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Ever wanted to place just the rails on a concrete surface?
Well, with 398 pieces at your disposal, now you can.

PIMX and LE users rejoice!

This RRW compatible sleeper-less and ballast-less texture set is made to be used on concrete, asphalt, brick and stone surfaces.
I have covered almost every possible rail configuration. I left out some that would not be suitable to place on lots.

Included with this pack is a comprehensive jpeg collection of some of the possible configurations to get you started.
Remember that you can flip, mirror and rotate the tiles for even more possibilities. Your imagination is the limit.

If you have any questions or would like me to add even more configurations, please visit my thread at SCD4 to post your requests.  http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17211.340

Dependencies?  Well none, because this is it!

Simmer2 aka SM2

What's New in Version 4   See Changelog


*EDIT* Added 5 more configurations please re-download and replace.

*EDIT* Added 3 more configurations please re-download and replace (Aug 11 2016)

*EDIT* Added several more pieces please re-download and replace (Sep 12 2016)

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  • 4

Nice work.

Using this pack to update a lot from 2008 (Cogeo's Logistics Center freight station):


Still missing DTR sidings but a great start and for new lots really opens up the possibilities.

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  • 5

Great ! I love concrete textures. It`s so needful for change the original rails I found since now not suitable. Big Thanks !!! :thumb:

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  • 5

I've been looking for something like this for a while now. Thank you.


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    • By leotychidas
      anyone knows how to fix that? on road also

    • By Fantozzi
      Named this way because it should be used with the Real Railway (NAM).
      (07/04/2016) - This file is out of date, please download it's replacement here instead:
      IMPORTANT (07/04/2016)
      The included textures are no longer supported. By the time I did these lots, there were no RRW textures around. Now the RRW is well supported. To reduce the amount of dependencies I strongly recommend to NOT use these textures anymore on future projects. Use Simmer2 textures instead.
      I will upload a new version soon - based on these textures.
      First, thanks:
      Thanks to Magneto for giving me the needed texture ID range.
      Thanks to Swordmaster to allow me to bungle his great rail textures.
      Second, dependencies:
      BSC Textures Vol 02.dat
      BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01.dat
      BSCMegaProps - JES Vol05.dat
      RRW_lottex_FZ.dat (overlay RRW-textures, included in this download)
      Third, preface
      This small project was strongly inspired by the „SFBT Rangierbahnhof“ by Royal (http://kurier.simcityplaza.de/details.php?file=1020) which I used to built up big railyards. I like them very much. With the new NAM and the Real Railway by swordmaster this lots didn't give good lookiing results as they use the textures by north country dude.
      But I like the new RRW giving much smoother results. So in march (2014) I started to make a railyard fitting the RRW.
      I needed to make overlay textures – it isn't that difficult, but I got no good results by editing Sowrdmasters textures. I screw them up, started again and screw them up again.
      So this is important, in case you want to use the included overlay textures for your own projects: they are some kind of messy and not always giving good results. I wrote a documentation to show at least the idear behind. It's included as a PDF. If you're not interested in using the textures furthermore you can delete this pdf.
      Fourth, content:
      1 x functional freight station, size 5 x 7, capacity 6000 (tons per minute?)
      4 x single shunting tracks (right english word?), size 1 x 9. They can be connected to the rail system, but have no transport function. They have a small positive effect on economies.
      2 x shunting tracks with junctions, size 3 x 8, can be used alone or in combination with the single tracks.
      2 x filler lots, size 1x1.
      1 x texture package with 40 overlay texture pieces conforming the RRW.
      1 x pdf-documentation for the textures.
      Five, assorted things:
      As the train models didn't have nightlights except of the freight station I left the lots without light. There are german engines on these lots. I'm aware this can't satisfy everybody. I didn't find a solution to make it look „international“ (like seaports or airports can). But feel free to replace the engines. There are many timed props on the lots. I wasn't able to take a picture where you can see all of them.  
      UPDATE TO 1.0 (22.12.2014):
      Changed Rep-Value in Transit Switch Traffic Capacity to "0" (for MAC-Users).
    • By PaleoCardio
      I am having a problem getting my RRW to work properly on my Windows XP setup. I am missing the catenaries that line the track. I have the Plundere's catenary essentials dependency and here is a picture of my folder with the relevant .dat files added per the readme instructions.
      Funnily this worked fine on my mac setup, so I am wondering what I am doing wrong here! I am sure there is something that is wrong and I am not even sure everything else is working as it should with the RRW. This is what my rail line looks like. Is this even RRW?

      Thanks so much for any help and let me know if more information is needed.
    • By ROmeoBOT
      I am missing some rail textures?
    • By jeffryfisher
      I am currently placing passenger stations on the rail net spanning my large region. My reading in the deep archives confuses me, because some "experts" say I should put all stations on spurs, while others say that the Maxis station doesn't have rail-through its lot, so its capacity is not slammed by through traffic, so it can be placed on a main-line a la real-life. I don't dare resurrect one of the moldering threads from like 2011, so...
      Is there anyone left alive today who can tell me which story to believe, and maybe explain (or point to the correct explanation) what's happening with pax stations?
      And then there's the real mystery: IRL, there's about one commuter station each two miles. That's about one per SimCity sector. Therefore I've been locating one Maxis station in the center of each sector bisected by rail. My vision is to build a village/town around that station in each sector. Can that work with SC4's model, or should I use rail mainly to move sims within sectors, placing a station every two blocks a la subway lines?
      FWIW, I am using NAM-35 (medium) with RRW. RRW solves all rail problems right? Please tell me that with RRW, I can place my stations in a natural way, and my sims will all find jobs no matter where they are in the region 
      OK, I'll settle for the truth as long as I can understand it 
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