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* * * * - (4.33) 2 reviews
88 downloads (612 views)
added 30 Jan 2015
This set of two Dutch Minor League Stadiums is part of my set of Dutch Reward Lots that replace the Maxis Rewards. The lots replace the Maxis Minor League Stadium. You have the choice between Football and Baseball. You can only use one reward lot at a time in your plugins. The lots have exactly t...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (4.93) 15 reviews
303 downloads (886 views)
updated 30 Jan 2015
NYBT Barton Paul, by Aaron GrahamCreditsAaron Graham- Building Creator/ Moddercmdp123789- Growth Tester I present you Barton Paul, Located in Bronx, New York City in the neighborhood called Mount Hope. This five story apartment was finished in 1955, the architect is Post-War. Barton Paul til...
* * * * * (4.95) 23 reviews
357 downloads (1615 views)
added 28 Jan 2015
Hello, I present you my little set. This set consists of few parts. Theme of this set is again historic and from Central/ Eastern Europe. Architecture is typical for former the Kingdom of Hungaria. Nowdays, there are countries like Croatia (without Dalmatia), Serbia (North part), Transylvania (No...
* * * * * (4.85) 2 reviews
311 downloads (1149 views)
added 28 Jan 2015
Founded in 1946 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, the chain has 1,754 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Lowe's is the second-largest hardware chain in the United States and also is the second largest globally, behind The Home Depot but ahead of the European stores B&Q...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (4.86) 2 reviews
170 downloads (577 views)
added 28 Jan 2015
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MOD -WALL-TO-WALL INDUSTRY  G&K Metal Fabrication by jestarr 1 - INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW The third upload in a series of IRM W2W lots based on BAT models made by other artists is G&K Metal Fabrication, another BAT made by jestarr.  The bui...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (4.67) 1 reviews
750 downloads (558 views)
updated 28 Jan 2015
Version 01 : 1.28.15   This is a small pack that contains miscellaneous b62 props as well as my custom prop families and may be a requirement for some of my future uploads. This currently contains only 3 props and a handful of prop families (most for LBT Vehicles), but more will be added as...
FILE: Props
* * * * * (4.89) 12 reviews
343 downloads (1456 views)
added 27 Jan 2015
MGB presents... Cataylst's SAM7 Bikepaths   Installing this mod will change the regular SAM7 Asphalt streets from the NAM to new ones which include bikepaths. Options include LHD/RHD and EU/US Textures so this should work well with almost everyones configuration.   Every one of the SAM...
* * * * - (4.17) 5 reviews
68 downloads (1660 views)
updated 27 Jan 2015
Just a change to the property which controls its menu, and this once unknown object comes into the community's light. These signage samples from the CoT expansion pack show all of the signs available in the game for futuristic buildings.   What's the reason? I have no idea.   Introducti...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * * (4.91) 5 reviews
5,485 downloads (1076 views)
updated 26 Jan 2015
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MOD -WALL-TO-WALL INDUSTRY   American Licorice Company by jestarr  1 - INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW   The second upload in a series of IRM W2W lots based on BAT models made by other artists is American Licorice Company, another BAT made by jestarr.    ...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (4.88) 1 reviews
164 downloads (828 views)
added 26 Jan 2015
UMEI - Municipal Unit of Child Education   A school for their children can study all day while you work.Amount of total vacancies: 4200Cost to place the school: $ 500Maintenance: 100 Installation: To install is easy, simply extract the file to your plugins folder.\\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugi...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (4.94) 7 reviews
247 downloads (1503 views)
updated 26 Jan 2015
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MOD -  WALL-TO-WALL INDUSTRY   Acme Boiler Factory by jestarr     1 - INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW   As the first upload in a series of IRM W2W lots based on BAT models made by other artists, I present to you Acme Boiler Factory, a BAT made by jestarr. Unli...
FILE: Lots
* * * * * (4.64) 11 reviews
477 downloads (1940 views)
updated 25 Jan 2015
ETAA - Treatment Plant and Water Expansion.This station produces 1 million and 900 thousand milliliters per second and makes the water treatment capacity of 2500 milliliters per second.For a lot you will pay 5496.00.Maintaining 125.00.The cost per cubic meter of water is 18.00.   Installatio...
FILE: Lots

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