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6 downloads (622 views)
added Yesterday, 10:50 AM
Yes my first modeled bus for Simcity   Note: its BETA so there may be bugs Its only white no livery (yet) DO NOT COPY MY MODEL. but you may make textures :DDDDD   I DO take requests for buses/trucks but not cars. .THANK YOU     Part of SUGC      
FILE: Vehicles
* * * * * (4.75) 3 reviews
350 downloads (1865 views)
updated 28 Oct 2014
Named this way because it should be used with the Real Railway (NAM).   First, thanks: Thanks to Magneto for giving me the needed texture ID range. Thanks to Swordmaster to allow me to bungle his great rail textures.   Second, dependencies:   BSC Textures Vol 02.dat BSC Mega Prop...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (4.63) 14 reviews
190 downloads (928 views)
updated 28 Oct 2014
PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION, OR AT LEAST THE RED PART.     I am finally releasing my first BAT.  :)   Little Whinging is a town in the county of Surrey, England, in the world of Harry Potter. This BAT is, as I once said on the topic of Harry Potter Project, a generic version o...
* * * * * (4.75) 6 reviews
412 downloads (968 views)
added 27 Oct 2014
BP, sometimes referred to by its former name British Petroleum, is a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, England. It is one of the six oil and gas "supermajors," and is vertically integrated and operates in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploratio...
* * * * - (4.19) 16 reviews
409 downloads (3618 views)
updated 27 Oct 2014
Well After Sometime they are out "Plopable Great works" Please Read below before downloading     the Fully built Great works that just need plopping     Some Notes    There is a small thing about them They are NOT bulldozable    and they will not be at a co...
FILE: Buildings
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* * * * * (4.80) 13 reviews
311 downloads (945 views)
updated 29 Oct 2014
EDIT: 29.10.2014. Attention. I managed to forgot include the K6 Type PhoneBox Prop. One propfile was missing and there phonebox square lot didn't not function. Please download the new file.   This is a prop pack for Victorian and early 20th century British style street furniture....
FILE: Props
* * * * * (4.85) 8 reviews
368 downloads (1588 views)
updated 22 Oct 2014
Need to travel over to the next town? Well, there are many ways you can get to your destination. The only problem is, each way you take is either time consuming or inefficient. So why not design a faster way of travelling? Well, there is one way that will allow you to cut travel times down to alm...
FILE: Props
* * * * * (4.71) 11 reviews
362 downloads (908 views)
added 22 Oct 2014
What does raw, uncontested power look like? How about in the form of a muscle car! The kind of power in a car built for one purpose in mind- to own the road and humiliate 16-year-olds who are trying to copy what they saw in The Fast and the Furious. And not only do we have the finest models of to...
FILE: Props
* * * * * (4.77) 13 reviews
102 downloads (477 views)
added 22 Oct 2014
We have to go back! Back to the past, so we can go back to Back to the Future. The way I see it, if you're going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style? Powered with 1.21 Gigawatts, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious stuff! Ju...
FILE: Props
* * * * * (4.75) 8 reviews
458 downloads (1499 views)
added 21 Oct 2014
Albertsons LLC is an American grocery company founded and based in Boise, Idaho in 1939. It is the second largest supermarket chain in North America after The Kroger Company.   This beautiful BAT was originally created by Bobbo662 (aka B62). Unfortunately, due to real life circumst...
* * * * * (4.81) 5 reviews
447 downloads (1663 views)
updated 22 Oct 2014
Circuit City Stores, Inc. was an American multinational consumer electronics corporation. It was founded in 1949 and pioneered the electronics superstore format in the 1970s. Circuit City liquidated its final American retail store in 2009, following a bankruptcy filing and subsequent failure to f...

NH Props V1 1

by KonstantinII | View other files
* * * - - (3.00) 5 reviews
53 downloads (763 views)
updated 19 Oct 2014
Hello everybody! These are my props that I've been working on for the past months. It is a future theme. There are 14 props total, and 4 props has night lights. You can use them for your lots with Lot Editor. Also these props will very likely be dependencies for my other uploads. The Read-Me doc...
FILE: Props

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