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Heretic IRM Fillers Diagonal Walls Expansion 1.0.0

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Well finally I got the time and put together this little set of diagonal IRM walls expansion.
Altogether this pack contains 15 new lots based on @T Wrecks' IRM Fillers (I-D, I-M, I-HT), each set gets 5 new pieces (2 full concrate - one with grass props, one without them -, 2 sidewalk-concrete - same variation like concrete version - and a dirt-concrete). 
Same stats as the original IRM Fillers. They can work without the original set, but strongly recomended using with them. :)

Dependencies (like the original set):

SFBT Essentials - for the diagonal overlay, the barrier, and those nifty positioning indicators. This pack will be used on upcoming filler sets as well.

BSC Mega Props Jestarr Vol.01 - for most of the cargo props and some ancillary objects

BSC Mega Props Jestarr Vol.02 - some less important props

BSC Mega Props Gascooker Vol.01 - for the containers and a dumpster model I used.

Rail Yard and Spur Textures Mega-Pak 1 Version 1.02 - for the base textures.
RealRailway (RRW) NCD BSC Texture pack Update (v1.0)

Maxis Buildings as Props

BSC Mega Props CP Vol.01


SM2_Tyberius_Ovsx4_tex.dat (INCLUDED) - Huge thanks to @Simmer2, who let me attache this little file to this pack.

- Tyberius

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  • 5

Excelent! very versatile, as the original set.

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    • Dirktator


      Hi Community! We're almost there for our March goals!  I just wanted to keep the momentum going so if you are able to help, please donate and get some gifts in exchange! Thanks so much to those who have helped out this month, we really appreciate it.
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    • By DavidDHetzel
      So I'm looking to make some IRM compatible commercial relots.

      What are the texture hex codes and the exact name of the props used for the various walls in the IRM filler set?
      @T Wrecks I feel like you'd be good at answering this.  
    • By AprilAero
      So I've converting a small section of MHW to RHW and I've got a diagonal segment of Motorway, I'm not sure how to get some kind of crossing cross it, to make an interchange. what can I do?? 
    • By Bombardiere
      This is my entry for the Content Creation Competition. A 1x1 ploppable triangle lot for diagonal corner filling.
      I got my inspiration from Prepo's Triangle Parks, but I wanted to do something different. Something more industrial and grimy.
      This is a functional landmark with 14 I-M jobs. The pollution is low so this can used in the city centres.
      I have made a custom foundation, so it can be used with slopes. This does not float on the air like Prepoäs lots. Also both Dark Night and Maxis Night versions are included. However it does not have nightlights. These seem not to be working with overhanging props and I don't know any workaround for that.
      None. (However if you use my Clerkenwell Library FAR version, you can delete file InvisibleLibrary-0x5ad0e817_0xc40b002e_0x30000.SC4Model This is a duplicate and the same file is used in both FAR Clerkenwell Library and Vic Shoppe Lots)
    • By CT14
      FAB Diagonal Industrials
      Type: Landmark (I-M) Menu: Landmarks Lot size: 1x1 (overhanging building prop with right angle 45 degree trapezoid footprint) Plop cost: 50 Bulldoze cost: 10 Capacity satisfied: 23 Prop family: 1, 2, 3, 4 story buildings in HD Variations: Left and Right versions Theme: 19th century/early 20th century/brown brick/W2W Night lighting: Maxis About:
      Here is the first release in the Fractional Angle Building series, the FAB Diagonal Industrials. They fill the space next to any diagonal network. Mirrored left and right versions are included.
      The buildings use a prop family with between one to four stories appearing randomly on placement.
      No dependencies.
      Version history:
      2/19/2017: v1.0 release
      Development thread:
    • By Simmer2
      Hello everyone.
      This time I bring you a set of 10 Rock MMP's to liven up your rural scenes.
      This pack comprises of 3 different color of "Muro Secco", its a type of "dry wall"  made of local stones and are prevalent in some European countries such as Italy, France, Spain etc. The country side is dotted with them.
      Used as a type of fence to mark property boundaries and to hold livestock within while out to pasture.
      I also made 4 different color slate stone pathways, also seen in those countries to go with the ensemble.
      And finally I made 3 different sized and colored bedrocks.
      They are slope friendly and can be used under water if you so wish.
      You will find them in your Mayor menu.
      No dependencies!
      Have fun.
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    • Hey guys your comments are Hilarious, XD, I'm sure not a Robot or I don't use drugs,  But the truth is that I many of my models are ready since long time ago, I took a rest in 2016, but in this time I modeled many things, but they are finishing, So new models will take their time to be uploaded.    Thanks for your comments, enjoy.
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    • It's seven o'clock,  just doing my usual early morning inspection on Simtropolis ...and now I spilled my coffee.