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Torre Multiva is a building located in Guadalajara, Mexico, the height is 301 ft (92 m ). 


A Landmark Building.


This file Includes: Functional Landmark with 1,200 CO$$$ Jobs

To install: Unzip the folder inside and dragg it on C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugins

User Feedback


You would have made the tallest building, it looks dwarf, not because they measure less than 100 meters, it means that a dwarf building is made.
You should make the new buildings that are being built in our country: Mexico, with dark night lights.
I love buildings like this.
Or Modify other buildings like the National Palace with dark lights.
I would like to see more Mexico buildings here in Simtropolis, and many others in the world.
But hey I like it as it looks.


Hubieras hecho el edificio mas alto, parece enano, no por el hecho de que midan menos de 100 metros, quiere decir que se haga un edificio enano.
Deberias de hacer los nuevos edificios que se estan construyendo en nuestro pais: Mexico, con luces dark night. 
Me encantan los edificios asi.
O Modificar otros edificios como el palacio nacional con luces dark.
Me gustaria ver mas edificios de mexico aqui en simtropolis, e igual muchos otros a nivel mundial.
Pero bueno me gusta  como se ve.

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@Kingdom city Por desgracia no es posible modificar modelos existentes una vez que han sido exportados, por lo que para hacer el Palacio Nacional con luces dark night se necesitarían los archivos originales de Gmax o de plano hacerlo de nuevo.

Hay que entender que estos proyectos se hacen como hobby, no es el trabajo de los creadores, es además un proceso laborioso y tardado, por lo que lo único que uno puede hacer es pedirlos y no esperar que por ello el creador vaya a interesarse en hacerlos. Diego es el único BATer mexicano que ha habido en un buen rato, y estoy seguro de que en sus proyectos hay edificios mexicanos, además de los que ya ha hecho. *;)


Unfortunately, it is not possible to modify existing models once they have been exported, so, to make Palacio Nacional have darknight lights you would either need the original Gmax files or to outright model it all over again.

We must understand that these projects are hobbys, it's not the creator's job, it's also a laborious and time intensive process; only thing one can do is to request them without expecting the creator to be interested just because one requests it. Diego is then only mexican BATer that we've had in a while, and I'm sure there are mexican buildings in his projects, besides the ones he's already done. *;)

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Correcto @Kingdom city y @Edvarz voy siguiendo una agenda apretada de edificios, pero en en sí tengo más de 50 edificios mexicanos en lista de espera que no he modelado aún. Además de los foráneos y mi plan de remasterizar algunos modelos de Maxis, desgraciadamente no tengo tanto tiempo para pegarle a esto, sólo lo hago en las noches ya que llego del trabajo (Esto de la arquitecteada no te da chance de nada) o cuando mi novia no me demanda tiempo ¬¬ !!! , y también respecto a edificios ya hechos yo no los puedo modificar,  :( , pero por lo pronto hay mucho que hacer de México sólo hay que tener paciencia y se irán sorprendiendo, ya tenia muchos hechos pero mi compu antigua se murió :O y perdí muchos modelos que ya tenía listos, y muchas horas de trabajo. Y  sobre torre Multiva esas son las medidas reales, yo trabajo en el piso 15 de este edificio, lo conozco como la palma de mi mano, además del 110 % que JasonCW recomienda estirarlo para escalarlo con referencia a las escalas humanas del juego. Saludos! 



Guys, I'm following a tight list of buildings to do, but in that list are more than 50 mexican buidings. Plus International buildings, and my plan of remastering some Maxis Buildings, unfortunately, I don't have enough time time to do this, only at night when I'm back from work (Real Architecture demands a lot of time) , or when my Girl gives me free time ¬¬ !!!, about building already uploaded from other authors I can't modify that, but for now I have many Building to do of Mexico, so be patient and you'll surprise ! 

About Torre Multiva, trust me, I know this building very well I work in at 15th level, and I stretch all building 110% as JasonCw recomended. Regards ! 

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@Diego Del Llano Leí lo de tu computadora, es por eso que no te he molestado con Torre Mayor... *:rofl:

Tarda lo que tengas que tardar, la vida real (y la novia) siempre van primero, sé que al final el resultado valdrá la espera. Último comentario ya, porque me cansé de estar traduciendo. *:P


I read about your computer, that's why I didn't bother you with Torre Mayor... *:rofl:

You take as long as you need to, RL (and the GF) always come first, I'm certain that in the end the result will be worth the wait. Ok, this will be my last comment, because I'm tired of translating everything. *:P

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    • By Sgt Pepper
      Better Images in Description

      I have updated my Twin Towers I BATed back in September to bring you a new

      I felt the updated was much needed after finding some time to do so. I feel now they stand as they should
      for SimCity 4's standards.

      I'm sure most of us already know about the Twin Towers, what they were, what
      happened to them, etc. They were once great landmarks located in Lower Manhattan, in New York City. They were once the tallest buildings in the city and the state of New York. Standing on top of either tower would give you a feeling of being on Top of the World.

      If you'd like to learn more about them, feel free to read their Wikipedia Article for starters. Personally, I find them to be marvels of architecture. I miss them highly, and I hope that they can stand indefinitely in SC4 at least.  

      Installation Instructions:

      You do not have to demolish any lots. You can either delete the original
      model files from the previous upload and replace them with the new model files,
      or you can simply use the zip file to replace all files at once. The lots are
      exactly the same previously, the only change is the model files.


      Each tower sits on a 5x5 lot.

      Each tower is CO$$$ and provides about 21,000 jobs each.

      They are ploppable landmarks only, and are found in the landmarks menu.

      Dependencies- None! All added props for these towers are included.

      Special thanks to Mattb325 for modding the first version, then doing some more modding work for the new version. Thanks as well goes to T Wrecks and Gn_leugim for their opinions on this.


      I hope you all will enjoy this update! I tried to update the original upload
      and unintentionally deleted it.

    • By Heblem
      A tipical Mexican (Mexico) pharmacy and store that sell diferent stuffs from medicine to food, you can plop or make it grow in the game.
      Landmark plop and growable
      Lot size:
      Position in the menu:
      Landmark menu (not apply on growable)
      CS - 84$ wealth:
      $ - Low wealth Bulzone
    • By Diego Del Llano
      The Torre Reforma is a Mexico City skyscraper with a height of 800.5 feet (244.0 m) to the roof and housing 57 stories, in 2016 it became the tallest skyscraper in Mexico City, exceeding both Torre BBVA Bancomer at 771 feet (235 m) located just across the street, and Torre Mayor at 739.5 feet (225.4 m) located next to it.
      Construction began in May 2008. The complex will host a restaurant, a shopping mall, entertainment areas and DOOM International's Reforma Gym. The construction of the building will be managed by Vertical Capital Group while LBR and Architects is in charge of development.
      This file Includes: Functional Landmark with 5,000 CO$$$ Jobs
      To install: Unzip the folder inside and dragg it on C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugin
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    • Thank-you for making it clear how to connect the water pump.   It was a detail that I overlooked in my description because I was running the tests using the utility radius mod.   I think from now on in my descriptions I will offer to assist anyone that may have issues with making the lot work.  That may help preventing jumping to conclusions.  I'm including a new preview using @CorinaMarie 's graphic that shows how to connect the pump.
    • Ah! Howdy! Those are cars! Especially the red one shortens commuter times!
    • I followed the steps that came up but in the end there was an error message, "The system cannot find the file specified"
    • In nature, the complex of dance begins with single cells, tropisms, although independently motivated according to the nucleus responding to gravity, tides and light, but gradually all evolution can be seen as a dance of chemicals and forms.  The more complex the dance, the more complex the life-form.   When I watch male and female figure skaters I am stunned by the extreme complexity of coordination of physical, sensory, cognitive and pure ability of flight that my species is capable of.    Dare I say, I am honored to be human.   All our technology and art are just toys compared to the actual material ability of ourselves as conscious physical beings.  As well, in the sciences, male and female have unique cognitive and perceptual abilities that are complimentary and mutually facilitative.  There's no limit to what can be achieved by human beings who know how to dance.
    • The water texture is designed to show dynamic flow, a churning of the water as if an industrial process is taking place.   Its supposed to be clean fresh water, so it would appear more saturated blue with whitecaps.  The texture and saturation also helps to distinguish it as clearly water and matches the tone and texture of the surrounding buildings.   In my texture pack I designed 4 different water textures for different applications of light.   As well, the darker tone of the water would be natural to the depth and confined space where there would be less scattering of light. Go ahead and feel free to suggest another one, or one you can imagine that might fit better.  Thanks for the feedback.