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added 32 minutes ago
Red Roof Inn was incorporated by founder James R. Trueman in 1972. The Inn first opened in Columbus, Ohio with a single room rate of $8.50 USD in 1973. Today, Red Roof Inn has more than 325 locations, serves millions of guests each year and employs over 6,000 people. Majority of Red Roof Inns loc...
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updated Today, 01:58 AM
KOSC presents: ITS Office Parks - Ill Tonkso Plaza   Introduction Its time to break the monotony of Maxis themed office parks! Today I'm introducing Ill Tonkso Plaza, a massive multi-MEGAlot complex as a tribute to one of my favorite BATers and his kit of incredible midrise buildings, a cate...
FILE: Lots
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The Rio 2016 Olympic Project is proud to present...   Christ the Redeemer Cristo Redentor is a 30 metre Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, created by French sculptor Paul Landowski and built by the Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa, in collaboration with the Fr...
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added 02 Mar 2015
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MOD -WALL-TO-WALL INDUSTRY  Silver Rock Sunflower Seed Company by jestarr 1 - INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW The ninth upload in a series of IRM W2W lots based on BAT models made by other artists is Silver Rock Sunflower Seed Company, another BAT made by jestarr....
FILE: Lots
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updated 02 Mar 2015
Hello again, for now I create this set, it consists of 6 rural churches and 2 synagogues. These churches are mostly located in historic region Gemer in southern Slovakia. All BATs are landmarks. This pack consists of:   3 small rural churches and 1 small synagogue: cost 15000€, size 1x2:...
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added 01 Mar 2015
The PosCom Corporation is proud to bring our corporate HQ to your city and provide up to 1092 high wealth office jobs for your citizens!     CO$$$ - Stage 7 - 1092 Jobs   3x3 lot   Dependencies: N/A       I said years ago that I would not re-up this model but si...
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updated 01 Mar 2015
Overview: This is the second set of my MEH Office Park series focused exclusively on medium wealth buildings. This is a larger package encompassing 3 building types: 2 of the buildings have 8 different lot layouts between them while the last one has two. This makes for a grand total of 18 differ...
FILE: Lots
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updated 01 Mar 2015
NYBT NYBT 2639 And 2641 Jerome Avenue, by Aaron GrahamCreditsAaron Graham- Building Creator/ Modder cmdp123789- Shop Namer/ Growth Testerwwetom- Growth Tester elavery- Shop Namer FrankU- Shop Namer romualdillo- Shop Namer Jack_wilds- Shop Namer metarvo- Shop Namer   I present...
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updated 28 Feb 2015
Overview: This is the first set in an attempt to expand Maxis' current kit of low-midrises into a larger complex of homogeneous buildings, similar to the structure of many suburban office parks in North America. The lots are designed to grow on large (>=5x5) plots of land such that there shou...
FILE: Lots
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added 28 Feb 2015
Hello here is a small mod,   What this mod does is that it increases the number of doctors and the capacity in both the clinics as well as large medical centers.   So after installing this mod, you won't get the message saying that "No - funding flu" and also u won't find any strikes in...
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updated 28 Feb 2015
This is the first in a series of lots as part of my Maxis Enhancement Project (dubbed MEH). The aim is to provide interesting new lot configurations of Maxis buildings with minimal dependencies as well as enhancing/retooling the current kit for more growth options.   Overview: One of the fir...
FILE: Lots
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updated 26 Feb 2015
25 x Large cities with rolling hills. Based very loosely on the city of Sheffield in the UK but is in no way accurate. Sheffield is very hilly and does not readily lend itself to Sim City 4 so certain liberties have been taken to make it more playable. Industry is generally situated around the ri...
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