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Cori's DataView - Moisture v 2017.01.22

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  • 5
   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I have been following this in your thread.. brilliant work here, 5/5 would recommend :):P

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Nice work :yes:

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Amazing how dynamic it is, very entertaining to watch the water flowing in cheetah speed.   Its far more useful now that the radiation graph is being used.   Radiation is usually minimal and known already for the very few buildings that produce it such as the nuclear power plant, advanced research and medical research facilities.

I think having a view of moisture will be a lot more useful and meaningful in the game.    Thanks for the mods.

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    • By CorinaMarie
      So, just as @bklj2007 noticed the unused DataView: Moisture Exemplar in SimCity_1.dat (and posted about it here), I too found it and then searched for more information. There was that thread and one over at SC4D. The Devotion one supposedly has an attached mod for it, but clicking the linky at the bottom of the post simply loads the same post in a new tab. That's prolly cause I'm not a member. As it happens last evening in chat @Mister Giggles gave me some tips about extracting single exemplars and so I decided to see what I might be able to do by myself. (I like the exploring and learning which made this a good test.) The main clue I had was when bklj2007 said they modified the data source of the air pollution view. Seems simple enough and it was.
      However, I didn't care for the yellow to red representation. This encouraged me to learn that the color ramp variable is split into pairs of data and the first is the intensity of the data level itself and the other is the color with the first two bytes being the opacity and the other six bytes in pairs corresponding to red, green, and blue additive values of the standard RGB model. Anyhow, thru multiple trial and (mostly) error tests I discovered the data intensity level range had to be expanded since the air pollution starts at 128 (80 hex) and goes to 255 (FF hex) whereas the moisture data is in the full range of 0 - 255, but (and here was the difficult part for me) it's not a straight linear progression.
      After tweaking and finally deciding most of my errors were eradicated, I settled on the hex values which seem to best represent the moisture variations throughout the year. Here's some pics just in case anyone else is curious.
      Initial city tile painted with Maxis trees as thick as the game would allow:

      Edit: Old Pic January:

      Edit: As pointed out by @MushyMushy the above pic doesn't fit the pattern cause I didn't let the simulation run long enough before taking the pic. So, I ran it (more than needed) for 10 years:












      Then I noticed the data view legend still had from yellow to red so I tweaked those little squares too:

      And that's as far along as I am with it. Next on my agenda is to see if it's possible to change the name from Air Pollution to Ground Moisture. I'm guessing the DataView: Legends Labels hex values correspond to some text somewhere else in the SimCity_1.dat file. If any one knows for sure, I'd appreciate advice.

      Also see my post here for how the Water min = and Water max = in the Region.ini file can be used to alter the ground moisture when rendering a map from grayscale.
      I've put my mod on the STEX as Cori's DataView - Moisture. Please note this is a beta version. The Pollution View is prolly not the best place for it. Radiation or Power or such might be better. I created this as a proof of concept. You can just pull the .dat file in and out of your plugins since it's only real use would be during initial terrain creation for placing trees by hand or, perhaps, as an aid to peeps designing ground texture or tree controllers.
      Just in case anyone wants to do tests on the exact same tile as I used in the above pics it's the one in the upper left of my Coriland 2.2 Map v2016.07.01 on the STEX.
      Edit Too: Ok, I've created a new version of the mod and it's attached to this post in this thread. It now uses the nearly worthless Radiation View instead of the Air Pollution one. Just toss the old mod after you get this new one. I also added to my STEX upload.
    • By pouar
      The Utilities Advisor keeps saying that some sims are supposedly not getting power. But the Data View isn't showing any unpowered buildings. Is this a bug?
    • By chatumao
      Hello there,
      I have a little question about train stations, but I guess the problem's solution could be applied to other objects as well.
      When querying for traffic using the data view and scanning for volume instead of congestion, traffic related buildings are shown in green. Some of the custom stations I installed show this particular behavior, some do not. I messed around with the Reader a bit to no avail. Anybody here with clues?

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