• Moose

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About This File

Work With:
- Cities XL 2011
- Cities XL 2012
- Cities XL Platinum

Mod Requirement:
- XL User Interface Mod

Make Sure you have the latest version Of cities xl 2011, 
Cities XL 2012 or Cities XL Platinum it Might Not Work

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    • By IsoElukka

      Transit King is looking for Pioneers! Thanks to the courtesy of Dirktator and the rest of Simtropolis people, we're here to enlist!
      Here's a short description:
      In this new free-to-play tycoon game Transit King, your job is to take over the transport company of Henry Goodwin III, who’s more into horse polo than hard day-to-day work. The surrounding towns and villages evolve into glimmering cities as you fulfill their requests for food, clothing, goods and mass transit. Transit King offers an approachable yet elaborate take on tycoon games with multi-tiered goods chains and gradual expansion into new areas of transit business.

      We got big plans for what Transit King can offer with the final release. The current version concentrates on truck traffic, with buses, multiplayer and more to follow. We’re aiming at Fall 2017 release with Summer spent on adding features and polishing them up for the final game. Pioneers with suitable Android devices can hop right in with iOS users to follow soon after. Pioneers are not just glorified beta testers, but front runners whose feedback will help us make Transit King the best it can be! BON Games is a small team from Finland, we're aiming high to bring you a solid laid-back tycoon experience for mobile devices.

      - A group of players ready to test beta builds, give feedback and help Transit King evolve during the summer for the launch
      - Give feedback/bug reports/suggestions about the game straight to the devs 
      - If they like Transit King, maybe mentioning it to their friends
      - Early access to the alpha and beta builds
      - Special in-game title of “Pioneer” with a golden nameplate (once the game's complete)
      - Premium currency called Transit Notes periodically during development and a big pile on game's launch
      - And of course, the eternal gratitude of BON Games team!
      For more info, feel free to post questions and comments here, or send me direct messages through Simtropolis or email (matti.isotalo@bongames.fi).
    • By NICK97
      Mod Requirement(s): Cities XXL Community Patch Mod Tag.cfg Game Requirement(s): Cities XXL Tag: <Tag>CivicService;Education;T4;UnqualifiedWorker;Executive;QualifiedWorker;MS18;GemCity;FilterTag;Original</Tag>
    • By mattb325
      Old Delaware County Courthouse, by Mattb325.

      A request by a fellow simcity player, this building drew its inspiration from historic photos and drawings of the Delaware County Courthouse that once stood in Muncie, Indiana.

      Sadly, this eyecatching courthouse with its high victorian 'wedding cake' design and grand side staircases was demolished in the 1960s.

      This game asset is offered as reward that DOES NOT replace the original in-game courthouse (nor any other custom lot) and it is offered without the need for pre-existing criteria to be met. It can be placed more than once in a city and can co-exist with the default Maxis courthouse reward if you so wish.

      In addition to the benefits of enhanced crime fighting offered by the courthouse, I have modded this building so that it also provides 50 very desirable civic R$$ jobs, has a positive effect on commercial areas, provides a landmark effect, improves the mayor rating and is useful in lifting residential demand caps that hinder city and regional development.

      The cost to the monthly city coffers for this government building and all of the benefits it brings is $118.

      It sits on a 6x6 lot and is sure to make a grand centerpiece for any small city.


      Plop Cost: $68,900
      Bulldoze Cost: $5,580
      Power Consumed: 38 Mwh
      Water Consumed: 75 Gallons
      Pollution: 2 (air) / 1 (water) / 13 (garbage)
      Radius: 2 / 3 / 0
      Occupant Groups: Reward, YIMBY, Courthouse

      DEPENDENCIES: (note you must be registered with, and logged into, the SC4D Lex to download these)

      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01
      BSC MEGA Props CP Vol02
      BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol02

      To install, simply unzip the files into your plugins folder

      Thankyou and enjoy.
    • By Moses Zal
      I need to know please the center strength, exterior strength, dispatch center strength, dispatch exterior strength, and dispatch radius of the maxis large fire station. I couldn't find the info anywhere.
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