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What's New

- - - - - (0.00) 0 reviews
2 downloads (19 views)
updated 18 minutes ago
This is technically my 2nd mod, but its my first homemade one. This mod adds the french police car lot to the small police station. The French Set is required for this mod to work. The difference from this to the regular police car is that the french police car is much faster than the regular....
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * - (3.50) 7 reviews
91 downloads (626 views)
updated Today, 03:50 PM
Presenting.....   INSANE FERRY!   This might be the first mod to have to come with a warning. This made peak hour very resource intensive in my city, and i have a pretty decent computer. Overusing this ferry mod will cause lagging and frame rate issues (which im assuming are the same r...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * - (3.83) 4 reviews
23 downloads (754 views)
updated Yesterday, 09:35 PM
Hi, this is my first lot. It's a medium-size fire department, very good for suburbs. Install it in your plug-ins past: Document\Sim City4\Plugins   Dependencies: LBT Mega Prop v01 MMP_for_BSC MEGA PropPack - CP Vol1 Light Replacement Mod - USA Set Peg One Flag - Many Nations bldgprop_vol1 bl...
FILE: Lots
- - - - - (0.00) 7 reviews
340 downloads (1421 views)
added Yesterday, 03:26 PM
NOTE: I COULD NOT FIND THE FILE THAT ALTERS THE LARGER FIRE STATION'S PROPERTIES. I WILL CONTINUE TO LOOK. THIS MOD ONLY APPLIES TO THE SMALLER FIRE STATION.   Hey everyone :D   What this mod pack does:   - Increases module count of fire garages from 4 to 15 (you can plop exactly f...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * - (4.20) 6 reviews
157 downloads (961 views)
updated Today, 07:53 AM
FANTA1990 Presents:   A cosmetic upgrade for the larger of two container cranes appearing in the game. Mounted on rails and protruding over the water, these container cranes are primarily associated with, but aren't necessarily limited to high-usage seaports. Traditional cranes manipulate th...
* * * * * (5.00) 16 reviews
240 downloads (636 views)
added Yesterday, 08:34 AM
The file contains different boats and buoys. They are in the seaport menu.     No dependencies.

Train Mods 1.0

by HyugaHinata | View other files
* * * * * (4.75) 17 reviews
713 downloads (3762 views)
updated Today, 11:47 AM
Hi all , i sucessfull fixed problem with train , Increase Sims to 500k , increase passager train 500 to 5000   Need SimCity-Scripts_287520926 to your simcityUserData / Packages folder     if u got any bug or problem send me message thanks     only works for sandbox mods (...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * * (4.56) 3 reviews
133 downloads (929 views)
updated Yesterday, 12:45 PM
FANTA1990 Presents:   A cosmetic upgrade for the smaller of two container cranes appearing in the game. These rail mounted cranes are primarily associated with, but aren't necessarily limited to low-usage seaports. Their versatility and slim stature is ideal when size and weight are importan...
* * * * - (4.00) 7 reviews
669 downloads (1963 views)
added 18 Apr 2014
Hello :D   What this mod pack does:   Police Station:   - Increases module count of patrol car lot from 4 to 6 (it should fit perfectly with the snap points) - Increases amount of jail cells from 4 to 10 - Increases total job capacity from 7 to 35   Police Precinct:   - I...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * - - (2.57) 5 reviews
65 downloads (407 views)
added 18 Apr 2014
Timis County is a county in the historical region of Banat, in southwestern Romania. In terms of area is the largest county of Romania. Its name comes from the river Timis. Today is one of the most developed districts in the country where the level of living is higher than the national average. G...
FILE: Maps
* * * * * (4.84) 12 reviews
273 downloads (1115 views)
updated 18 Apr 2014
This is a set of 5 parasol pines flora for the mayor menu. It contains 1 evergreen version: - summer You could find these creations in mayor mode at the beginning of the list. For LOTters, these trees are available in Lot Editor Props Section's, under the name: Grfe_parasol_pine_... Cooperation b...
* * * * * (4.83) 12 reviews
1,062 downloads (2719 views)
added 17 Apr 2014
Hello everyone :D   What this mod pack does:   - Increases module count of Recycling Collection Truck Garage from 4 to 20 - Increases module count of Reclamation Delivery Truck Garage from 4 to 10 and increases module count of plastic, metal, and alloy reclamation lines from 4 to 10 - T...
FILE: Game Mods

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