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    • I barely dare show up here, as I am not a batter, just a humble re/lotter as of now : I am just beginning to tinker with all the oolala SC4 tools (PIM, Reader, L.E...)  that scared me to death just a month ago, and getting to know Base textures and Overlays by they pet names. Of course, like everybody else, I'm lotting and relotting parks and plazas (incredible how much you can learn doing just that !), although I have tried one Maxis HouseOfWorship :-). My admiration and respect for batters is even greater than before, I must say ! So I will be posting some of the results here. I have mostly been trying to get a feel for what props I prefer, the ones that are goinna be my signature, somehow:-). Also, the right combinations for lighting. All this began because I suddenly realized that many sports parks and many parks had no nightlights !!! My beloved Paeng Parks had no nightlights ! AAAARGH. My peeps don't like to be mugged when getting out for a stroll or playing ball with the kids at night. So I embarked in the process of learning how-to, reluctantly at first, then getting drunk with power, way beyond lights, even when hitting snag after snag. I am now, of course, totally addicted and it's going to be hard to control. But hey, learning new things. Old bitch, new tricks --apparently I'm not dead yet !  Here's a typical example of beginner's overreach, I think : Astor Mosaic Plaza (a relot of Astor Plaza, a drab expanse of whitish pavement with a few measly seasonal trees...). The city's contractor's guys for the mosaics must have worked at least three months straight to produce this. But the kids love to play hopscotch on it. Even at night, of course : Grand, no ? Er... Well, it is, compared to my very first park, at any rate. I give you... Chevrons Park (tadaaam) :         The second one was another love story with ...well, let's say colorful pavement textures : No less at night : Of course, now I am trying to relot various parks I've had in my Parks Folder for ages, seeing how they're made, learning more stuff, and trying to err on the side of the Less Is More. You might recognize this one (those who do win a Llama) : But it's hard to resist : so much wonderful stuff on the L.E !In props Packs ! (and I have sooo many !). On lots! (deconstructing the lots from batters I love to see How They Do It)... I never thought it could be so much fun --and so infuriating at the same time, when things absolutely, totally, obdurately, refuse to work.  Noobie's High. 
    • Have now after a lot of detours in real life finished re-indexing the SimCityKurier site, when you visit here https://www.city-builders.info/catalog You will see I have kept the old index so people will still be able to look up the old URL's if needed, you will also note that its possible to select everything starting with a particular sequence of letters ie BSC or SFBT if anyone has any more that they would like added then let me know, and finally have started indexing the ToutSimCities site.
    • I'd say below the 1500 tris mark is best (I think I have a few over it, but most are below) with a max texture size of 1024x1024. I'm really fuzzy about the LODs for them though, as they're shown most of the time for vehicles. Below 150 tris, preferably close to or below 100 with textures no larger than 128x128.

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