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      Hi Community As Simtropolis turns 14 years old this year, we're asking your help now more than ever to help us keep the site and everything you love about our Community and STEX up and running. A donation goes a long way to help us offset the costs of keeping the site up and operational. As you know, we're a completely community-driven not-for-profit website, but we do have to deal with some modest real-world expenses from month to month. Lately, we've been feeling a big pinch with a slump in donations, and we're hoping to drive that up so we can continue to keep the site running. In return for your donation, we're offering several STEX Collection Discs which you can learn more about here, if you wish to receive one. We would really appreciate your support by way of a donation of any amount in order to keep the site up and running. Of course, as always, we'll send you a gift with a minimum donation as a Thank You. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me!  Donate Any Amount Here To Receive a STEX Disc(s) Donate a Specific Amount Here Sincerely; Dirktator & The Admins PS. Thank you to those who have stepped up and donated -- we really appreciate it!

SimCity 4 Builders Forum

  For builders and their followers.


  1. SC4 - Custom Content

    Discussion, questions and requests regarding Lots, BATs, Maps, plugins and other custom content for SimCity 4.

  2. SC4 BAT - Open Discussion

    A place to discuss anything related to building (BAT) creation for SimCity 4. Ask questions, showcase your work, and exchange ideas.

  3. SC4 Modding - Open Discussion

    General SimCity 4 modding discussions, experiments, make requests and ask for help here.

  4. Architecture & Urban Planning

    Discussions of real world applications of city-building concepts, including examples of building design.

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    • best never sleep again just to be safe. hehe. 
    • Yeah , that track does have a dark and eerie sound to it . I hope I don't have nightmares now . 
    • Dirt Road = RHW, it's nothing to do with either the SAM dirt roads or Dirt Road mod by PEG. Basically, we can not add new networks into the game, we can only override existing networks. The one exception to this was Dirt Road, because this was an unused network left behind by Maxis, so whilst you won't see it in the vanilla game, everything for it to work exists behind the scenes. It's this network that was used to make RHW, without it, there would be no RHW. RHW has evolved a lot in a short space of time. Without diminishing all the work that happened beforehand, from NAM 32 to today it's a totally different animal. Not only much easier to use, but vastly more stable and with many more possibilities. Check out the link in my signature "How to: RHW - Basic Diamond Interchange using Flex Pieces". That should give you a glimpse of how easy you can now make basic interchanges. MHO is something I like to think of as "My first RHW". That's because the basic network is pretty much MHO with a new look. But, the interchanges are based on just a few prefab pieces, which if you like can be integrated into the MIS system from RHW to make much more complex layouts. If you want to make better looking, more realistic interchanges, MHO is a no-brainer. But, if you are looking for simple plop and done interchanges, I'd stick with MHY. In any case, there is no harm in trying it out, you can always revert back if you don't like it.