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Cori's Zone Data View 2016.

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Many of you are familiar with the New Zones View in TSCT:

02_TSCT Zones.jpg


With the guidance of @rsc204 I was able to tweak the Zones Data View to my personal taste. I realize most of you could do this yourself, but I'm uploading mine in case anyone would like to use it. *;)

What this does is enable the game to also show the Traffic, the Water Connectors, the Retaining Walls and Tall Foundations on lots, and the Wildlife in addition to the Subway Tunnels of NAM's version. It hides the Trees which was my initial motivation for looking into (and learning) how to do this.

There are two files attached:

  1. Cori's Tweaked NetworkAddonMod_Zone_Data_View No Props.dat
  2. Cori's Tweaked NetworkAddonMod_Zone_Data_View With Props.dat

I personally don't care for showing the Props, but I believe that's an option in TSCT to show the neighbor connection arrows on roads and rails as well as the various Zots so I've included a With Props version too. Showing the props might also be useful for when there is a missing prop dependency and you want to see them without the buildings in the way.

To install, just drop one or the other .dat file into your Plugins Folder. This will work with plain vanilla if you like. For the other 99.9% of the peeps, you'll want to delete NAM's NetworkAddonMod_Zone_Data_View.dat file located in the Network Addon Mod folder. You can do that manually or just run TSCT and uncheck the top box for Use new Zones View then Save and it'll delete the relevant file for you.

For the curious, there are more specific details in my post here. Mostly this part for what hex value does what:

On 6/4/2016 at 10:46 PM, CorinaMarie said:
  • 0xC772BF98 is for Subway Tunnels
  • 0xA823821E is for Props (which includes Zots and Road and Rail Nbr Arrows)
  • 0x74758926 is for my Trees so I can hide them (vanilla ones, dunno about tree mods)
  • 0x 278128A0 is for Buildings
  • 0x496E5783 is for Wildlife
  • 0xC7CC75F1 is for Traffic
  • 0x480E6151 is for Small Planes at my airport
  • 0x2A183167 is for Pipe Connectors
  • 0x68FD0C69 is for lots with Retaining Walls and Tall Foundations
  • The others are still unknown to me


There are No Dependencies for this.


Edit: On the off chance peeps like this and want to host it on other sites, you may do so provided you give me credit. Include a link to this thread and a link to my profile here at Simtropolis. (Helps insure against loss if anything should happen to our beloved ST.)

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    • Thanks, T Wrecks...rewards are such a giant pain to make! So I usually try and put something daft in to try and compensate...this is my nod to the g20 . As far as I know, the OG doesn't do anything, but there is an ATR file in sim city1. dat  (I think it's 0x49a59e37 - 0x01601900), but it might have been deemed a bit too graphic, or it could just have been like the other dozen or so atr files that aren't used in anything....   Oh, and btw, citybuilder234, the building looks like whatever I tell you it looks like.....
    • It doesn't even look like a convention center. Looks like a building at a community college or a state university.
    • Wow, what a fantastic building! I like the intricate shapes of this one, and the many different areas. There are so many details to take in that it really takes a while to grasp the entire structure. I also agree that there's not much going in in terms of conference centres, so this really fills a gap. Kudos for all the reward modding too - I know that part is pretty tedious und ungratifying work (unless you're some sick masochist ). What I also like is how well the lot complements the building, and it acomplishes that with so few and so simple means. Just a few default overlays and props, and we have a lot that leaves nothing to be desired. The one tiny suggestion I have is that all your recent buildings have had their names (and, in cases like this one, also their function) baked into the model. This is not bad generally because it allows a better visual appearance, but sometimes it limits flexibility a bit. The building in question could totally double as a modern city college, for example, or maybe even as a university (not all modern universities are sitting on a lush campus, after all!), but then there's the "Convention Center" lettering in front. I guess it can be covered with cleverly placed flora props... Fun fact: I never knew that there was an Occupant Group "burning dude maker" - what the...???