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Hi everybody,

I created this map two years ago to start a new region, I'm still working on my cities because this map simply gives a lot of space and (to me) is still interesting to build on. Two years after making this I still haven't changed a lot since putting it into use.... Making this map alone took quite some time...So I thought If I like it (and I'm very picky about maps -that's why I originally started this project) maybe some people would like to try this also.

So this is my map of Cape York or Blue Summit (still can't decide which name is better... what do you think?). It's 11x13 huge tiles. That's 44kmx52km = 2.288 km²!

It's loosely inspired by the region of Eureka, CA and Astoria, OR mixed together with the mountains of Olympic National Park, WA. Maybe I even used original map data and somehow meshed it together with paint, I can't even remember. Expect a very complex river delta made from three rivers confluencing in this region, very extensive riparian and zones and marsh inland, lots of plain space to build on. Many possibles sites for a harbour of biggest dimensions, marinas, "Manhattan-like" island downtowns, suburbs all the way up to the horizon, international airports, it all fits on this map.

I'm using the CPT_OlympicTerrainMod http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1637 ( with Columbus Terrain Mod as dependency...?) I recommend very much the CPT_No7a_OlympicCoast_TreeController  http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1638 if you plan to set it in the Pacific Northwest.

I also like RVT Coastal Mod - by rivit http://workingman-productions.co.uk/downloads/rivit_coastal.html. The grey Beach fits quite well to the Pacific northwest I suppose. Rivit's Coastal Mod has some nice choices for water, as well. Until now I couldn't decide though which is the perfect water for it, would love to hear some recommendations. I also use the excellent:

It comes as greyscale-png and .sc4m file, so you can alter it beforehand. I've to admit there's some blind spots in the most eastern border, but I literally lost all creativity shortly before reaching the finish line :D But it's a really small area, you won't settle there a long time.

Maybe I can post a rendered screen if there's demand...

Have fun with this one


Overview CityBorders small.jpg

Overview CityBorders small.jpg

User Feedback

Hi, welcome to the West Coast, the Cascadia/Sierra/Rocky Mtn. region of North America.  Isn't it beautiful?    Okay, so for the water I found PEG's WATER MOD Brigantine to be the best, its very realistic in textures, reflections, and colors for this lush rainforest environment.    Below are links to the water mod and a map I worked on based on the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

Cape York or Blue Summit?.   Cape York sounds kind of EuroAmerican/Atlantic.  I'll go with Blue Summit as the Pacific West Coast is well hydrated at higher elevations. 

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Your map looks beautiful, I like the varied landscapes fitting so naturally-looking together. Have you done a CJ on that?... I somehow remember seeing it before. I see no download link btw... :???:

Thanks for your input on the name. I also tend to Blue Summit, but couldn't have it described so well.

First thing I'm gonna do is trying out the water mod. :yes:

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2 minutes ago, Thin White Duke said:

Looks fantastic, but I'm not sure what happened to the snow cap, and I'm afraid it's going to affect how the map looks
in-game in a negative way. You might want to try sorting that out. :)

Hm, you're right, looks strange. Don't have snow ingame, even on the highest elevations (~1000m], so I guess its a SC4Terraformer-related issue.... :???:

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32 minutes ago, elliotwiley said:

I see no download link btw... :???:

Thanks.  I never uploaded the map as you see in the pic, it was the result of terra-forming 'in-game' from a map that CorinaMarie had been experimenting with.  The initial map was very choppy, she finally came up with a smooth version that is ready-to-build on. (linked above).  

I just started converting your huge region, and I can see why you've been building on it for 2 years, there's a lot of building area.  I used the SC4M file, but the jpg grayscale looks kind of too dark. 

Interesting you showed up today, I was just about to start building on Cori's 2.2 map today with the plan being to make a CJ with it.   So here we go... :)


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9 minutes ago, Thin White Duke said:

Looks fantastic, but I'm not sure what happened to the snow cap, and I'm afraid it's going to affect how the map looks
in-game in a negative way. You might want to try sorting that out. :)


8 minutes ago, elliotwiley said:

Hm, you're right, looks strange. Don't have snow ingame, even on the highest elevations (~1000m], so I guess its a SC4Terraformer-related issue.... :???:

If you look at the .png grayscale its very dark, there are smooth rolling hills across the terrain, but it looks like the higher 'alpine' elevations have been smoothed down below the snowline.   This makes the map completely buildable except for water areas, but not accurate to elevation.   They don't call them the Rocky Mtns for nothing, you can't exactly build cities up there, but the hiking and camping is awesome :)

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I've almost completely converted the SC4M version of Cape York/Blue Summit to region view with the realistic terrain mods.  I found the alpine elevations pictured below which I believe is Mt. Hood in Oregon, but could be a mix with Mt. Ranier in Washington State.   The great thing here is the alpine terrain is smooth enough to build a city in the sky --11 to 12K ft. at least. 

Mt Hood or Ranier.jpg

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    • By Funinthesun187
      This is a 1:1 scale map of the greater area of Boston, Massachusetts. Since this is my first map, there might be a few kinks. Areas include: downtown Boston, Boston Logan Intl. Airport, Cambridge, Winthrop, Brookline, and more! This map is almost completely flat, so it's perfect for heavy development.
      Instructions on installation in the readme file included in the download.
    • By RandyE
      There are now 2 files in this package which I will refer to as the 'original' and the 'new' file(s). 
      The original file is still in the package.  It is a file that I re-edited and works as intended, a flat blank tile with unlimited simoleons, but after I heavily terra-formed the map and began building a city, I noticed some inconsistent behaviors of the simulation which may be the result of it being optimized as a 'trainer' with all buildings and ordinances available.
      The original file is intended for the purpose of introduction to the complete set of goodies in the SC3U game, and to make it easy to get started using all the features, especially for focus on creativity.  The original file does not have a coastline which is required for use of the desalinization water pump and for creating seaports.
      The new file (V2) is more for the gaming aspect, it is a fresh-started city without any of the goodies 'cheated' into the game.  It is also a 'trainer' in that it starts with 1,000,000,000 in funds, but you must 'earn' the rewards as you build and manage the city.  The new file is clear of any other modification which may interfere with the operation of the simulator so is a better example for those more interested in learning how to 'play' SC3U. 
      Note: Some rewards may not appear as they are triggered by reaching a certain amount of funds.   To enable all Rewards use Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C and type 'pay tribute to your king' in the cheat box.
      The new file includes a coastline on which the desalinization water pump will work and for creating functional seaports, includes a bit of vertical terraforming in one corner, but is otherwise flat and blank. 
      Thanks to @CorinaMarie for generating the new file which I then terra-formed, and which she then tweaked the extra funding into. 
      Thanks to @catty-cb for providing a directory of SimCity Knowledge Tree Cheats. 
      To install either or both city files in the gog.com distribution for Windows unzip and place the files(s) in '<drive>\GOG Games\SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Cities\'.  This is where to navigate to in the game to load or save a city file. 
      Also included in the zipfile is a Windows icon which can be registered in the system as the icon for all '.sc3' city files.  The icon was extracted from the SC3U.EXE application.
      The last preview is of a 3rd city file I am working on without any cheats, mods, tricks, or extra funds, starting in pure SC3U vanilla mode.  The animation demonstrates how dynamic the dilapidation and abandonment can be, with the RCI demands jumping up and down rapidly.  If using 'swallow' speed, watch utilities as they can wear down very quickly.
    • By Wiimeiser
      Well, this is really starting to cheese me off. I'm trying to cut this map in half because it's actually too big for the game (the game actually stops scrolling at around 128 and behaves like it's about to crash) and I actually like the flooded version, but this seems to be physically impossible:
      -If I edit the jpeg directly, no matter what settings I use, even if I save it as a different file type, artifacts obliterate the whole thing
      -Exporting a new jpeg via SC4M darkens it, making the terrain completely flat
      -If I try editing the RGB file, SC4M says the edited RGB file is not an RGB file at all
      -If I try using a differently sized config.bmp, it brings up a box; if I say Yes it distorts the terrain, if I say No SC4M hangs indefinitely (Why the Freya is that even an option then if it just completely fails to create the region? Just don't bring up that box, or bring up one that only has "OK" and have it resize automatically. What's the point of giving me a choice if one freezes the whole program?)
      Is there an alternative? Or will I have to import cities one by one using the Import City function?
    • By Martin892
      Hi all,
      Some new life on the sc3k forum reminds me of this question I have for years.
      Playing sc3k always made me end up building highrises on the map edges. Might there be an opportunity modding the game such that the maximum map size increases? Eg 4 fold or 9 fold. This would allow creating larger metropolises in sc3k.
    • By Golhbul
      It's been a long time since I started this map, I almost completed it and I'm happy.
      Today I share it with you but I give you empty.
      Hopefully it gives you as much fun play it has given me.

      Good luck to you and good game
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    • I know it's sized 2x1, but what kind of residential do I need to zone for this to grow? Light, medium, or high density? Or does it not matter? Anyone who can answer I appreciate it.
    • Love your work, but since a handful of files now from different users require offsite files that link to dead links I wish it was a rule here that all dependencies should be on site somehow. Thanks for the reup of the files...
    • I'm still working on the Maxis Vanilla tilesets presentation, but yeah its endless how many amazing artists have contributed to the SC4 repository over the past 14 years.  The problem with the tilesets and with RCI is that there's too much repetition.   I'm going to use for the first time a Maxis blocker that will eliminate all vanilla repetition and reveal whatever user created programming defines.  However, my project is not specific to agriculture.   We'll get back to that later.
    • @RandyE Thanks! I grabbed that one too. I'm not ready yet to kill them all, but I do want other stage 3 farm buildings to compete with Pedriana. Ideally I'd like to find a few more. In the meantime I'm now on a downloading frenzy getting all of @dk1's stuff. Their simple elegance (and the convenience of no dependencies) makes them ideal for mixing in with my otherwise nearly plain vanilla Maxis content.
    • @CorinaMarie It works for me !!