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NFSU2 Bayview map BETA 1.0.0

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Need for Speed Underground 2 Bayview map.

Still need some work updates coming soon!!!





Need for Speed-1474661771.png

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His Divine Hand

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Rendered city tiles have been banned from the STEX for a variety of valid reasons.  Not to mention that "works in progress" don't belong here, they belong in a showcase thread to get help on them, even if not illegal file type, this upload is poor.

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I put all 3 files into a new folder in the SimCity 4 regions folder and it all came together as a region in-game.  At less than 1mb I think its reasonable to allow single tile City.SC4 files to be shared on the STEX.   When I zipped all 3 files it came out as 653 KB.   As for the map from Need for Speed, it is interesting for building an SC4 city, and would be of special interest for players of that game which has a long history in the gamer world.   




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    • By NICK97
      Work With:
      - Cities XL 2011
      - Cities XL 2012
      - Cities XL Platinum
      Mod Requirement:
      - XL User Interface Mod
      Make Sure you have the latest version Of cities xl 2011, 
      Cities XL 2012 or Cities XL Platinum it Might Not Work
    • By SimMars Team
      SimMars is a mod for SimCity 4 taking the game to Mars. It will bring new buildings, transportation systems, user-interface and music and will replace the Maxis SimCity 4 content as far as possible, giving you the feeling to play a colony on Mars.

      Beta 3 is another step towards the goal of SimMars. Most main game functions and buildings have been replaced and the mod plays fairly well now. However, it is still a beta and hence unfinished. Not everything is replaced yet or fully functional.
      SimMars will install and play completely separate from your SimCity 4 installation.
      BETA 3 FILESIZE: 277MB
      Due to the size, the installer is hosted on an external file hosting site. Download the dummy text file here to get to the download location.
      UPDATE: There's been a bug discovered where the Mars Face landmark has no model file.
      Easy fix: Download the this file and place into /My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins_SIMMARS/+Landmarks/SM_LM_MarsFace

      Download the SimMars Region Pack here to add 7 new regions to your game.

      This download is for PC users only, a Mac compatible version will be released in the future.

      SimMars Beta 3 additions since last release:
      - 180 new BATs (buildings) of all types
      - new highway, rail, subway, elevated rail, toll booths and spaceport.
      - SimMars game launcher: Beta 3 launches individually from SimCity 4 (see installation notes below)
      - new User-Interface graphics
      - new disaster (Blow-Out, replaces fire)
      - 5 new music tracks
      - the first few automata models
      - new ordinances
      - transformed news items
      Main goals for the next release are:
      - creating and modding new automata models (vehicles)
      - implementing NAM elements
      - replacing avenue and one way texture

    • By TheLynx99
      Well it's here! With only 55 days to go, i thought i would bring a development update. Below is dev update 1. Beta 1 If you want to call it that. All dev updates will go here, and the final release will be in the actual City Journal Menu. (Between STEX and Gallery)
      Without further ado, SparkleCity Beta 1
      In fall of 1995, the population of Prowersville stood at only 32,000. This was already quick growth, since the city was founded as a US territory in 1994. By the kingdom's independence in October 2006,  the population reached over 1.5 Million. Eventually, ten years after that, the population stands at 2.4 Million. (2015 Census: 2,476,375) Below are three pics of the major centers of the city. Each dev update will contain three pics.

      Part of Downtown Prowersville, A lot of companies have built large complexes consisting of the same building. Several buildings are even copy-pasted all over the place.

      A large high school: Station Square High School located in downtown. It places the highest on the Sparkle Kingdom College Placement Exams (SKCPE)  with a 2270/2500 (91%) Average Score on the exams. Most of the highest placing students go to the University of Prowersville.

      The Miles Prower Mall, located in the Jasmine Falls township. Since it is 10PM, the mall is closed to anyone under the age of 21. (21 is the legal
      adult age in the SK) The mall contains a massive 374 stores, and is over 20 million square feet. Any minors caught in the mall after 8:30 PM can
      be sentenced to up to 2 years in the Juvenile detention center. (With hard labor)

    • By varrick
      I am having a problem with loading simmars on windows 7 (and yes I uninstalled the update that blocks sc4).  Simmars won't start, you can see it in the taskbar for a few seconds then it just closes itself.  if it makes a difference i am using the steam version of simcity 4.
    • By boformer

      Network Skins Module 2 is ready for release!
      But before I release it to the public, I need some testers who test the mod in different environments.
      To enter the beta test, just add me as a friend on Steam and open this page.
      Especially interesting to me:
      Build a large road system with many different Network Skins settings. Let the simulation run for a while. Use mods like No Pillars, Road Anarchy, Network Extensions or Traffic++. Save and load the game, restart the game and load. Are the trees and street lights still in place? It would also be great if someone could try loading a game without Fine Road Heights (unsubscribed, not only disabled). Uninstall the mod and load the save. Is it corrupted? Does it work on Mac/Linux? Before you subscribe to the beta, unsubscribe from the Pillar Changer mod. Network Skins replaces that mod.
      After the beta test (in about 48 hours), I will upload the mod as an update for Pillar Changer, so you have to subscribe to it again.
      Please send me the feedback here or on steam!
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