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This file was originally hosted on the EA SimCity 3000 Building Exchange. They have since removed the site and therefore it has become abandonware. I retrieved the file via the WaybackMachine. All credit goes to the original architect.

Building: A1 Clongowes Castle (79 Kb)
Architect: A1 Donal J,D,F, Neligan (4)
Date Uploaded: 11/2/1999
Tile Size: 3x3
Height: 9 blocks
Volume: 1426 blocks
Building Type: Other
Custom Decals?:  YES
Description: Castle Browne part of Clongowes Wood College. This Irish college is famous around the world for its Rugby and Academics.

About ratings: Please rate this file how you actually feel about it. It is not my creation and I will not be offended by a low rating.  The idea here is to amass enough realistic ratings that they will mean something to other peeps considering the file. Note that typically it's considered a faux pas to rate one's own upload. However, since these are not my own creations I will also be rating them as I see fit.

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I believe this is a pretty good creation. I give it 4 of 5 since it could be even better.

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  • 5

5/5 for 100% pure genius of not putting a drawbridge facing the moat.  What good is a moat if it is something that can be lowered to allow a gift-horse?  The front of the castle is open and clear, let all contenders, pretenders, posers and wannabes, make their play in the plain of day, else pack away under the rock from whence came.  Truly excellent work.

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That's a quite interesting building, kudos for retrieving it. It would be nice if it could be worked over, textures-wise, for instance (and lotting, of course). Having some wear on the stones and roofs, give some depth to the walls' relief (the towers' tops !.), as the whole thing lools more like a drawing than a (false:-)) 3D object...You, know, that kind of thing ?

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  • 5

congratulations in retrieving this file   is it possible to also retrieve files from the old Maxis SC4 exchange?

there were a lot of good stuff buried in all the fluff on that site too

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