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Santa Clara 1

by jose L Ortiz | View other files
* * * * * (5.00) 0 reviews
7 downloads (96 views)
updated Today, 05:53 PM
Hello friends today I bring you this new map for an example. This map was created on a Mac using the following programs.     1, SC4StartupManager.   2, SC4 Mapper 2013.   The function of the program:   SC4StartupManager: This program is used to take the image of the...
FILE: Maps
* * * * * (5.00) 4 reviews
254 downloads (1257 views)
updated Today, 06:57 AM
Megatower Limit Increase   Previous limit of 8 megatowers has been changed to 100, which is more than what can fit in the map (screenshot attached has 25, and it was a coastal map).   Limit shows /100, but only the last 8 built are shown in the menu. Im unsure if this can be modded or n...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * - (4.33) 6 reviews
197 downloads (1280 views)
updated Today, 06:49 AM
Just a basic mod to add the megatower base to the menu, so you dont have to delete the default levels if you want something else. No other modifications made.   BUG : just noticed a bug with this, where the roads dont get placed. you can place them manually but its a bit fiddly. i'll see if...
* * * * - (3.50) 8 reviews
215 downloads (1692 views)
added Yesterday, 02:34 PM
hi all This is a Simcity4 to simcity5(2013) mod this mods the dirt roads and makes them streets and makes the all the roads black ​and this will also make the medium density avenue middle to what is on the ground     How to install   extract the RAR and pl...
* * * * * (5.00) 21 reviews
475 downloads (3391 views)
updated Today, 05:51 PM
This mod conflicts with "ExtendedWorkerDataInRollover". This causes it to plop on roads with its rail connection part - rendering it useless. However, by simply renaming the mod to "00rotatedtrain", for instance, fixes the issue.     It's plop-able on roads, not the railway. No nee...
FILE: Buildings
* * * * * (5.00) 12 reviews
667 downloads (2115 views)
updated 22 Apr 2014
Hello :)   What this mod pack does:   - Increases module count of trade depot delivery truck garages from 4 to 6 (maximum amount of garages you can fit) - Increases module count of trade port delivery truck garages from 12 to 15 (maximum amount of garages you can fit) - Increases module...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * - - (3.00) 1 reviews
95 downloads (441 views)
added 21 Apr 2014
This map (#4) shows the Poel Island which is in the Bay of Wismar. This map contains 10x8 small cities, so it is 9,6km x 7,7km large. This file includes a SC4M-file, a grayscale image and a config. To bring it into the game I would recommend to use the mapper.
FILE: Maps
* * * - - (3.10) 5 reviews
275 downloads (1451 views)
updated 21 Apr 2014
Short description:   This plugin contains a few lots designed to be placed in the center of an irregular shaped roundabout as seen in the screenshot. These roundabouts are occasionally found in my cities when I need to connect several roads of different width (especially avenues) in a way t...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (5.00) 17 reviews
884 downloads (3640 views)
updated 21 Apr 2014
NOTE: IF YOU HAVE THE PREVIOUS VERSION OF THIS MOD AND WANT TO GET THE NEW VERSION, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DELETE THE OLDER VERSION FROM YOUR SIMCITYDATA FOLDER.   Hello everyone :)   This mod allows you to plop modules that can be plopped on roads to be plopped farther away so you no lon...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * * (5.00) 1 reviews
141 downloads (1243 views)
updated 20 Apr 2014
This is technically my 2nd mod, but its my first homemade one. This mod adds the french police car lot to the small police station. The French Set is required for this mod to work. The difference from this to the regular police car is that the french police car is much faster than the regular....
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * - (3.83) 13 reviews
628 downloads (3223 views)
updated Yesterday, 05:55 AM
Presenting.....   INSANE FERRY!   This might be the first mod to have to come with a warning. This made peak hour very resource intensive in my city, and i have a pretty decent computer. Overusing this ferry mod will cause lagging and frame rate issues (which im assuming are the same r...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * - - (3.40) 4 reviews
50 downloads (1165 views)
updated 19 Apr 2014
Hi, this is my first lot. It's a medium-size fire department, very good for suburbs. Install it in your plug-ins past: Document\Sim City4\Plugins   Dependencies: LBT Mega Prop v01 MMP_for_BSC MEGA PropPack - CP Vol1 Light Replacement Mod - USA Set Peg One Flag - Many Nations bldgprop_vol1 bl...
FILE: Lots

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