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Taxiway Marking Improvement Pack (TMIP) - Volume 2 1.0.0

(5.00)    (4 Reviews)

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About This File

Taxiway Marking Improve Pack, Volume 2

Project lead, additional overlay textures, lots, and modding by fafalone
Ramp textures by AC Team
Road overlays from PLT's Airport Roads and ShadeSlayer's Airport Road Improvement Project


The Taxiway Marking Improvement Pack Volume 2 (TMIP2) is a large expansion of first volume, encompassing many lots in several categories. This once again greatly expands the level of detail you can make with RMIP2-style taxiways and airports.


  • Dark ramp conversion of PLT's ARP project
  • Dark ramp conversion of ShadeSlayer's SCAG-ARIP project
  • Centered terminal-over-road piece to fit some gate lots
  • Dark ramp conversion for diagonal terminal building lots
  • Additional vehicle boundary options for both light and dark ramps
  • Taxiway stop points for all types (dark, light, apron, and green)
  • Large terminal letters (A through F) for both light and dark ramps
  • Directional arrows (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, and NE) for both light and dark ramps
  • Gate numbers (1 through 20) for both light and dark ramps
  • 3 types of airport equipment yard lots, for both light and dark ramps
  • Addition ramp filler pieces (2x2, 3x3, and 4x4) for both light and dark ramps
  • Individual lotted airport vehicles on light ramps, dark ramps, light roads, and dark roads:
  • ----Tugs (6 types)
  • ----Hose Truck
  • ----LD3 Baggage Carts (4 types)
  • ----Stair trucks (2 types)
  • ----Airport Fire Truck
  • ----Catering Truck

Usage Note

The installation is divided into main folders for each category, and within each of those folders all lots are present individually. You can delete any category folder or individual lot that you do not need without effecting the rest of the install (just don't delete the "core" files, FAF_TMIP_Vol2_Core.dat, and FAF_TMIP2_Roads_Core.dat if using either road set).


Note that while technically not required, this package doesn't make much sense without the projects it's expanding: TMIP Volume 1, PLT's Airport Roads (ARP), and SCAG Airport Roads Improvement Project (ARIP).



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I love you...... seeing not just new things, not just some small piece about RMIP/AC/SCAG but such a big pack in 2017 just made me want to cry:]. I have been use alpha release for a while but still I should spot this final release earlier. BTW, is this an official SCA Group working? If yes, is that mean some of the SCAG members are STILL online? If that's all true that will be SIMPLY AWESOME!!!

PS: I was doing random searches about SCAG on school computer when I was bored, then I found this and also found the ST page of a police car mod that I didn't know how it went into my Plugins folder and need to get rid of. So I rushed back to my Homestay and then just in 10 mins ago I installed Lot Editor successfully on my laptop, no need wait until the Christmas holiday to go home and deal with those lots that I want to edit...

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Airports haven't gotten enough attention lately, so it's good to see your absolutely stellar work!

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awesome project well done 5/5...

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