keep him out of corruption charges. Amidst legal changes, chilean parties ahead the polls divided In Chile, presidential and legislative elections will be held in end October, with a new cohort of political parties, a new election system for the legislature, and the same fragmenting of candidacies of the past election. While on the right the mainstream parties managed to select the former president Piñera as their candidate on a conflictive but not close primary, the left-of-centre Nueva Mayoría is still negotiating a common legislative list, as the rightist wing of the NM, represented on the Christian Democracy, is carrying their own presidential candidate, the senator Carolina Goic. The other candidate, Alejandro Guiller, is a journalist and sympathiser of the Radical Party, but chose to inscribe his candidacy as independent, forcing itself to collect 36.000 signatures of independent voters. And while an important part of the left has coalesced onto the Frente Amplio, headed by the journalist Beatriz Sánchez, several small parties have been able to inscribe candidates, as the neo-stalinist Unión Patriótica last week did. In 2013, the last presidential election was contested by nine candidates, a record, but some estimations suggest that this year it will be surpassed. The Spanish left takes the Portuguese example: PSOE, Podemos and IU negotiate a coalition   Slowly, Uruguay keeps its economy growing on a recessive region   Former Peruvian president Humala is formalised on corruption charges   After demilitarisation, FARC leaders negotiate their arrival as a political party in Colombia   Venezuelan opposition conducts an alternative referendum on constitutional assembly, government keeps campaigning for the official one