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      Hi Community! We're almost there for our March goals!  I just wanted to keep the momentum going so if you are able to help, please donate and get some gifts in exchange! Thanks so much to those who have helped out this month, we really appreciate it.


Discuss the new indie city-building game directly with the developer and be updated on its progress.

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    • @Jolteon- Are you using a triple monitor setup? I've been curious to know how well SC4 will run on more than one. My desktop is pretty much the same, with added responsibility. I haven't had a chance to convert the icon on that etra folder yet. The desktop itself is about one of my all time favorite albums I found on Deviantart here! The artist has two other that I couldn't help but collect those too!
    • I don't think I can do this with Chrome?
    • I love old games. It is a sad truth that AI has not improved over the years commensurate with hardware. So, graphics have followed Moores Law, but not AI.  (Or in the case of something like SC, then simulation as opposed to OPFOR AI.) Graphics have always driven the games market.  Yes, computers are hitting the walls of physics.  So, we see multiple cores and parallelism as opposed to faster instruction processing.  But few applications and few games make any use of it.  A good example for applications is video editing can speed up linearly with each new physical core.  A good example for games is chess.  There are chess engines that show the same linear speed jump.  But most games are determined by a single core and the GPU. So, we had this trend which always emphasized graphics over AI/game play. Popular culture has made this worse.  The smart phone has produced a generation of multi-taskers.  (Humans don't actually multi-task well.  Psych studies show they simply handle many things poorly.  Without a PhD, you just need to look at highway accidents to see this.)  We now live in a culture where the ability to concentrate and focus intellect has been reduced.  I think we see it in our hobbies; which include games. Yes, not the entire market is like this.  But only indie developers blow everything on craft and art.  Business go for ROI ... so, the hardcore gamers come up short. Finally, an excellent proof of what a difference graphics make.  A few years back, the market for submarine simulations was stone cold dead.  Why?  A submarine really doesn't have much in the way of epic visuals (compared to a flight sim).  Then some European studio realized that they would make a subsim with the visuals of a flight sim.  In particular, the water had to be beautiful.  You got Silent Hunter 3, and it sold.  (But in many ways, the classic AOD {Aces of the Deep} was a better game.) Last night, I looked at SC4 and CS side by side.  For the hardcore players, SC4 still has a lot of mileage left in it. Finally, I see SC4 as a product of the Golden Age of PC games.  (even though released 2003)  The Golden Age was the 90s.  New genres were being born constantly; not we have safe templates to follow.  Will Wright, Sid Meier, and others were pioneering entirely new models of game play.  They were not simply porting board games to PCs, but makings games that could only exist on PC.  Budgets and teams and returns had yet to become huge.  You could gamble on ideas. SC4 although 2003 was born out of the culture and formula of 1990s and golden age of PC gaming.
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