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Base Textures Vol 1: Elements, for SC4 1.2.0

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About This File

These textures are freely useable and distributable for any SC4 user created content, if they are used in lot-making it is better to refer to them as a dependency and link back to this file to keep file space on the STEX free of mulitiple repeated content.  The texture data file is located in the FOLDER: Elements Textures DAT, 3 sample lots are in the FOLDER: Elements Sample Lots, and 1 7x8 test lot showing all 55 textures  is now included in the FOLDER:  Test Lot 7x8 Park. Also included are the 2 previews showing all the textures and this text in readme.txt and HTML.

The texture '.dat' file size is 498K with 55 textures.  This volume is called 'Elements', including diagonal, broken, patterned and squared stone, dirt, grass, metal, pavement, sand, water and wood.  Also included are 3 sample lots found in the Parks Menu, each have been made functional for radical purposes of helping with start-up cash, reducing pollution and garbage, and recovery from nuclear meltdown.


FOLDER: Elements Textures DAT
FILE: SC4_BaseTextures_Vol01_1_Elements.dat

FOLDER: Test Lot 7x8 Park
FILE: A0A_Base_Textures_Vol01_Elements_55_Test.SC4Lot

This is one lot with all 55 textures in a 7x8 grid.  This lot may be used to preview the textures in-game, then delete. 

FOLDER: Elements Sample Lots

1.) Subfolder: Patterned Grass (Anti Pollution)

Menu description: Base Textures Elements (Anti-Pollution)

Vol. 1: Grass Texture.  This lot is a sample which also provides some radical relief from pollution and garbage.

2.) Subfolder: Color Reg Mark (Radiation  Reducer)

Menu Description: Base Textures Reg. Colors (Anti-rad.)

Vol. 1: Elements, Use this lot as a registration mark for color and contrast.   In RGB, Red (255,0,0), Green (0, 255, 0), Blue (0, 0, 255), and Gray 50% (127, 127, 127).  This lot will radically decrease radiation.  Use this lot in the event of a nuclear power plant meltdown.  When you plop this lot you will see the Maxis 'Sparkles of Purification'.

3.) Subfolder: SC4 Logo (50K Business Deal)

Menu Description: Base Textures Elements (Bus. Deal)

Vol. 1: Elements. 55 Textures: Stone, Dirt, Grass, Metal, Pavement, Sand, Water, Wood.   Use Lot Editor to see all the textures. This lot will radically increase your income by 50,000 Simoleons a month,  Use this lot to help get your city started, then bulldoze it.   When you plop this lot it will appear as a 'Business Deal' in your budget panel.



To install the sample lots copy and paste the 'Elements Sample Lots' folder into your User\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder.  The sample lots are found in the Parks Menu.

To install the textures copy and paste the 'Elements Textures DAT' folder into your User\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder.

The texture images are derivatives of images from a variety of commonly, freely shared sources, hand re-worked for use with SC4.  The design of the textures leans toward lower contrast, saturation and brightness as more usual in realism, and for dimmer screens.  

If using them for creating and distributing SC4 lots the '.FSH' file may be extracted and included as a '.DAT', but don't re-distribute changed associations between the image and the ID (instance) as that could impact another user of the file.  No crediting is required, but no claim of original artwork should be made if redistributing them with SC4 lots.

The Texture ID Range was assigned by the BSC Texture Index at SC4 Devotionhttp://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2101.0  To redistribute variations of the textures or to make your own, request and use a unique personal Texture ID Range at SC4D.


What's New in Version 1.2.0   See Changelog


Corrected some text.   Added 7x8 test lot with all 55 textures,  refined textures, adjusted color, brightness, saturation, contrast.  New previews with changes.

Further Improved contrast and brightness.

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Initially, I was concerned about the scaling of the stones and concrete pavers, but after testing them out on the buildings I was surprised to find that they fit pretty well. Especially with larger (taller) buildings, the larger size works well; this is something that I think other texture packs tend to gloss over in favor of small patterns. I am not at all a fan of the grass & water textures, but the sand and "sand-like" textures also are pretty promising.
Good job overall!   

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  • 5

Can't ever have enough base textures! Nice work.

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      Next I select FLUP from the Transportation Tools / Build Roads menu and hover it over the Road where the intersection used to be. By default it is the Ramp for underground Road.

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      And here it is after plopping. (It now looks like a normal road with the same kind of sidewalks you get next to commercial zoning.)

      Going back to the Transportation Tools I select FLUP again. (It's back to the Ramp for underground Road.) I position it one square north of the Road at the south end of the Street in the empty space.

      Press Tab key until it changes to Street ramp connecting to underground road.

      Press Home key once and it rotates to the proper orientation:

      Now click to plop it and we see the Street going down a ramp which looks like it's going under the road.

      With this particular FLUP still on the cursor I moved directly south of the Road in the space between the rest of the Street.

      At this point I thought I could just use Home or End keys to rotate it into position, but NO, that didn't work. So, I moved south one more tile so it was on top of the Street and then it auto rotated.

      Next I moved it back one tile north next to the Road.

      And here it is after plopping:

      To test that it would actually allow traffic thru, I then connected the east end of the Road with the south end of the Street forming a small square with them:

      And using the Route Query tool we see 2 cars and 1 freight truck are now using the FLexible UnderPass.


      Edit: Useful tip suggested by @Mandarin(a): Use Shift-Tab to cycle thru the items in reverse order. This is especially useful if you hit Tab too many times and want to go back to a previous option.
      Note: This is the ideal part of a community helping each other. I was aware of this, but it did not occur to me to include it when I was writing this guide.
      Edit 2: FLUPs can be use as underwater tunnel too. See Ro-Bo's: How to Build Underwater Tunnel Using Flexible Underpasses (FLUPs).
      Edit 3: I've added a Tutorial for Road under Rail to this thread.   Edit 4: Added Tutorial for Avenue under Rail.
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