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Various Lot Foundations and Retaining Walls 1

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About This File


Please feel free to develop your own lots using these lot foundations/retaining walls, but if sharing them, please point to this files as a dependency.


Short description:

Some lots, when being placed on slopes, will either raise the floor beneath them, or cut into the hill. In the former case, a lot foundation is being created, in the latter, a retaining wall. Perhaps it's just me, but I’m quite surprised that I’ve only found very few plugins with custom foundations and none at all with retaining walls; therefore, I’ve turned some textures by Maxis or other authors (see below for credits) into lot foundations and retaining walls. This plugin therefore acts as a dependency for plugin developers, providing them with the necessary textures and exemplar files.



As it is a dependency itself, this plugin has no external dependencies.


Contained Files:

LotFoundations.dat: Contains textures and exemplar files for lot foundations. Mandatory.

RetainingWalls.dat: Contains textures and exemplar files for retaining walls. Mandatory.

TestLots.dat: This file contains some testing lots that have one texture from both files applied to them, allowing you to test them in-game. These lots do not cost anything and do not have any special features. They are at the bottom of the park menu. If you do not want these lots, you can remove this file safely.

Other than that, this download contains a Readme (unfortunately, due to its size, this time only in English) containing all necessary informations, as well as a tutorial on how to actually switch to another fondation/retaining wall and how to use lots if they are supposed to be placed on slopes.



Move or copy all files in this archive into the Plugins folder of your copy of Sim City 4. To uninstall, just remove these files.



This plugin should be compatible with all versions of Sim City 4. If you find out that this is not the case, please tell me.



My special thanks go to all authors that kindly gave me permission to modify and share their work. At the moment, this ist just one person:

  • Mas71: His set of Japanese hill retaining walls surely is part of the plugins that I’m using most frequently. Now, their functionability is even being expanded.

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User Feedback

Great job. This is a very useful thing. I want to use it. Thank you.

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great stuff, i'll have to look more carefully to see the textures, but this kind of texture packs are indeed nedded!!

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@Alan Waters I fear not. As much as I'd like to see it, this plugin does not contain any props, therefore, diagonals are not possible with a game based on an entirely orthogonal grid.

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Congratu for complete your works,  before that thank you for sharing and is used my walls designs too ;)
This is so great works with a nice idea !!

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