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This is a dependency pack currently containing some prop families, it groups several props found in the LBT Mega Prop Pack. I will be using this upload as a dependency for my next releases. I will also be adding some prop fixes, more families and maybe textures in the future, so be sure to check for updated versions!

Included in this download is a "Dev Files" folder for those who want to use this pack for their lots: This folder contains Prop Family names for easily identifying the families in the Lot Editor and PIM-X. There's also a couple of test lots showcasing all the props i grouped in this pack.

This pack does not contain any new props, only new instances of already existing props, it also doesn't contain any overrides of already existing files, so you don't have to worry about bulldozing anything in-game. For further clarification you can refer to the "Technicalities" section below.


Make sure you download and install these files to your Plugins folder. If you don't, you'll get brown boxes instead of props.

LBT Mega Prop Pack vol. 01

Yes, this dependency needs a dependency; the files contained in this download are not redundant, however. To understand why you can refer to the "Technicalities" section below.


This pack contains new prop exemplars made out of existing prop models. For any model made for SC4 (be it vanilla or custom made) there can be multiple different instances (called exemplars), these exemplars can all have different properties but they all refer to the same model; this is why you can have a building model serve as both Commercial offices and as a static Landmark.

The props included here have properties different from the original ones but link to the same models, one of such properties is, for example, belonging to a prop family. Thus, the original packs linked as dependencies do not include my prop families, or any of my modifications or fixes; conversely, my pack does not include any different prop models, only different prop instances.


  • You can use this pack for your own lots if you wish, just make sure link to this pack as a dependency, along with any of the cascading dependencies.
  • I did not make any of the models, and do not claim any credit for them, all credit goes to the authors of the original packs.
  • If you run into any issues , want to see upcoming updates, or other things I'm working on, pay a visit to my lot thread in Simtropolis, you can also PM me here @Edvarz.

Thanks for your download and enjoy!




Acerca de

Este pack es una dependencia que contiene varias “familias,” que agrupan varios props del Mega Prop Pack de LBT. Por ahora solo hay instancias (exemplars) de props en este pack, pero iré añadiendo algunos props arreglados, más familias y quizá texturas en un futuro ¡así que mantente al tanto de versiones actualizadas!

En esta descarga se incluye una carpeta de archivos para creadores (“Dev Files”) para aquellos que quieran usar este pack en sus lotes: Esta carpeta contiene nombres para las Familias de props, que sirven para identificarlos mejor en el Lot Editor y el PIM-X. También hay un par de lotes de prueba (Test lots) que muestran todos los props que he agrupado en este pack.

Este pack no contiene nuevos props, solo nuevas instancias de props ya existentes, tampoco sobreescribe ningún archivo existente, así que no tienes que preocuparte de demoler nada dentro del juego. Para mayor claridad, puedes leer la sección de “Tecnicalidades” más abajo.


Asegurate de descargar e instalar estos archivos a tu directorio Plugins. Si no lo haces obtendras cajas cafés en el juego en lugar de props.

LBT Mega Prop Pack vol. 01

Sí, esta dependencia requiere otra dependencia; sin embargo, estos archivos no son redundantes. Si quieres saber por qué, puedes leer la sección de “Tecnicalidades” más abajo.


Este pack contiene nuevas instancias de props, creados a partir de modelos ya existentes. Cualquier modelo hecho para SC4 (ya sea original o creado por los jugadores) puede tener varias instancias (llamadas exemplars), cada instancia puede tener propiedades diferentes pero todas refieren al mismo modelo; por ello es que puedes tener un modelo de edificio que sirva tanto como Oficinas Comerciales como Monumento.

Los props que aquí se incluyen tienen propiedades diferentes de las de los originales pero refieren a los mismos modelos, una de esas propiedades es, por ejemplo, pertenecer a una familia. Así, los packs originales señalados como dependencias no incluyen mis familias ni ninguna de mis modificaciones; a la inversa, mi pack no incluye ningún modelo de props diferente, solo nuevas instancias de props.


  • Puedes usar este pack en tus lotes si así lo deseas, solo asegúrate de señalarlo, junto con cualquier dependencia subsecuente, como dependencias de tu descarga.
  • Yo no elaboré ninguno de los modelos, y no reclamo ningún crédito por ellos, todo el reconocimiento va para los autores de los packs originales.
  • Si encuentras cualquier problema, quieres ver actualizaciones por venir, o cualquier ora cosa en la que esté trabajando, puedes visitar mi subforo de lots en Simtropolis, aquí también puedes contactarme por mensaje privado @Edvarz.

Gracias por tu descarga ¡Disfruta de este contenido!



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      Hi Community! We're almost there for our March goals!  I just wanted to keep the momentum going so if you are able to help, please donate and get some gifts in exchange! Thanks so much to those who have helped out this month, we really appreciate it.
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      These are 22 lots of the billboards released in LBT TX PROP PACK VOL 01. The lots are very simple and don't have custom icon. The size is 1x1 and have a minimum monthly cost. They will appear in the Parks Menu ingame.

      Unzip the file to your plugins folder.

    • By Edvarz
      Hello, people of Simtropolis, this is my humble attempt at adding some custom content to my favorite game.
      I installed the Lot Editor a while ago to fix some old LBT (Latin american BAT team) lots that had things that I didn't like, and to try to make my own lots when they weren't to my liking, but also because I wanted to create a mexican-themed city; I even tried to recreate Mexico City (at least the famous parts) to some degree, seeing as how there are a lot of buildings from there for SC4. Since I like to actually run the cities that I create, I wanted my lots to be functional and thus learned how to mod. From what I've seen, those old LBT lots were horribly modded (they never grew on my cities, all were stage 1!!) I've also come across four big packs of models that were never released in any lot whatsoever.
      So, since I know the basics and I've already put some effort on my lots, it would be a good idea to go all the way and show them to the community, to get feedback and ultimately, to upload them and contribute to this great game. There are a lot of models to make a lot of lots (lol)...
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      This is a mini pack including four growable lots: three medium wealth commercial offices, and one medium wealth residential; they all develop in medium and high density zones. The original versions made by Tcxalapa (Tcx) were only avaliable as ploppable landmarks with jobs. This upload is meant to complement those lots, you can use these versions along with the originals if you so wish (and why wouldn't you? just look at the models ).
      Three of the buildings are wall-to-wall, all of them are HD models. Also, they were made to be used with SimFox's Day n'Nite mod. (They're not for Maxis Nite, and there's no Maxis Nite version, sorry)
      The lots are similar to the originals and have the same size, but the stats of these versions are calibrated in a different way, to ensure they play along nicely with the simulation.
      Make sure you download and install the files indicated here in your Plugins. You need to be registered in the LEX at SimCity4 Devotion (separate account than the forums)
      Only the .SC4Model files are strictly necessary, you can discard the rest of the files (unless you also want the ploppable landmarks with jobs)
      Edificio AQP Model Additional dependencies (same as the original version) BSC Mega Props SG Vol 1 Edificio LAN Miraflores Model Additional dependencies for this re-lot BSC Mega Props SG Vol 1 SCILT (SCILT is a pack of textures with several versions, choose the one that better matches the texture of your sidewalks; if you don't use any mod to alter this, choose the Maxis default version) Despachos Kreati Model Residencial San Cristobal Model Notes
      I did not make the models and do not claim any credit for them, all credit goes to Tcxalapa. However, I did give the buildings their stats and made lots for them; you can edit those lots or the descriptor files however you want, for personal use. You can't re-distribute any of the content included here without my permission.
      For that same reason, it's not in my hands to make a Maxis Nit version, the only originally avaliable version is DarkNite.
      The modding of this buildings was made using the PIM-X tool, so there shouldn't be any problem with these buildings throwing the game off balance.
      If you run into any issues, or want to see other things I'm working on, you can pay a visit to my lot thread here in Simtropolis, you can also PM me if you want.
    • By Hal Wing 917
      I had a system crash at Christmas and have been slowly reinstalling files. I'm FINALLY getting to reinstall my SC4 files.

      I keep getting the dreaded boxes, despite the fact that I have downloaded every file I can from the Boxes? section in here. I took a screen shot in hopes that maybe someone can tell me what I have neglected to do.

      Shoot! The screen shot won't paste. Here are the first three Plug In Pack numbers it shows missing:
      PlugIn Pack 1372154730
      PlugIn Pack 736382342
      PlugIn Pack 1871687276

      Among other things, there are buildings and bus stops that are showing up as boxes.
      City Error.doc
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