Final Fantasy 7 Planet 0

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World Map from Final Fantasy 7, 2049x1473 so it's big. This is my first map upload, and you can find enlarged pics in the CJ Thread, , but the thread is DEAD, so please don't resurect it.

Update: (8.5.04) New In-Game shot now that I've finally finished rendering the region. Also, those of you familiar with the game will notice that I've placed the foundation of Midgar... I found that the terrain separates the sections better than anything... THAT FOUNDATION IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE MAP! Thanks again for the support!

Update: (2.27.05) Wow, this map continues to do well.  I've updated the Config.bmp to remove as many of the little cities as possible, which should help on the initial loading.  I've stopped playing SC4, so there's never going to be a CJ on this unless another expansion comes out, but I'm glad that over 800 people have downloaded my work.  Those of you who haven't yet downloaded it, please rate it if you like it!  Thanks! 

Update: (10.5.05)  I'm happy and pleased that the map has gotten over 2249 downloads as of today!  I never imagined it would do this well, but I guess the extra time spent paid off.  Thanks to everyone, and enjoy! :-)

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