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TMIP Volume 2 MMLs 1.0.0

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Taxiway Marking Improvement Pack Volume 2
Menu Management Lots

This package contains Menu Management Lots (MMLs) for TMIP Volume 2. Three different MMLs are included:

  • zzz_FAF_TMIP2_Dark_GatesLettersArrows_MML.dat - Terminal letters, gate numbers, and directional arrows on the dark ramp texture.
  • zzz_FAF_TMIP2_Light_GatesLettersArrows_MML.dat - Terminal letters, gate numbers, and directional arrows on the light ramp texture.
  • zzz_FAF_TMIP2_Dark_Roads_MML.dat - All of the PLT-ARP and SCAG-ARIP roads on the dark ramp texture.

When this package is installed, the lots will no longer appear on the menu. To make them appear, build the MML lot in your city. After approximately one game month, the TMIP lots will appear in the Airport menu. To hide the icons again, bulldoze the MML lot and reload your city.



TMIP Volume 2

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      Hi Community! We're almost there for our March goals!  I just wanted to keep the momentum going so if you are able to help, please donate and get some gifts in exchange! Thanks so much to those who have helped out this month, we really appreciate it.
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    • By fafalone
      Taxiway Marking Improve Pack, Volume 2
      Project lead, additional overlay textures, lots, and modding by fafalone
      Ramp textures by AC Team
      Road overlays from PLT's Airport Roads and ShadeSlayer's Airport Road Improvement Project
      The Taxiway Marking Improvement Pack Volume 2 (TMIP2) is a large expansion of first volume, encompassing many lots in several categories. This once again greatly expands the level of detail you can make with RMIP2-style taxiways and airports.
      Dark ramp conversion of PLT's ARP project Dark ramp conversion of ShadeSlayer's SCAG-ARIP project Centered terminal-over-road piece to fit some gate lots Dark ramp conversion for diagonal terminal building lots Additional vehicle boundary options for both light and dark ramps Taxiway stop points for all types (dark, light, apron, and green) Large terminal letters (A through F) for both light and dark ramps Directional arrows (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, and NE) for both light and dark ramps Gate numbers (1 through 20) for both light and dark ramps 3 types of airport equipment yard lots, for both light and dark ramps Addition ramp filler pieces (2x2, 3x3, and 4x4) for both light and dark ramps Individual lotted airport vehicles on light ramps, dark ramps, light roads, and dark roads: ----Tugs (6 types) ----Hose Truck ----LD3 Baggage Carts (4 types) ----Stair trucks (2 types) ----Airport Fire Truck ----Catering Truck Usage Note
      The installation is divided into main folders for each category, and within each of those folders all lots are present individually. You can delete any category folder or individual lot that you do not need without effecting the rest of the install (just don't delete the "core" files, FAF_TMIP_Vol2_Core.dat, and FAF_TMIP2_Roads_Core.dat if using either road set).
      AC MEGA Textures Vol01 AC MEGA Props Vol02 SCAG Mega Dependency #1 SCAG Mega Dependency #2 BriPizza Ground Handling Props Set A BriPizza Ground Handling Props Set B BSCBATProps RT SNM Vol01 Note that while technically not required, this package doesn't make much sense without the projects it's expanding: TMIP Volume 1, PLT's Airport Roads (ARP), and SCAG Airport Roads Improvement Project (ARIP).

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    • By DavidDHetzel · Posted
      5x5 is even more uncommon in my mind especially when it comes to custom content.

      As for the building they're amazing and some of your best work, and the fact they came out at the time CS was at its lowest point in the STEX I think these are a worthy addition.
    • By DavidDHetzel · Posted
      Neat idea, but man, this building didn't age well. :/
    • By DavidDHetzel · Posted
      Zero7 was a very underated BAT, his texture work here shows why he should be on the pantheon of amazing BATers.
    • By RandyE · Posted
      About 20 mins to render.  Lots of water tiles open for island building.  The beaches are smooth and waterfronts good for building large cities with ports.  The arrangement of tiles is not random but optimized for city organization.  The transitions in elevation follow natural contour lines.  The overall texture is smooth.    This is a good map for a long term project of building a large region of cities connected by sea, land and air.
    • By tariely · Posted
      Another keeper !  You ARE on a roll.  Thanks.
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