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Also known as Federal Plaza, this urban square unifies Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s complex of three buildings of varying scales: the mid-rise Everett McKinley Dirksen Building, the high-rise John C. Kluczynski Building, and the single-story Post Office building. The granite tiles of the plaza continuously flow into the glazed lobbies of these International style, glass curtain-wall edifices, visually and physically connecting the interior and exterior spaces. Low, rectangular granite benches and raised planters define and edge the plaza, while a square planting area with four deciduous trees offers shade for several additional benches. Alexander Calder’s iconic red sculpture, the 53-foot “Flamingo,” adds vibrant color to the black and grey pavement. The piece was commissioned by the Government Services Administration and installed in 1974 to great fanfare, unveiled following a parade celebrating Calder’s work, with the artist sitting atop a circus wagon pulled by 40 horses. Associated architects that have played a role in the complex’s long history from 1959 to 1974 include Schmidt, Garden & Erickson; C.F. Murphy Associates; and A. Epstein & Sons. The plaza is home to a regular farmers market and is a frequent site for political gatherings.


This file Includes: 

Kluczynski Building: Landmark with 4,000 CO$$$

Dirksen Courthouse: Landmark with 4,000 CO$$$

Loop Postal Station: Landmark with 300 CS$$$

To install this Unzip the folder inside and dragg it on C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugin

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4/5 like the model and subject.. lotting is better and has something to look at... texture and lighting still need improvements... progress is being had though... so don't quit

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Another solid recreation. Thank you for this!

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Thank You to share. Great job

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thank you for sharing all your work in creating this beautiful addition to SC4 cityscapes

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      So my project is a modular medieval wall that is currently made out of 7 parts of a 6m high set. This is the short version, which is suitable for town walls, but a 12m set is planned. I might also do a 9m version but don't quote me on that.
      The wall parts are based on the great "stone wall" template of Sparks, so they can be placed freely and conform to terrain. I tried to make their stats balanced in terms of entertainment value. I wanted the towers to avoid flattening the terrain and as I'm not good with playing with building's properties, I went with a water tower template without stats. It's not the most convenient but it works. It's also worth noting that the assets only really work well with an anarchy mod (especially the gates that I made without roads for more freedom).
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    • By Yohane Architects
      Violet Tower
      Size: 1x1
      File:Landmark File
      Type: Landmark/Commercial
      Place of Origin: Ryuto City, TARALOM
      Violet Tower is a nice purple tower in a huge business district.
      this building I used my custom windows i made for BAP but its now a sjs landmark.
      Unzip the folder and place this in your C:\GOG Games\SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\PlugIn\ folder.
    • By Cool_Z
      Ok... we have a tool for importing rendered buildings into SC3K : 
      I've already done a quick test a few days ago : 
      Now I'm trying to streamline the process.
      What's needed :
      - Finding the correct lights for rendering
      - Finding the best method to avoid a pink outline (because the buildings are using a crude transparency method)
      - Find the correct orientation depending on what you want to see ingame
      Here's where I am now (importing one of my Skylines buildings again)

      As you can see, the transparency is perfectly ok. The lights should be much brighter (I found a reference for it but the values seem to be far under what is actually needed. I posted the result anyway because it took me some time to get the next steps right... I'll test later in a cruder way just to find the correct light amount to use.
      Also this building needs some props.
      Stay tuned for more buildings, and certainly a step by step tutorial on how to do all this.
    • By Cool_Z
      Good day fellow citybuilders.
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      It's named after the Chase Manhattan building because it's almost a 50% reduction of the big real one.
      It's a commercial/office building (but can also be used as an habitation building) sitting on a 2x2 lot.
      The file includes a ready to use landmark version, but also a .sjs file that you can extract to use it as a replacement building. To extract it you will need the SimCity 3000 Unlimited Rendering Kit that you'll find here :
      Have fun 
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    • I know it's sized 2x1, but what kind of residential do I need to zone for this to grow? Light, medium, or high density? Or does it not matter? Anyone who can answer I appreciate it.
    • Love your work, but since a handful of files now from different users require offsite files that link to dead links I wish it was a rule here that all dependencies should be on site somehow. Thanks for the reup of the files...
    • I'm still working on the Maxis Vanilla tilesets presentation, but yeah its endless how many amazing artists have contributed to the SC4 repository over the past 14 years.  The problem with the tilesets and with RCI is that there's too much repetition.   I'm going to use for the first time a Maxis blocker that will eliminate all vanilla repetition and reveal whatever user created programming defines.  However, my project is not specific to agriculture.   We'll get back to that later.
    • @RandyE Thanks! I grabbed that one too. I'm not ready yet to kill them all, but I do want other stage 3 farm buildings to compete with Pedriana. Ideally I'd like to find a few more. In the meantime I'm now on a downloading frenzy getting all of @dk1's stuff. Their simple elegance (and the convenience of no dependencies) makes them ideal for mixing in with my otherwise nearly plain vanilla Maxis content.
    • @CorinaMarie It works for me !!