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* * * * * (4.94) 22 reviews
126 downloads (979 views)
updated Today, 09:13 PM
I know this mod happens to coincide with April Fool's but I decided to release it today since I couldn't wait any longer! :party:   This is the real, legit SimCity 4 3D Camera Mod; It allows you to finally run SimCity 4 in Full 3D.(the other one is a fools joke, this one's real!) I...
* * * * * (5.00) 0 reviews
105 downloads (385 views)
added Today, 07:36 AM
My first Cities Skylines map , enjoy :D Unzip and put on Maps folder   C:\Users\yourPCname\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps
FILE: Maps
* * * * * (4.80) 0 reviews
220 downloads (582 views)
updated Today, 02:31 PM
Add (some) variety to your Level4 residential neighbourhoods... with the River Residence     The residence is a 10 floors - 40 meters tall habitation building, it has been designed to fit well into the existing ingame buildings of this level.   It's standing on a 4x4 parcel and is...
FILE: Buildings
* * * * - (4.00) 2 reviews
97 downloads (262 views)
updated Today, 07:03 AM
A medium Parking Lot with trees. Room for 24 cars(I think). :thumb:  
FILE: Buildings
* * * * - (4.00) 0 reviews
72 downloads (220 views)
added Today, 06:56 AM
A large community Park. Size: 16*8 :thumb: 
FILE: Buildings
Featured Screenshot
* * * * * (4.73) 23 reviews
67 downloads (1001 views)
added Today, 03:38 AM
Are you tired of props disappearing in your city? Prop Pox plagued cities can be a real eyesore. Rescue is on the way with the Prop Pox Exterminator! Install this package in your plugins folder and the Pox will be gone! Located in the parks menu, plop this one 1x1 lot somewhere in your city, save...
- - - - - (0.00) 0 reviews
143 downloads (428 views)
added Yesterday, 09:27 PM
Roundabouts are always good to use in intersections. This is not the exception. Maybe the four straight shortcuts aren't necessary. Thanks.   Installation: Subscribe to my Steam Workshop page to receive an update automatically. Steam Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/...
- - - - - (0.00) 0 reviews
88 downloads (187 views)
added Yesterday, 08:17 PM
It seems easy to do. But to make it as small as possible and having 3 levels , it's a pain in the ass. Less gap between highways and smoother curves than version 1.0. Final release.   Subscribe to my Steam Workshop page to receive an update automatically. Steam Workshop link: http:...
* * * * * (4.90) 14 reviews
61 downloads (593 views)
updated Today, 06:04 AM
The free camera mod for SimCity 4 is here!   Some old lurkers may know that in a press conference some ten years ago or so, a few of Maxis' top devs stated that a free camrea was planned for SC4 originally. However, not that far into the project, the idea was dropped, due to it making the ga...
* * * * - (4.35) 21 reviews
384 downloads (1247 views)
added Yesterday, 04:00 PM
One folder, all the dependencies you need… and even more! If you don’t want to read the background story, feel free to skip this paragraph. In March 2014, I lost my computer and anything I had on it, including the new under development version of Barsoom Project. One year has been past and I stil...
FILE: Props
* * * * * (5.00) 0 reviews
146 downloads (483 views)
updated Yesterday, 07:16 PM
Freeway to freeway interchange. This is the default in-game version. I replaced the (8) on-off ramps on highways, for greater traffic capacity. I built some pedestrian bridges because they look good and are always useful. Comments always welcome. Thanks.   Installation: Subscr...
* * * * * (5.00) 4 reviews
94 downloads (432 views)
updated Yesterday, 01:06 PM
This sunken-highway SPUI was made in the editor with a modified Terraform Tool mod. I basically modified it to be loaded in the editor.   It measures 46 cells long in the direction of the highway, 30 cells across for the arterial. The stubs are too short though; you'd better extend them...

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