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      If you can, please help us reach our June donation goal!  Please note that the STEX Collector's Set gift can now be sent to you by digital download, as well as by mail! Simtropolis runs mostly on donations, as you know, every dollar helps us keep things up and running and bring in improvements from time to time. Donate and Get a Gift or Donate Any Amount Thanks so much! - Dirktator & The Admins
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      We've received a recommendation to consider some hardware upgrades to our aging server. As our website community software improves with more and more features, and as we bolt on additional features such as chat, the additional load to handle all these new toys is taking the server a bit to task.  You may have noticed that we've been forced to temporarily disable the chat as we work out allocating resources for more optimal performance. We've also applied a number of 'soft' changes such as caching options and experimented with server configurations (nginx as proxy, for example), so the hardware aspect is something we'd like to be able to upgrade. The last time we upgraded hardware was a in 2012. Your donation will go toward helping us to 1.) migrate to a newer server or 2.) at least get some ram/cpu/storage updates and any other infrastructure hardware or services. Your contribution means a lot!  Donate and Get a Gift or Donate Any Amount Thanks so much! - Dirktator & The Admins


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    • You are a very quick learner!!!!  Welcome to texturing, the hardest part to get right....so whenever I give advice, others are usually very quick to give an opposing view (as though this is somehow my first rodeo), but here goes anyway..... Ocean Quigley (the game's creative lead) is based in N California and his lighting-rigs and painting have a very unique light borne of his area (these are his public admissions, not my ramblings). If you've an artistic lean, and you're American, I would say to try and imagine the light in a Sonoma vineyard at 4pm on an October afternoon: everything is bathed in a warm peachy hue typical of Mediterranean regions in mid autumn and that is the game's palette. Otherwise, use the eyedropper tool in photoshop  Now you can actually have a blue roof. But it needs to operate within the values of sc4. Everyone knows these are very de-saturated. But they occupy the warm side of colours. The 3 Maxis buildings do not have grey roofs per se, rather they would be called beige (or greige). The biggest stand out is the saturation value - instead of a 6-11, yours has 31. Definitely lower this first and maybe decrease the blue a little, but as I said, the game can cope with a bluer roofing quite easily and maxis shipped a few buildings with blue tiles. Yours just stands out because it saturated and too cool. You can then use the same techniques for bricks, plaster, etc. If you are using gmax, then definitely use the maxis window texture they shipped with the bat at about a 40% opacity as it will easily fit in with the game. I used to stretch it to at least 40mx40m  
    • Ah looks nice. Are you going to create a whole row of buildings? The roof texture is indeed a bit to blue, but otherwise looks nice. The windows are perhaps a bit too dark, and some elements above the door would be good too. Perhaps also extrude the left and right corner walls a bit forward to give some more depth to the building? edit: some sort of gutter running down the front could also work (see also picture below for gutters running down the building). Also (since I am such an experienced modeler ;)), I always include a caping stone on the wall to deal with the texture wraping around the top of your walls. Like so: (I am refering to the grey [concrete] edges on the top of the walls). They also make architecturally sense as they reduce erosion on the bricks.
    • Moved indeed And is easier than it seems. Use the PIM-X to create a new lot from the original building model. To install it, you will have to look for dll dependencies, they are enumerated on the read me.  Once installed, change the name of your plugins folder and create a new one, only with the files of the building you want to repurpose. Then open the PIM-X and on the upper right table look for the model at the end. Then drag it to the upper left list and drop it on the desired category. Once the data appears on the lower right table, right click the occupation level field and change the value using the side image as reference: 0 if the volume is empty, 1 if it's full, or a decimal in between. Save that dialog and on a new right click, select 'create a new lot...' Save, as it's ready, or enter with a right click on the lot editor to add props. 
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