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* * * * * (5.00) 14 reviews
722 downloads (1858 views)
added 27 Sep 2014
Hello and Guten tag.   Today, I release this EURO Express MOD.   This MOD includes 2 type of cars at present. ICE1 EUROSTAR class373   If you install, chose one type from among these files.   Thank you.
FILE: Vehicles
Back again, guys! This time with a midsized skyscraper (right at 270 meters high). I present to you PhoenixNews International, your number one source for news around the world!    She's a fully functional landmark, with 1500 CO$$$ jobs. The tower sits on a 5x3 very simple lot. It'll be...
* * * * * (5.00) 8 reviews
318 downloads (1654 views)
added 23 Sep 2014
The Ring of Fire ~by: blunder   Howdy Folks.  A bit of an announcement; i'm quasi-retiring from the mapping and custom content business.  You know how it is; not enough time, definitely not enough motivation, too much RLS...  Anyways, my apologies for this, but i'm canceling a...
FILE: Maps
Hey guys :)   This mod creates a new submenu for the EL Train mod done by oppie.   The EL Train items that were originally in the MagLev submenu are now in this new submenu.   You need the following mods in order for this to work correctly:   EL Train mod - http://community.si...
Hello all , Udon One Way Street can Be Upgrate exemple Low Density One way street to Low Density One way Street With no traffic light.     Not Compatible with :   •  BoC •  UDoN-Addon •  Bridge and Tunnel mod     How to install??   1)Make sure have Udo...
OFFLINE ONLY   This is my first mod ever for simcity (5) 2013 , so let me explain what i have done in this mod called RESTRUCKS .   This mod changes the frecuency time that all service car (police,fire trucks,ambulance) arrives to your town , and not only the service cars it also change...
FILE: Game Mods
<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p   Installation notes Extract Files to . .\SimCity\SimCityData Copy Files from . .\SimCity\SimCityUserData\ “SimCityDLCEP1-Scripts_287520926.package” “SimCity-Script...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * - (4.43) 5 reviews
241 downloads (1228 views)
added 21 Sep 2014
This is the same as Felgard's Cross Over Mod.  It has only been updated with the Cities of Tomorrow expansion.   Please report any bugs.   To install, extract either the 'COT Crossover All Roads' package or the individual roads package you with to use into '..\SimCity\SimCityUserDa...
* * - - - (1.88) 1 reviews
90 downloads (778 views)
updated 21 Sep 2014
:thumb: Hola, This is a map for picturesque big cities I hope you like!!! :party:   It has all big cities, and I worked pretty hard on it....but I will let you be the judge.........
FILE: Maps
I present the Justice Close Housing pack. First shown in my thread in November 2010.  This pack consists of 7 (R$$4 1x2, residents 14 to 18)  lots in both standard & HD Versions.   Contained within the file are 3 .dat files. see "read me" for details. It is important that you p...
* * * * * (5.00) 18 reviews
948 downloads (2077 views)
updated 20 Sep 2014
1520 Woodward Avenue was built in 1917. In 1945, women's clothing company Lane Bryant bought the building and had the facade reclad in the Art Deco style by noted local architect, Charles Agree. Although abandoned by the apparel company in the 1980s, the building is still referred to by its forme...
* * * * - (3.90) 5 reviews
978 downloads (2283 views)
updated 18 Sep 2014
These LOT forests have been specially created that would clean the air in your city.   Dependencies: Nope   Composition and description:   Small Forest - weak clears the air on a small area. Area LOT 1x1 Medium Forest - Good clears the air. Area LOT 3x3 Huge For...
FILE: Lots

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