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* * * * * (4.91) 4 reviews
149 downloads (802 views)
updated Yesterday, 01:10 PM
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MOD - WALL-TO-WALL INDUSTRY Acme Boiler Factory by jestarr     1 - INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW   As the first upload in a series of IRM W2W lots based on BAT models made by other artists, I present to you Acme Boiler Factory, a BAT made by jestarr. Unlike most other...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (4.89) 7 reviews
244 downloads (961 views)
updated Today, 07:37 AM
ETAA - Treatment Plant and Water Expansion.This station produces 1 million and 900 thousand milliliters per second and makes the water treatment capacity of 2500 milliliters per second.For a lot you will pay 5496.00.Maintaining 125.00.The cost per cubic meter of water is 18.00.   Installatio...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (5.00) 5 reviews
115 downloads (739 views)
updated 47 minutes ago
FANTA1990 Presents:   You may remember an earlier post featuring several new "skins" for the vintage wind power plant. While each bore minor cosmetic differences, they all shared the same default model shipped with the game. A few attempts by others to redesign it lacked animation, func...
* * * * * (4.75) 0 reviews
45 downloads (729 views)
updated 23 Jan 2015
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MOD - WALL-TO-WALL INDUSTRY Expansion Blocker       1 - INTRODUCTION / OVERVIEW   If you use the IRM W2W, you have the Base Pack and the blockers you need to switch back and forth between regular IRM and wall-to-wall industry. What about new uploads, thou...
FILE: Lots
* * * - - (2.80) 5 reviews
593 downloads (2787 views)
added 21 Jan 2015
ah yes, welcome .   in this mod its like the other 2 but now for others, (foreign cities, heros/villans, amusement park, ect..)   this mod is broken down for different packs, for example the British city set has its own folder, and so does the hero pack.   just follow the folders i...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * - - (2.71) 0 reviews
502 downloads (2449 views)
added 20 Jan 2015
Hello there , this is my second mod, this mod is related to the recent free mod.   this is the free mod but for COT now. note it is only the COT file, and you need the other download too for Everything to be free.   there is no known incompatibilities known yet,   you do need The C...
FILE: Game Mods
* * - - - (2.00) 4 reviews
236 downloads (2675 views)
updated 20 Jan 2015
Hello there. This is my first upload.This mods makes all construction costs and maintenance costs disappear.This only applies to the base version. Does not count COT or others.I don't know of any incompatibilities or issues but if so , let me know.Thanks and enjoy
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * * (5.00) 11 reviews
268 downloads (909 views)
added 18 Jan 2015
If you had $2 Million, what would you do with it? Buy another house that will only be used in the summer? Go off on a cruise around the world? How about upgrading your wheels? The Pagani Huayra, faster and more advanced than your father's Zonda, is by far the best car you will ever own. This 720-...
FILE: Props
* * * * * (4.95) 13 reviews
2,640 downloads (2289 views)
updated 16 Jan 2015
Just a random project I felt the urge to undertake. This is partially inspired by a shopping center near me.  For comments/feedback/critique/praise or just to see what's coming up next (I have 40+ b62 building is queue), visit my lot thread over at Simpeg here or at Simtropolis...
FILE: Lots
* * * * - (4.33) 0 reviews
30 downloads (498 views)
added 16 Jan 2015
This is a parking lot for motorcycles. It was inspired by the motorcycle from Akira. I think all motorcycles in the future ought to look like that. This parking lot size is 1x1. It is transit enable, but that is only to achieve an effect. Nightlights are included.   Dependencies   NH Pr...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (4.93) 10 reviews
1,059 downloads (2078 views)
updated 17 Jan 2015
Description   As I don't know how to change icons, so maybe It is a little hard to find it, if you have too many plugins.   This is a seawall set aimed for aisa cities. No night lights. No railings,lights,people and so on, are added. You can add whatever you like. As it is SD output, th...
* * * * * (4.82) 5 reviews
97 downloads (741 views)
added 15 Jan 2015
This is a small park/plaza with a monument, made in a sci-fi style. Size is 1x1. There is a statue in the middle that is holding a bow, and four modern sculptures in the corners. The plaza has extensive night lights.   This plaza has no dependencies.   Installation: There are two model...
FILE: Lots

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